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The picture in my profile is my angel in heaven. I lost my baby girl on June 6th 2009. She was and still is my heart soul and I miss her more everyday. But, I continue to try and live for her so that she may live through me. Thank you to all of my Dallas Cowboys brothers for sharing my heart ache and being there with me. You know who you are and I have love for all of you.

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Jerry has a plane ticket for Dez


Dang! Jerry aint playin ya'll. But I view this as a good thing. Dez needs a foot in his butt right now. At least that's my view.

Possible look at what's coming for Dez?


I came across this on profootballtalk.com. First, it says nothing about Dez. It struck a chord with me because of what it could mean for him. Let's hope for the best.

Mike Jenkins To Report On TIme


Looks like Jenkins will do the smart thing. BTW, im on fire with posting fan shots today. My 3rd already today. I need a life.

McBriar Works Out For Eagles


I know he's just a punter. But damn it!! He's our aussie punter!!!

Hello World, Let Me Introduce You To What We've Known For Years


So apparently what you do on the field has nothing to do with what makes you a leader. Come to find out, all you really need to do is say the right things to the media. Can we (and when I say we I mean main stream media) now stop with the lack of leadership b.s. This is and has been Tony Romo's team for years.

Romo To Dez: "I Got Your Back"


Say what you want to about Tony Romo. But in my eyes, he is doing exactly what a friend, family member, and teammate should do. Which is support them. I was really glad to see Tony not shy away from this and step up and answer some questions that he easily could have refused to. He did what leaders do. AND he has his hat on frontwards.

Killer K Has His Own Apparel


I just thought this was hilarious. I saw a tweet from Josh Ellis with this link attached. A back up undrafted olineman with his own apparel? Just thougt I would share this with all the Killer K fans. Now you can show your support with a Killer K wife beater.

Josh Ellis Defends Cowboys Fans


With the rise of BTB I find myself visiting the mother ship less and less. I still visit the site at least once a day but I don't spend anywhere near as much time there as I used to. Well, yesterday my brother (Ol Nasty) told me about a story Josh Ellis had written that he highly recommended. We all know about the "delusional" fan base thing that Colin Cowherd did the other day. Well, Josh Ellis decided to defend us. And I for one really appreciate that. Thank you Mr. Ellis.

Stuff Cowboys Fans Say, Per Scooter Macgruder


I came across this on dcfanatic.com. I thought it was pretty damn awesome and it hits home in a big way. Enjoy.

Class act by the Buc's


Many will remember the story from a few years back of Rutgers Eric Legrand being paralized on a kickoff. His story is truly an inspiring one. Well, the Buc's took it one step further and signed him as an UDFA. Class act by the Buc's and new head coach (former Rutgers HC) Greg Shiano.


Wow. Almost 3 years. And I'm Still Alive.

via sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net To a lot of you guys that are long time veterans to BTB, you know my story all to well. For some of you new guys and gals that have joined in the last year or so, you...

Thank you for the truth Jesse Holley


Finally. A team mate says something good about Romo and it actually makes the news. I'm sure The Dallas Morning News, BSPN, Pro Footballtalk.com, and every other news network were very disappointed in what Holley had to say. Dear Mr. Holley, Your time with the Dallas Cowboys has probably come to an end. But I would like to say thank you. Thank you for working your ass off and being a GREAT teammate. Thank you for stepping in and doing your job to the best of your ability whenever you were called on. Thank you for making me jump up and down and scream like a little girl in the OT game against the 49ers. Thank you for being the RKG.

Hey Ahmad Bradshaw!! Screw You Buddy!!


So Mr. Bradshaw says the Cowboys can't win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo because the team and the fans don't believe in him. Listen, I get it, he's a Giant, he just won the Super Bowl. But you dont know jack sh*t about the Cowboys.

Post Senior Bowl Wes Bunting Mock Draft


This is the latest mock draft by Wes Bunting. I'm ok with the pick he has for the Cowboys. I just think its a huge reach for the #14 spot.

Cowboys Finalize Staff....."Almost"


Not a huge deal but I came across this and thought I would share with the class. Looks like Jerome Henderson might get some help.

To Dez I say.....COME ON MAN!!!!


First off, Dez was not arrested and never has been. But he really needs to grow up and quit putting himself in situations where bad things can happen. Dez, I know you're young, but you have to understand the target that is on your chest. People want you to fail. Not us. We want you to have all the success in the world. Please, please stop putting yourself in these situations.

Come On Down Carl Nicks


Spending a good chunk of cash on free agent to be Carl Nicks would open up a world of possibilities for the Cowboys in the draft. To me, there would be no need to draft a guard at all with the addition of Carl Nicks.


Ask Blogging The Boys, Your SBN Cowboys Blog

Hello Seahawk fans! I come in peace. Your guy Kenneth Arthur has been gracious enough to come over to Blogging The Boys and share his knowledge about his beloved Seahawks with us so I thought I...


Remeber Whats important this time of year.........

I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. But most of all i wanted to remind everyone to remember whats more important than any gift and any Cowboys football...


Cowboys looking at Shaun Suisham and Dave Raymer

Two ex redskin kickers are coming in to valley ranch today according to the Dallas News.com website. Raymer has not attempted a field goal this year but Shuisham on the other hand is 18 of 21. I...


Washington Redskins Jokes

I think we can all agree that we take pleasure in what is going on int Deadskin nation at this time. So a buddy of mine who happens to be a redskin fan sent me these jokes. Thought some of you...


If you want to jump ship........then jump ship

I just had to get this off my chest. Yes, i like everyone on this site was pissed off at the way the game ended yesterday. But as i listened to the game on the radio on my way home from the...


[UPDATE]: NOW W/ PICS: Tarheel Paul's Trip To Dallas

I've struggled for a couple of weeks now on how I wanted this post to go. I didn't know if I should post about the game itself, the 1st team versus the 2nd team, the positives and negatives of our...


Headed To Dallas!

Ok guys. It's tuesday night and i just finished packing my bags a day early. Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone that made this possible. What a wonderful group of people to be associated with. The...


Preseason Tickets to Home Opener

This is not a post i really wanted to make but i have to. First i would like to say thank you to all the BTB'ers that were willing to surrender those tickets to me. It brought some sunshine into an...


Thank you BTB Nation, From Tarheel Paul

I feel like i owe it to all of you to say thank you. Thank you for all of the prayers, well wishes, and the heartfelt comments that you left on my behalf. I promise you i read everyone of them and...


[UPDATED]: This Cowboys fan needs your love

Often times we throw around the words like "Cowboys nation or Cowboys Family". We saw it come to life in a major way with the Rich Behm Story. Well, this weekend I lost my 4 year old baby girl in a...

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