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Will Barton: I Can Play PG


Casey Holdahl with a great story on Will the Thrill.


The Fiction of 2015 Cap Space

The Blazers have had significant cap space in 2009, 2012, and 2013. We don't have it going into this offseason. But looking ahead, there's a new opportunity coming soon. Or is there?


It's the Offseason, Let's Get Started.

I was hoping this would wait at least a few more days. But unfortunately, the Spurs ended our season. That said, I'm much happier it happens mid May than Mid April. That means this will be the...

Damian Lillard Insults Ringless Players in New Adidas/Foot Locker Commercial


Barry Sanders, LaDanian Tomlinson, Chris Webber and Karl Malone are not impressed. I, however, found it hilarious.

HT: NBA All Ball Blog

Grantland with an Entirely Different Look at Stats


Instead of looking to the box score, instead uses the new camera info to estimate the average number of points scored from each action taken on the court. From screens to passes to drives. It's the closest thing to measuring what scouts look for that I have seen yet. And way more informative than any box score configuration.

Kobe Bryant with Fractured Knee


Even though I hate the guy, it's never good to see anyone go down to injury.

Rockets trade Omer Asik to themselves?


Apparently Morey is either giving up on trading the disgruntled big man, or trying to call some bluffs. AWoj with the story.

Aaron McGuire names LaMarcus Aldridge League MVP for the first quarter.


Aaron McGuire of Gothic Ginobli joins ESPN's 5-on-5 discusion about who deserves the MVP so far. And while he's all alone on the island, it's still cool to see.

Haynes: Batum's Trouble with Left


"Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe even wanted to know what was up with the small forward. "Bledsoe said ‘What are you doing tonight? We game-planned for you,’" Batum recalled Bledsoe saying during last night’s game…."

Stotts on Courtside: I don't really like Nic at the 2.


At the 11:20 mark. But then Stotts went on to describe how Batum likes the challenge of guarding PG's like Paul. That and Rice wants to trap Stotts into creating bulletin board material for other teams. I love that guy.

Aldridge listed 17th on ESPN's #NBARank


Aldridge is expected to have a better season in 2013-2014 than everyone except these players: D. Rose, K. Irving, M. Gasol, S. Curry, J. Harden, D. Howard, P. George, C. Paul, B. Griffin, L. James, K. Love, C. Anthony, R. Westbrook, K. Durant, T. Parker, T. Duncan.

Lillard 30th best player in the NBA according to ESPN


181 spot leap. Not bad. Hopefully by next season, he's up in the top 15.

Portland isn't the only team who literally break their rookies in.


Utah's Trey Burke with the broken finger against the Clippers. Dang, and he needed all the floor time he could get.


Myers-Briggs Junk Drawer October 1st, 2013

Every once in a while, I find myself back at Myers-Briggs Personality profiles. I'm never entirely sure why. I blame my wife for the latest round. Afterall, she's the one who said, "Come over here...

Leonard #255 in ESPN NBA Rank


Mo Williams, Dorrell Wright, CJ McCollum and Thomas Robinson are all considered in the top half of NBA Players by this measure, as they've hit the half way point, and haven't mentioned them yet.

SI's Offseason Grade for the Kings


Sports Illustrated (and SB Nation's own Blazer's Edge) writer Ben Golliver on the Kings' offseason.

Draft Day Memories 2012


A look back at Blazer's Edge history during the Damian Lillard Draft.

Draft Day Memories 2011


A look back in Blazer's Edge History during the Kenneth Fari..., er..., Nolan Smith draft.

Draft Day Memories 2010


A look back at Blazer's Edge history during the ill-fated 2010 NBA Draft, a day that will live in infamy.

Draft Day Memories 2009


A look back in Blazer's Edge History during the... Dejuan Bl... er... Victor Claver draft?

Draft Day Memories 2008


A look back in Blazer's Edge history during the Jerryd Bayless Draft.

Draft Day Memories 2007


A look back in Blazer's Edge history to the Greg Oden draft.

Hawks Tampering with Paul and Howard?


Moral of the story: Make sure your marketing department knows the rules.

Westbrook tears meniscus [Edit: Season Over!]


As Blazer fans, we know all about meniscii! Not good news for the Thunder. [Note from Tim: His surgery was successful today, but OKC announced that he will not return for the rest of the playoffs. The Western Conference playoffs just got more interesting. Ben has more over at SI.]


The Importance of Blazer Narrative

Jean-François Lyotard hit the world upside the head with his 1979 book: The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. In it, he called into question the meta-narrative, which is any...


JJ Hickson Retrospective

Throughout the season, I have not exactly made my disdain of J. J. Hickson a secret. I’m surprised myself, as I have made a Bedge career out of defending players like Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake....

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