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Conclusions and questions we can make from the draft

After the dust has settled I have thoughts and questions that came up after this draft: 1) The chargers sure liked players that will play multiple roles: Corey Liuget will play DE in the 3-4...


What would you do if Watt/Jordan/Kerrigan/Smith are gone?

The chargers could very easily fall under worse case scenario where the 4 guys that seem to be target are gone, all it requires is small circumstances like Dallas or Washington both taking...


Analyzing Kevin Acee's Roster breakdown

Kevin Acee recently did a very interesting analysis of the Chargers' roster, and the possible decisions the front office need to make, broken down by position. To make it more interesting to...


Charlie Weis leaving KC for the gators?

Early reports out of Gainesville is that Charlie Weis will leaves his Coordinator job in Kansas City, to take a similar position for the Florida Gators, tension with Head Coach Todd Haley has not...


Predictions for the members of 2011 chargers WR's corps

With Vincent Jackson just having a big game against the Niners, I had to ask myself if that was enough convince the chargers to keep him, and with Malcom Floyd and Legedu Naane also staring at free...


Chargers move to L.A. has taken its first step

Sorry charger fans, its difficult and sad as a season ticket holder to accept that the chargers are moving, but the circumstances seems to be lining up in the direction as Phillip Anschutz of AEG...


How does one check the current strength of schedule for a team?

I guess this curiosity jumped to me, as I was listening to Hacksaw Hamilton (I know dumb idea), but the guy said the chargers have had the league's easiest schedule so far. If I can remember right,...


Does Steve Gregory return as a starter?

While Paul Oliver might be a good coverage Safety, the chargers sure seems to miss Steve Gregory instinctive always around the ball play, and his text book tackling skills, so clearly my vote is...


Team unlucky or just unable to finish (Unclutch)?

The more I see the 2010 chargers the more I'm convinced this is a mentally soft unclutch team, a few bad things can be atributed to bad luck (3 fumbles recovered by Raiders that go forward). But...


According to Jason LaCanfora Vincent Jackson will sign his tender by week 8

It appears the Vincent Jackson finally understood that in a game of chicken AJ Smith doesn't flinch. So the question for everybody, what role will VJ have when and if he signs his tender?, the...


Santonio Holmes Traded To Jets... For 5th Round Pick!

I know the Steelers consider themselves to be the moral center of the NFL, but that the best value you could get for a young 1000 yard WR, who also got a Super Bowl MVP is a 2010 5th Rounder.  This...


Greatest Team Ever if they had to play by 2009 rules?

  When arguing about the greatest teams in NFL history the only reasonable comparison is according to the historical context of their era. But if you remove historical context and if you really...


Predictions for the 12 Playoffs teams for '09 - Part 2 AFC North

Lets continue predicting the divisions and continue on with the AFC North home of the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, but how does this division break out in '09, the recent retirement of...


Predictions for the 12 Playoffs teams for '09 - Part 1 AFC West

Considering that magazines have started to predict the '09 season, I decided to put my two cents in and pick my 12 teams to make the playoffs. I'll divide by division every day and give a quick...


Teams that will Dissapoint National Expectations

Every year we have several teams move up and surprise us (Falcons, Dolphins, Ravens in '08) and teams that come way below expectations (Jaguars, Cowboys, Chargers); Here my list for teams that will...

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