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User Blog

2011 Bears Draft Rewind


Taking a look back at the Bears 2011 Draft choices, their performances in year one, and who else was available for the Bears to choose.

Best of the WCG Draft Threads


Its time to look back at Bears' fans' visceral reactions from last weekends NFL Draft.

Who Will the Bears Target in Rounds 2 and 3?


The Bears addressed a big need in the first round, but still have holes to fill on their roster. Looking at what players are possible targets for Chicago in rounds 2 & 3.

What Player Don't You Want At #19?


The Bears are likely to have a lot of options available at #19 in the Draft. If you could, what one player would you tell Emery to avoid?

What Role Do the Players Have in the Concussion Controversy?


The Concussion Lawsuit continues to expand. Are the players culpable in all this?

NFL's Concussion Issue is Not Going Away


NFL's concussion issues are not going away.

Febearary Fever - Yogi vs Gummi Bears


The second semifinal matchup of Febearary Fever has #1 seed Yogi squaring off against #3 seed Gummi Bears. You a fan of theft in national parks or coma-inducing sugar bears?

Compensatory Draft Picks Announced


Bears got none, Packers got four (two 4th & two 7th rounders) and Oakland received the only 3rd round pick.

Febearary Fever - Staley vs Berenstain Bears


The first semifinal of Febearary Fever is upon us. Will it be presumed favorite Staley the Bear or plucky underdogs the Berenstain Bears? Vote now!

Febearary Fever - Teddy Bear vs Gummi Bears


The final quarterfinal matchup of Febearary Fever is here - #1 Teddy Bears vs #3 Gummi Bears

Febearary Fever - Yogi vs Conan O'Brien Bear


The search for the best non-Chicago Bear bear moves along as #1 Yogi squares off against #6 Conan O'Brien bear. Hand check people!

Voting for Cover of Madden '13


Forte advanced, but lets get some votes for either Rodgers, Allen, or Megatron to get the cover and suffer the curse!

Caleb Hanie to visit the Broncos


Well, I guess they could do worse in replacing Tebow, but not sure how.

Febearary Fever - Winnie vs Berenstain Bears


The second quarterfinal matchup of Febearary Fever - #1 Winnie the Pooh vs #2 Berenstain Bears. Which lovable, righteous bear is your cup of tea?

What's Left for the Bears To Do in Free Agency


Phil Emery hit some high marks in the first week of Free Agency, but another move or two could be the icing on the cake.

Urlacher still recovering from knee injury


I almost forgot about #54's knee injury at the end of last season, but apparently it was the minor enough to avoid missing this season and major enough that he's still recovering. Cross your fingers he's A-OK for the regular season.

Febearary Fever - Staley vs Smokey


The third round of Febearary Fever kicks off with #1 Staley the Bear vs #2 Smokey the Bear.

Febearary Fever Special - Tiebreaker Time!


All right, seriously, this is ridiculous (more ridiculous than this poll? perhaps). Last week's Smoky the Bear vs the Chicago Cubs faceoff ended in a tie with each side getting 75 votes. So, we're...

Highlights from the Brandon Marshall Conference


Highlights from the Brandon Marshall press conference


Febearary Fever - Teddy Bear vs Paddington Bear

The last matchup of round two in Febearary Fever (yes, its March, bite me) slides into the fanpost pile due to free agency, but nevertheless, we soldier on. #1 seed Teddy Bear defeated the Country B...

Febearary Fever - Yogi vs Boo Boo


One of the nice things about setting a tournament up is having the chance to manipulate the seedings and matchups - don't look down on me, the NCAA has been doing this to March Madness for years....

Free Agency Day One Wrap-Up


Day One recap and quick thoughts on the Bears' trade for Marshall and other signings.

Febearary Fever - Berenstain Bears vs Bart the Bear


The second round of Febearary Fever rolls along. This time its cinderella in the form of #7 Bart the Bear versus #3 literary icons the Berenstain Bears.

Febearary Fever - Smoky vs the Cubs


The greatest bear bracket of all time continues with Febearary Fever's second round matchup - the #3 lovable losing Cubs vs #2 Smoky the Bear.

Are We Expecting Too Much from our GM?


Can Phil Emery deliver on Bears' fans insatiable free agency cravings?

Febearary Fever - Banjo vs Gummi Bears


Febearary Fever rolls along with #7 Banjo vs #3 Gummi Bears. Who is your favorite bear?

Febearary Fever - S.H. Panda vs Conan O'Brien Bear


Today's second round matchup of Febearary Fever features two modern underdogs that took down historical pop culture icons (in a way, I guess). #7 Sexual Harassment Panda - from those evil B...

Febearary Fever - Winnie vs Baloo


Today's Febearary Fever matchup is the #1 seed Winnie the Pooh versus #4 Baloo. Who ya got?

Febearary Fever Round Two - Staley vs Charmin


Febearary Fever rolls into the second round with a featured matchup between Staley the Bear and the Charmin Bears. Who ya got?

Mocking the Mocks: Who They Think The Bears Will Take


Three new mock drafts to look at and see who the experts think the Bears will take at #19.

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