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Killing Me Softly by Patty and Boris


Listen to these two Spurs tear this song apart, hehehe

Report: Former Spurs coach Budenholzer arrested for DUI


He and Pop had some drinks in the wine cellar. That should explain the alcohol.

Getting the green light


The Spurs in in the cutting edge of Sports science with a system that reduces injury. Maybe this is what Tim Duncan is using....this veers towards cyborg technology.

Not Spurs related but funny as hell. Here's what the Taiwanese think of D'Antoni's appointment as...


Not Spurs related but funny as hell. Here's what the Taiwanese think of D'Antoni's appointment as Lakers coach.

Lakers News: Team Hires Mike D’Antoni As Head Coach


Pringles is back. It will be to Pop's pleasure of beating a D'Antoni coached team again.

DeJuan Blair killing it in the gym


DeBeast ditches the Whataburger and hits the gym.

Report: Spurs to scout guard Faisal Aden


Another guard being scouted by the Spurs. I wonder if the news leaks on guard scouting are just misinformation ploys by PATFO. I'm sure they are also scouting big men. They just don't want to reveal which. I think there might be a media blackout on big men scouting.

Larry Brown cut Gregg Popovich twice, is still proud of it

He tried out for the Denver Nuggets and I cut his ass.

NBA owners did not vote on flopping rules at Thursday meeting


WTF they place a picture of Manu contesting a shot? They should put a picture of James Harden flopping instead.

Congratulations JA!!


I think a congratulation is in order. She won the voting part of the contest by a landslide! This is a momentous occasion in PtR history, be proud! We outvoted the competitor!

Hold That Thought with Jemele Hill


Another non-Spur fan voicing out her stupid opinion.

Whistling His Own Tune


Crawford did not hesitate when asked if he had any regrets. There are two, he said. The first is regarding his actions that led to a guilty plea of falsely stating income in 1998 after an I.R.S. investigation into several referees’ pocketing cash from downgraded airline tickets. The second is an incident in 2007 in which Crawford and the San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan had an on-court verbal altercation. Duncan said Crawford challenged him to a fight. The tax thing, I was petrified, to be honest with you. It was the worst. If they wanted to scare you, they did. If that’s what they wanted to do, they did. They did it. I was so grateful to get the chance to come back. The Duncan thing probably changed my life. It was just — you come to the realization that maybe the way you’ve been doing things is not the proper way and you have to regroup, not only on the court but off the court. I had seen a sports psychologist before that. But after, I saw him a lot more. His name is Joel Fish. He’s worked with a lot of athletes. It gave me a new perspective.

Cool game downloads!


Did you miss the playoff game and there's nobody home to DVR it? Do you have crappy cable connection that does not feature Spurs games? Do you want to watch that blow-out game again? I found this site, you can download past NBA games here.

Coolman's videos


If you want to watch the full game replay of Spurs against the Kings, Phoenix and Dallas games, click on the link. I just found this on youtube.

Report: D-Fish could be option for Spurs as Mills signing slowed


What?? NOO!!!! I thought the rights to Patty Mills was already renounced by Portland?

Gregg Popovich: Cheating the NBA (from the perspective of an OKC writer)


Here's another writer who is not knowledgeable about the Spurs but has the gall to criticize Coach Pop for tanking the game against Portland.

NBA says goaltending call was incorrect


Wow, NBA refs really suck and we can't do anything about it. Fans deserve better than these bunch of blind mice.

Lola Bunny loves Manu Ginobili (4:02)


Lola Bunny loves Manu Ginobili (4:02)

Mailman revisits — how Spurs won twice


So there was Malone in 2003, hoping the Spurs would lose — when they actually won both a title that season and the right guy for them (Horry).

Tony Parker says Gregg Popovich is calmer because of wine


"As he gets older and drinks more wine, he gets more patient," Parker said.

Video: Quentin Richardson plays defense from the bench


Richardson, from his perch on the bench, yelled into the ear of San Antonio's Danny Green as he shot a corner three.

Making Mr. Robinson proud


Nine years after David Robinson retired with two NBA titles, his youngest son wants to make a name for himself in another sport.

Voting begins for NBA All-Star game


Vote now. But honestly though, I'm not high on a Spur participating in the All-star festivities this season.

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