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Trade Miles Austin to the Colts for a 4th round pick


With Reggie Wayne going down for the season and the Colts in a position to make a deep playoff run, they will need to bring in another WR. Why not Miles Austin? He's been a productive NFL receiver in the past. Dallas seems set for the future with Dez on one side, Terence on the other, and Beasley in the slot. And Harris can back-up in the slot if need be. Think this would provide some cap relief as well. If that's the case, they could have him for a couple of new balls and a bag of kicking tees.


My complete offseason plan for the Dallas Cowboys (Renegotiating, Restructuring, Resigning, Releasing, Free Agency, Draft, and final cuts)

Every fan has a plan to fix (if that’s the right term) the Dallas Cowboys. Here is what I would do if I were Jerry for a day. Disclaimer: I’m going to propose the moves I would make and I’m...


Lions are looking to trade for a RB ... Would you ship Felix over there? Looks like Murray is going to be a workhorse. And could we get by with the tandem of Tanner,...

And the winner of the Dallas Cowboys roster spot at Long Snapper is . . .


LP Ladouceuer. Congrats to LP for winning the job and entering his 8th season as Cowboys long snapper. He deserves it. I'm glad Jerry made this decision over taking the unknown youngster and saving a few bucks. This makes me (and I'm sure Joe D) much more comfortable entering the season.

53-man roster projection


David Moore projected the 53-man roster in the Morning News today, so I thought I would do the same. There werent as many tough cuts as I expected. I would do mine a little different than he did. Below is my take: QB (2) - Romo and Orton. No McGee, no surprise. We will need to have one on the PS. Carpenter if eligible, or maybe someone who gets cut from another team. RB (4) - Murray, Jones, Olawale, and Vickers. I'll probably get this wrong, but that would be my preference. Tanner and Dunbar would get released. Dunbar would be a PS target. Olawale can play both HB and FB. WR (6) - Austin, Bryant, Ogletree, Holmes, Beasley, and Coale. Harris was a bit of a tough cut. Radway a little as well. TE (3) - Witten, Phillips, Hanna. OL (10) - Smith, Livings, Costa, Bernadeau, Free, Parnell, Arkin, Leary, McQuistan, and Dockery. I would expect Dallas to pickup the best available interior lineman and release Dockery. Kowalski was a bit of a painful cut, but maybe they put him on the PUP. DL (7) - Hatcher, Ratliff, Spears, Lissemore, Crawford, Brent, and Gaethers. I kept Spears over Coleman, but one will probably be released. I kept Gaethers over Bass. Keeping 7 DL is a bit of a luxury, I could see them dropping Gaethers if they needed the spot elsewhere. LB (9) - Ware, Lee, Carter, Spencer, Conner, Butler, Albright, Wilber, and Hamilton. Could also see Wilber put on PUP if he's not ready. In that case, Orie Lemon makes the team. CB (5) - Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Jenkins, and Butler. This group seems set unless Jenkins is not able to go or gets traded. S (4) - Sensabaugh, Church, M Johnson, and McCray. This group seems set as well. ST (3) - Bailey, Jone and Ladouceur - Also set unless that rookie makes the team over Ladouceur to save salary. What say ye, Cowboys Nation?

Chris Canty says Jason Paul-Pierre is "no question" better than DeMarcus Ware


Settle down there, Christopher. JPP is a great player, no question, with huge potential. But a "no quetion" better player, come on? Consistency is the name of the game. We shall see if he can keep up this pace for as long as Ware has. First two season stats for each: JPP - 89 tackles, 21.0 sacks, 13 PDs, 4 FFs. DW - 106 tackles, 19.5 sacks, 7 PDs, 8 FFs.

The Perfect Cowboy in 2013? Star Lotulelei, of course


Every year going into the college and pro season I like to have a player or two who I follow in the college game with the feeling they might be the perfect player for the Cowboys in the next draft. Usually its at a position of need. Sometimes its just a player I really like and would want on the team. This guy seems like the perfect storm. First off, is there a position this team needs more than NT? I know, I know, it fills two spots with one pick. But moreover, this guy can really play the nose. Take on two blockers and allow the DEs and LBs a little more room to operate. He's 6-4, 325 now, but looking at him he's not just some big tub of goo. Watch this clip of him. He can take two blockers, shed blockers and rush the passer, and he even covers a back out of the backfield pretty well. I would imagine he could put on another 15 lbs if the club wanted him to and play at 340. I wouldnt want him to lose that quickness, but he could become more of an immovable mountain with that frame. Way too early mocks have him going somewhere in the mid-to-late first round, probably where Dallas will be drafting. Things will change a ton between now and then, but someone we Cowboys fans who follow the college game and draft should have an eye on. Lastly, his name is Star. Come on, is there a more marketable Cowboy player than that? He was born to be a Cowboy!

Why no talk of Coples to the Cowboys?


Why no talk of Coples to the Cowboys?

I never see anyone tie Quentin Coples to Dallas and I dont know why? For a while he was rated above Fletcher Cox. But Coples has fallen and I dont see why Dallas wouldnt consider him as a 3-4 DE. I like him better than Brockers.

Does Bruce Irvin's arrest ensure he falls to mid-2nd round?

9 In my ideal scenario, the Cowboys take DeCastro with the 14th pick and then look for their pass rusher (which I believe is Jerry's top target -- someone to replace Spencer in 2013) in the 2nd. Typically, DE/OLB is one of those positions in which all the good ones are snatched up before the end of the first. I have some concerns about Irvin (as we all do) about him both on the field and off. But if we are able to get the most sure-fire player in the draft in DeCastro in the first, I would be elated to get a player like Irvin with an upside in the 2nd. And playing behind Spencer would give the staff a shot at determining if he could be a future starter or if we need to consider something long term for Spence. Seems like an ideal situation. I know we want to have the RKGs, but this arrest might have helped us. Now, how can we get Quinton Couples arrested?


Who are you looking at in the last day of the draft?

The top two names I would like to see Dallas pick in the 4th round are OG Clint Boling from Georgia and the 3-4 DE Christian Ballard from Iowa. Two other guys I would give consideration to are S...


If we trade back with St Louis ...

Would Tyron Smith and Prince Amukamara be gone? The only scenario which seems reasonable to me is if Houston takes Amukamara (although I think they will go Defensive front seven) and then Detroit...


7 Round Interactive Mock Draft - How did the Cowboys do?

I recently took part in an interactive 7-Round Mock Draft representing the Cowboys.  Each team had a representative and picks were posted to a message board.  Trades were allowed prior to the draft...


Cowboys Mock Draft - 7th round pick

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm participating in a mock draft for Dallas on another site.  I'm preparing for our 7th round pick.  Looking to get input from this group.  But again, remember...


Draft Gurus - Who would you take?

I'm in the middle of a mock draft on another site.  I'll post the results here for all to critique in a few days once it's completed.  My pick will be up sometime tomorrow for the 6th round.  I'm...


How does this Secondary sound?

LCB Mike Jenkins RCB Prince Amukamara Nickle Orlando Scandrick FS Terence Newman SS Champ Bailey I think this could be one of the stronget secondaries in the NFL.  The obvious concern would be not...


Which Free Agents should be Re-Signed?

The list of Cowboy Free Agents I saw was as follows: FS Alan Ball OT Alex Barron DE Stephen Bowen DE Jeremy Clark OT Doug Free DE Jason Hatcher WR Sam Hurd OG Kyle Kosier SS Gerald Sensabaugh DE...


Your Weekly Cowboys Draft Update - 12/30 edition

Your Cowboys had a good week on the draft front.  Although we all hate to see Dallas lose, the loss to Arizona might have helped the team in the long run.  They also got a look at their...


An interesting Free Agent possibility?

Champ Bailey is not going to be back in Denver.  He also recently told ESPN that he wanted to switch positions to Safety to prolong his career.  I could see him making a pretty good Safety.  He's...


Your Weekly Cowboys Draft Update - 12/23 edition

Not a lot went right for the Cowboys last week as it relates to their draft position.  However, they only dropped to the eighth position.  They should destroy Arizona on Christmas night, so I’m...


Your Weekly Cowboys Draft Update - 12/16 edition

I'm an admitted Draft Dork.  Prefer the term Draftnik, but not sure it’s as descriptive or appropriate.  Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at where the Cowboys could...


Looking ahead to the draft

I'm always looking ahead to the draft.  Even when the team is good.  But this year with our dreams of a home Super Bowl dashed, I'm even more interested than usual in the kids coming out of...


Time to reconsider Jared Gaither?

I saw the following article on PFT regarding Jared Gaither:   Jared Gaither may be running out time Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on October 1, 2010 1:53 PM ET It sounds like Ravens coach John...


Any news on rookie signings?

I've already booked my airfare and bought my game tickets to the Hall of Fame game.  I want to be able to tell my son I saw the first professional game of future Hall of Famer Dez Bryant.  Any news...


The Kicking Situation - 4th and Long for Kickers?

Personally, I have a lot of confidence in the Cowboys this year.  I feel pretty good about the Offensive Line.  I've reviewed Doug Free's effort at Right Tackle this year and I believe the team...


Nose Tackle Option - Ian Scott?

The Chargers just released NT Ian Scott.  Might this be someone the Cowboys should take a look at to back-up Jay Ratliff?   Scott is the same age as Ratliff (will be 29 this season) and goes 6-2,...


Matt Mosely makes his prediction for Dallas at #27

Mosely claims to have successfully predicted that last 7 Dallas first picks (not sure how that's possibly with all the trade downs last year) by giving three options.  Yesterday on the Galloway...


OJ Atogwe could be a free agent June 1

This article appeared in the Miami Herald within the last few days.  It speculated that Atogwe could become a free agent on June 1st.  The theory is that the Rams are hoping that someone will sign...


27 Players

Ironically enough, there are exactly 27 players in the 2010 NFL Draft that, to me, have value to the Cowboys in the first round. Some have value as a player on this team and some (Sam Bradford,...


Jamal Williams anyone?

SD Chargers Special Teamer Kassim Osgood has tweeted that Jamal Williams has been cut by the Chargers.  If true, do the Cowboys have interest?  Williams is a Wade Phillips guy playing for him in...

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