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State Patty's Day

Any other alumni confused on why there is such pushback regarding State Patty's Day? I fully understand binge drinking can be very dangerous, although I firmly endorsed the practice over the...


Poll time: Next PSU coach

After last night's loss the season is basically over except for a minor bowl game in a city that I probably never want to visit.   Therefore, wanted to gauge the waters with some choices and see...


Random potential head coach names

I know we have all discussed the normal names for next head coach at PSU, wanted to put together a list of off the radar names. Paul Johnson (Current GT and former Navy coach) Mike Pettine Jr. (Son...


PSU FB - Head Coaching it a good job?

Been thinking about this all week, how good of a position is the PSU head coaching position? The Good: - Top notch facilites. - Tradition of winning. - Great fanbase / Alumni / Funding - Big Ten -...


Impact of the STEP program?

Since I was unable to attend the opening game vs ISU, wanted to get some perspective on any impact the STEP program had on the environment inside "the Beaver". I am sure it was a younger crowd...


U2 tickets in Philly - 7/14/11

Anyone interested in going to see U2 next week at the Linc?   Our babysitter backed out and looking to break even, really sweet me at  Here are the details: 4...


Not PSU workout program

Hey all - Been working on putting together a 10 week Pre-FLETC workout program for a site I work on with some other Former Feds.  Its just a fun side project, not really a money maker/etc. If...


Difference between Joe and Urban...from ESPN

"At this time in my life, however, I fully grasp the sacrifices my 24/7 profession has demanded of me, and I know it is time to put my focus on my family and life away from the field. The decision...


Gross doesn't describe what I witnessed on Sunday

I had to share this with my BSD peeps, it was the grossest thing I ever witnessed.   I am sure many of you watched the 2 girls 1 cup video, I will assume it was one of the nastiest things you ever...


Adults who wear jerseys and get autographs...creepy?

Its almost that time of year again when grown men/women will start wearing jerseys every weekend and chase down 18-22 year olds for autographs.  Any thoughts on this practice? Personally I find it...


New PSU grads looking in to Federal Law Enforcement?

To my fellow PSU alumni -  If any of you are looking to break into Federal Law Enforcement I am running a new website/blog with another former US Secret Service friend.  We have been working on...


State College Police

If you are looking to break into law enforcement the State College Police Dept is hiring. Here is the link,  Don't really know much about the...


PRYOR gets his nails below.

One of my friends moved to Columbus last year for work, although they are NFL fans they adopted the o$U as their college team. From her facebook cute.  I hope he doesn't break a nail...


How much longer for JoePA?

Well...lets get this out of the way now there is no chance for MNC. We all know that JoePa wanted to hold on for one last national championship, although recent recruiting classes have been strong...


Looking for a programmer.

Any PSU alumni on here have skills in programming? I have several really good ideas for IPhone / Andriod apps but will need a skilled professional. I will pay for the initial start up charges.  I...


Favorite players of 80s, 90s, 2000s

Everyone seemed to like the most loved/hated player list, thought this could be interesting.   List you top 3 players of the decade, I am 31 so I only really recall 80s/90s/2000s.  If anyone...


Most loved / hated PSU players of all time?

I have been thinking about this for a long time, what makes people love/hate current or former players. Here is my list of most loved/hated player that wore the blue/white. Loved: -- Lavar, nuff...


Arts Fest 09

Anyone going to be in State College for Arts Fest 09? I am heading up with the little lady and Mr. / Mrs. TS will also be in town.  We are going to be staying in town to avoid the DUI charges, I...


The Mr. and Mrs. RUTS Honeymoon.

As many of you know RUTS is my brother, so I wanted to provide an update from St. Lucia. He landed safely and is currently drinking and eating everything in sight, in fact he is going on a zip...


Hey SC fans.

PSU guy here. Just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I was with SC, your WR's really exposed our SLOW safeties and LB's.  The biggest problem with PSU is not having top flight players,...


WR's 09?

After reading the fan post about 09 DB's, I wanted to get everyones input on WR's for 09. We already know Lord Zug will be there but who else? Moye, Powell, ??????  I really have no clue on who...


USC = Dumb players

Here is an interesting find by Mrs. Sweep The Leg, USC might have some uber hot cheerleaders, nice weather,...


The Kiffen Cup Thoughts? I liked big Phil but like most coaches there is a time/place when you need to hang up the cleats. I am sure he made enought money...


Green to transfer from USC

This kid is kicking himself daily for not going to PSU. Anyone think we should let him walk on?  I think we could always use good athletes, even if he doesn't play RB.  Who knows, maybe a good...


Tailgate Shogun going to OSU...YIKES!

What are the chances of Tailgate Shogun getting beat up this weekend? Here is the point system for OSU fans: 10 points for urine filled balloon tossed in his direction, +10 for contact. 15...


LJ = Women Hater.

Why does LJ hate women?  4 incidents in 5 years according to sportscenter. With all the problems w/ DL's at PSU and off the field issues of his kids, anyone think LJSR should be next HC?  These...

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