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Looking Back.. One Year From Now

Thankfully, all the pre-draft talk is coming to an end with the draft set to take place this evening. I thought it could be fun to get some thoughts of what you are all thinking, so a year from...


Cheer or Whine at Number 9

Hello everyone! So last year, I made a post trying to figure our who everyone would love or hate at number 8. Gonna try and do the same here at number 9. To recap what happened last year: ...


Fun With Stats! The Good and The Bad Through 7 games.

As Buffalo is just about midway through the season, I thought I'd take a statistical look at the good and bad of the 2013 Buffalo Bills Offense: The Good: The Bills currently lead the AFC...

Donte Hitner?


This guys is really cool.. Or not.


How The Penalties Impacted The Game

It was a common theme in the preseason, and the hope that all of the penalties would dissipate when the regulars got more comfortable consistently playing alongside one another will have to be put...


Love/Hate By The Roster Cut Date

There was an article in the links entry a few days ago talking about 5 players that could be a surprising cut by the Buffalo Bills. Which got me thinkin, would I be happy/upset to see any of those...


Love/Hate at Number 8

Catchy title right? So as I've been looking through all of these draft scenarios everyone has been posting, and comments made every time it's mentioned player X, Y and Z have scheduled...


What is Buddy Nix doing!?!

Who else is sick of reading these comments in every post, and being the topic of every fanpost? Yes, I understand the Dolphins have been spending like crazy Yes, I understand the Pats have...


TCMiller30's BROP

Let's give this a shot. Coaching: I get rid of Gailey. I think the writing is on the wall, and there's no way the front office will be able to sell this team to the fans if Gailey is still...

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