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Trade Drawer + Etiquette

Being a forum moderator is a tough thing. There are the rules, and then there are shades of grey. Sometimes, when something big happens, like Chris Paul reportedly wanting a trade, the sidebar...


Pritchard, LeGarie and What Happened

When Kevin Prichard was fired, everybody was asking, "What happened?" It was a legitimate question to ask, because we, as fans, didn’t know everything. Yet, maybe we did, we just were too...

PRS with an in-depth on Matthews


"...Basically, Matthews can adequately replace pretty much everything that Martell Webster and Rudy Fernandez provided last season with a bit better defense, more hustle, a more diverse offense, and the ability to put the ball on the deck and get to the free throw line. In addition, although their ages are similar, Matthews was a rookie last year and will presumably be able to improve on last season’s performance merely by virtue of adjusting to the NBA game..." - Nathan Begley


Draft Prediction Thread

Okay this is for bragging rights. Think you've got the draft figured out? Think you know how the Blazers are going to move? Then let's see if you're right.


JD 4/16 Anglican Chant Rocked British Pop World

  In Britain during the 1960s there was a band that completely changed the world. Sure, many tried, but none could possibly been as successful as the Mastersingers.

PRS on McMillan and Pace


Interesting statistical points made showing why a McMillan run team will probably never be a fast paced team, and why that might not be a bad thing.


For the Love of Junk - 2/18

Why do we have to win? Sure winning is fun and all, but at what cost? In this league, the only way to win is to hurt the ones you love. We have been asked to throw away our Blazer love for Jarrett...

Quick: Figuring Out How the Big Three Fit


I thought this article explained a lot about how the team has been playing the last few games. And it's more complicated than "Nate Sucks!" Maybe that conclusion remains, but it's never quite as simple as that. Go figure.

A Fun Jaunt Through Recent History.


December 12th, 2008 – Less than one year ago. This is the post game thread after the loss to the Clippers. After that game, we had lost three in a row and four out of the last five, putting us at 15-10. Ironically, it's still more cheery about the Blazers than it has been lately. Though some of the same old arguments are back there. Perhaps we had more homers last year. Or maybe our expectations today have gone up higher than the ability of our team.

Brian T. Smith is pro-McMillan


"They are thrown out on the cheap, posted by anonymous persons hiding behind a computer screen and using the invisibility of the Internet as a cloak. And they inevitably follow a Portland Trail Blazers loss."Fire Nate!!!" some scream. Others are more precise, questioning whether Blazers coach Nate McMillan has any idea what he is doing as one of 30 men leading professional basketball teams in the cutthroat business otherwise known as the NBA. The critics pick and rip McMillan apart, all while offering up free, expert, anonymous advice."


OT: Petitio Principii, Worldview, and Sports Related Conversations

Over the last couple of weeks, the Blazers have been up and down. Some players have stellar games, other nights, the same players have terrible games. And I believe that I have noticed a pattern....

Brandon Roy could, if he had a Blazers' Edge account. You do. Thanks to Casey Holdahl for the...


Brandon Roy could, if he had a Blazers' Edge account. You do. Thanks to Casey Holdahl for the photo.


Junking, August 28th style: Where to go when you don't know?

After having my harddrive die on me, I have spent little time in the land of the blogosphere lately. Though it is nice to be back. Fortunately, my computer still had two weeks of warranty left, and...

Diogu to Sign, Shore up Hornets Front Line


And old friend goes to a conference rival.


Trade Drawer - June 25th

At least it's close enough to June 25th in my time zone. :p Since signing Andre Miller, I'm sure many of you have come up with Portland's next move. Many of those moves will likely involve Steve...

Introducting Blazer Sedge.


Introducting Blazer Sedge.


When Does KP Use the Cap Space?

After seeing Blazers’ Edge implode after not picking a backup PF in the draft, I saw many people trying to reassure those people ready to jump out of buildings by saying, "Wait until July 8th!" But...


5/13 Junk Drawer: G.K. Chesterson on Cheese

  Originally found at http://www.cse.dmu.ac.uk/~mward/gkc/books/cheese.html  I believe this is now Public Domain due to its age. Cheese by G.K. Chesterton Published in `Alarms and...


153 Syllables

So, an entire season is played this year for this team in infancy.The whole world waited for the immaturity to show itself.But did they see? Those games taught the kids what teamwork really was.T...


Bucks-Blazers Eye-Witness Report

Phizbin already has an eyewitness account of the game (and the dancers) up. Since he’s done such a good job, I thought that I would take my review in a slightly different direction. This is my...


Ambassador's Report: Milwaukee Bucks

  It’s been a while since I’ve been around. Giving up Blazers’ Edge while at work for Lent has made me more productive in the office, but I haven’t been seeing all of your smiling faces :) as much...


Henry Abbott's take on Vince Carter

You can read the story here. If Portland does acquire Carter, then I'll assume that he's going to be a Walter Davis/Alex English type. If we don't, then I'll assume that he's going the way of...

Blazer's Edge Front Page, as of 1:00 PM CST, February 15th, AD 2009 as seen...


Blazer's Edge Front Page, as of 1:00 PM CST, February 15th, AD 2009 as seen through www.wordle.net.

The Bucks Dilemma: All About the Luxury Tax


Frank Madden with an in-depth look at the Bucks situation. A must-read primer for those who want to know if Milwaukee is willing to trade Jefferson.

Richard Jefferson for RLEC+Outlaw? (Ambassadorial Edition)


First thing's first: All apologies to AnntheFan. It's not originally my idea though. This is from Frank Madden at Brew Hoop after Redd went down: "So unless the Bucks think they can parlay Sessions or Villanueva into another good young player or two... it's Jefferson who should be the guy they're looking to move. As we've talked about in the fanposts, a team like Portland could be a good trading partner given they have expiring contracts (LaFrentz), a decent spare swingman (Travis Outlaw) and plenty of decent young players and future draft picks. Are they actually interested in him?" Would we be interested?


Bucks Ambassador Report, Poet Laureate Edition

"This is not last year's Milwaukee Bucks,"Is a statement that rings very true.They have improved by much indeed,And tough games they've played a slew. Contenders they're certainly not,Having...


Junk Drawer 12/11 – Steve Nash Is Melancholy Edition

Does an upset Steve Nash mean that there is an available Steve Nash? Bob Baum writes for the AP news that The trading of Bell especially bothered Nash. “All I can say is that he’s my best buddy...

Don't anoint Greg Oden yet.

  1. Whereas some people have already labeled Greg Oden a bust. And..
  2. Whereas the defense against this is to say "you can't call Oden a bust after 29 minutes of NBA time." Therefore be it...
  3. Resolved that an additional 24 minutes does not make Oden the next big thing, no matter how awesome those 24 minutes were. The sample size is simply too small right now. But be it. also..
  4. Resolved that we sure do hope he does continue not only his season, but his entire career matching and exceeding tonight's performance. Finally, be it also...
  5. Resolved that I only needed four points to write this Fanshot, yet it still insists on listing number 5.

S. L. E. P.: Game 01 and Game 02 Double-Header!

My apologies for not having this up earlier. Some personal family things have come up, and I might not be able to update this next week as I would like to. I will still try, but we may have a...

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