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Do We Already Have Our Big Three?

I have seen a few comments lately that have some truth to them. That the Blazers have achieved the NBA's mushy middle. The no man's land where teams aren't bad enough to get the good draft picks....


Worst Apocalypse Ever - 12/21/12 Junk Drawer

Well, that was anticlimactic. I was hoping at least for a meteor to strike the Lakers' team bus or something. Though at the rate they're playing this season, that might have been doing them a...


Redundantly Redundant Junk Drawer of Junkity Junk Redundancy for 12/12/12

Well, it seems fitting, proper, right and good to make a Junk Drawer on this the 12th day of redundancy of the new millenium. January 1st, 2001 was the first. And every thirteen months and one day...


Blazers lead Indy by 2 at the Half, chat here!

Hang out here to chat about today's road trip finale between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Indiana Pacers!


OT: Helping Sandy Victims

Tonight, I've been keeping up on the news reports, and the damage is looking pretty bad for our East Coast people. Being on the West Coast, there wasn't a lot I could do from here. Or so I thought. ...


The First New Junk Drawer of the Third Era.

Or is it the fourth? I don't know. I just remember Lewis and Clark with a basketball.


Junk 9/12/12: Spamhammering

Writing Spamhammer messages for fun!

Centaur of the Future.


Centaur of the Future.


Raymond Felton Appreciation Thread-Sponsored by Taco Bell

Not really, but it might have been a good if I had called up the Portland franchises to see if they would have.


Free Agent Target: Eric Gordon

So the NBA Year is ending Saturday. And the new year is Sunday! Time to call the agents of all the free agents out there and get a plan together. So what's the Blazers' plan? They have $10,354,764...


The Proper Place of Priorities, and Other Partially Preposterous Positions.

Everyone has ideas on how to improve the team. Some are no-brainers, like trading Wesley Matthews and Nolan Smith for an All Star. Who would say no to that? Some aren't popular at all, like letting...


Just What Can the Blazers Do This Offseason? Dwight AND Deron?

I love our Portland Trailblazers. I love the players we have on our team. Each and every one of them. I want them to succeed. And, like every bling homer, I believe that this team has a chance to...

Wojnarowski: Kings Claim Former Blazers F Travis Outlaw

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Sacramento Kings have claimed former Portland Trail Blazers forward Travis Outlaw in the amnesty bidding process. Outlaw was released by the New Jersey Nets after playing just one season earlier this week.

Jerry West's Battle with Depression


via Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer. Thank you Jerry West for bringing more public attention to this disease.


My Story: Dealing with Clinical Depression

  I have shared my origin story before. I was even called up to interview about it on Public Radio just as Portland was heading into the playoffs against the Rockets in 2009. And while the Blazers...

SacTown Royalty's Look at Free Agent PF's


A look at all the available 4's in free agency this off season (whenever it gets started). West is out of our price range, but there's a nice list of players who are within it. Who do you like? I'm thinking of getting McBob cheap (if the MLE still exists) and using the rest of the MLE on on backup center. (which Aykis16 is planning on putting up tomorrow).

Sekou Smith likes Felton for the Blazers


"You put [Felton] at the controls of a Blazers team that boasts LaMarcus Aldridge down low and Brandon Roy and Wes Matthews on the wing with his old buddy Gerald Wallace (they played together in Charlotte) tossed in for good measure, and I’m seeing big things for Felton in his new role." A poll is included for those who like such things. But be warned, there is no choice for Other.


Can the Blazers Re-sign Raymond Felton in 2012?

In an earlier fanpost, I considered the possibility of getting under the salary cap in 2012. In which, I used the loosest possible circumstances, and still came out with the answer no. Since the...


Can the Blazers Get Under the Salary Cap for the 2012 Season?

A question came up in one of the threads, and I spent so much time crafting a response, that I figured I'd be donkey's bottom and make a fanpost out of it. The thought came up that if we were to...


Why I'm Rooting for the Kings Tonight

Sure, if the Lakers win tonight, we will not have to face them in the first round. That saves our toughest matchup later, for when we get there. If the Lakers win, there's always the chance (0.1%)...

Blazers players also have grudge against the mouse.


I realize that they're in a different city with a different Disney theme park, but I hope the sentiment can still be shared.


Playing Slow: A Brief Overview of the Blazers' Offensive Scheme

    ow I have heard a lot of people make the observation that Nate McMillan’s offensive system has a lot of standing around. And at a cursory glance, it appears true. The point guard stands with...


A Tribute to Genuis Junk Drawer 12/11

Tom in Hawaii's hatred of Andre Miller is well documented. Some have thought he was silly. Some have thought he was crazy. Some have thought he was a troll. Well, I call him a genius in social...


On Depression and the Blazers

  I am not a psychologist. I am not trained to treat depression. But I do have two angles that I believe makes me qualified to talk about this subject on a sports blog. First, part of my job is to...


Trade Drawer - Use Until Gone

Well, I expect to see a million of these soon, so might as well make one now.

The Spurs' New Isolation Offense


Abbott's article on how the Spurs are winning games by playing Tony Parker in isolation.

So are we wearing other teams down?


Just a hypothesis at this point. Starting from Camby's quote after the last game from Quick's article: ""I think we are wearing teams down," Camby said, crediting the team's preseason conditioning." This is an interesting idea. If the Blazers are wearing down opponents for end-of-game runs, I think it's a brilliant idea. The question is how are they doing that? Is it staying in motion? But the Blazers haven't been as consistent at that as I would like. Is it pressuring on defense? Well, sometimes, it doesn't look like the defense is trying hard enough. So what is it? We have the results, but I haven't pinned down the cause. And as much fun as it is to say, "It's because we're awesome," I was looking for more than that. Something to point to. Someting that clearly shows that this is what's happening. Because I'd like to see it to keep happening all year long.


The Boxscore's Story

When Henry Chadwick invented the boxscore for baseball, it was a way in which the story of the game could be told without taking up as much valuable newspaper space. It was a brilliant idea. By...


An Open Letter to Mr. Cho and Mr. Allen Re: Rudy Fernandez

An Open Letter to Mr. Rich Cho and Mr. Paul Allen Regarding Rudy Fernandez

Jaynes: Oden with Patellar Tendinitis


So does this news confirm your opinion of Oden, change your opinion of Oden, or is it just a minor bump on the road? I'm going with Jaynes on this, and saying it's just part of the injury, and explains why the Blazers are being as careful as they are with him. Pushing him with that going on would just make things worse.

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