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Little blurb about the teams who are best and worst at runnign into outs


Spoiler alert: Braves are 5th best at not running into outs...which doesnt seem like it would have been true last year

Oddly Logical Analysis from a major news outlet


I am quite confused... a relatively major news outlet, which does not cover sports in any significant way has an article about each ML team that leads to me agreeing with almsot every thing that is said... Including references to platoons and defense being important... and for good measure u reference people who are allergic to being on base with any frequency

We Must SIGN this Guy


if FW doesnt sign him... clearly he should be fired



I know we have talked about Strasburg a little bit in reference to the Draft, but I had not heard any of this information. Does anyone think this is bad news for Strasburg, or is it irrelevant dribble?


Hanson Update

The newest game line from one Thomas Hanson... he did okIP      R ER H 2B 3B HR SO BB  5.0 1 1 2 0 0 1 11 1Im not gonna say we shouldnt trade him, but it looks like he is kinda decent...


Not Just Another FYF post

ok first off I use FYF, not fully understanding the acronym, i just know it represents Frency...But to the meat of my question. Has Jeff begun to break out of his season long slump, the past week...


2009 FA Possibilities

I posted this in another thread, but i wanted to set up its own post just to see if I coule garner some talk. Hopefulyl this will keep us from thinking about our recent losses to the Nationals. I'd...


Great team or Greatest?

I said i would do it so here we go.    The question on the dockett after the most recent of Braves wins is this, is this year's version of the Braves a great team, or the Greatetst team ever...


Someone call a doctor

this time its not for a member of our pitching staff, its for me. I'm am legitimately freaking out. I live in florida and thus the decision of TBS to no longer carry Braves game, nearly driving me...


C.C. Sabathia

There's been a lot of talk about picking up Maddux, and while i think everyone agrees that would be incredible, having him Smoltz and Glavine back in the rotation, i don't see it as a viable option...

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