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Seminole since 1999...a great year for FSU football. Survivor of the "lost decade" and believer in *the process*

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Football Study Hall: 2013 Expected Win Totals


I'm not sure how everyone--myself included--missed this but here's a review of Connelly's preseason expected win totals. Remember that these totals don't include conference championship games or predicted bowl games. It looks like FSU has a better chance to play in the NCG than anyone else not named Bama


Mid-Season Report: Where Has FSU Improved, Regressed or Maintained Performance from 2011?

Many Nole fans had high expectations for this year’s team. The expectations for the defense were based on two solid years of production and a lot of returning starters. The expectations for the...


Open 2012 Spring Discussion

This is the place to discuss Spring-related stuff. The forum is open-ended but here are some of the obvious topics of interest: 1. Who do you expect to replace the 2011 starters/contributors who...

3/1/12 4th Qtr Drills Interview with Jimbo


For those who cannot watch, he discusses: * Kelvin Benjamin's weight getting down to the 240s and him doing better academically. * Chris Thompson's return. Said he looks like the same ol' Chris, and that he wasn't sure if he'd ever get him back. * Willie Haulstead's return: Haulstead working hard, needs to get his weight down, shaved his head. * Moody's move to LB: up to 240+ and running well. * Terrance Brooks is the starting Safety opposite Joyner. Karlos will get his shot, but Jimbo had a lot of praise for Brooks. Free photo gallery, too.

Podcast: Mid-Season Report on Clemson


"Clemson Football is half way through what may prove to be a magical season. In this podcast, Clemson ChuckOliver.Net contributors Cory Fravel and Jody Whitt sit down and talk about what they have seen through six games." There's a lot of braggadocio expressed in this podcast about Clemson's program (W/L, coaching, recruiting, etc.) and somewhat surprisingly a lot of criticism of FSU's program for the same reasons. With the season half over, among other things, Clemson seems very confident that they can (continue to) come into Florida and take any HS players they want. Thoughts?

Blatant Homerism Podcast: Vegas Runner


Betting market analyst Vegas Runner of Pregame.com hops on with Homerism for a podcast to break down some of the big moves in preseason college football gambling. Topics: 1. FSU related: the guest likes the over for FSU total wins. 2. How sharp gamblers can manipulate future plays to their advantage; 2. Teams that the wiseguys love, including the LSU Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs and why the sharps are fading the Michigan Wolverines.

Four Areas of FSU’s 2011 Defense that May Need Improvement


Here's a piece I wrote for Tomahawk Nation that focuses about areas of FSU's 2011 defense that probably need improvement. The piece makes use of data obtained from Bill. [Bumped to Front Page.]


Four Areas of FSU’s 2011 Defense that May Need Improvement

The motivation for this piece was to try to identify the weakest parts of our 2010 defense in order to see which areas need to be the focus in the 2011 season.  I got my hands on big chunk of...


The '12 OL and a BCS Title

While most think that FSU has a shot at playing in a BCS title in '11, there is even greater consensus that '12 is the season that sets up perfectly for FSU to make a run at playing for a BCS...

Phil Steele's 2011 OL Career Starts Returning


Despite losing 2 starters (C & OG), FSU's OL still returns 3 experienced starters: Sanders, Datko & Spurlock. The problem, however, is that all 3 of these returning starters missed spring practice and two missed some PT in 2010 due to injury. Spurlock missed the spring, some starts in 2010 due to multiple concussions and is the least likely to start for the entire season; Datko missed the spring, has had should problems which required surgery in both of the last two off-seasons and caused him to miss starting in three games in 2010; and Sanders missed the spring due to abdominal surgery. One of the lost 2010 starters is replaced with the #1 JUCO OL (Fahrenkrug). The other starting OG/C position is open for competition among 7 OL/OG currently on our roster... and in theory 3 incoming HS Fr OL/OG, i.e., 10 OL. So although FSU ranks very high on Steele's OL starts returning list, that ranking is deceptive because it's likely that injuries will have a significant negative affect on the 3 returning OL starters.

Tomahawk Nation T-Shirt Design Ideas


Click the FanShot Title (above) for the Basic T design. Tomahawk Nation T-Shirts with the new TN logo are now in production. But TN is now taking suggestions for other T designs--what do you want on your TN T-shirt? Here's some ideas to start the discussion: along with the TN logo, add the following verbiage somewhere on the T: * A favorite quote from Jimbo, Coley (check his Twitter feed), players, etc. * 2010 State Champions * Tomahawk Nation: Seminole Football Analysis for Grown-ups

Florida State makes gains against Alabama, Auburn in fertile Mobile recruiting area


The day after the AJC write-up on the Eligwe commitment where there was a collective meltdown by UGA fans in the comments section, here is an article about the recent recruiting success of FSU in Alabama. Comments from the level-headed Alabama fans should start rolling in quickly....

Bill King Interview with Josh Newberg


Beginning of Hour 3. High-level discussion of FSU football: EJ's spring, Oklahoma, 2011 OL & DL and 2012 recruiting. Good to see that FSU is getting national publicity.

Interview with Bill Connelly from FootballStudyHall.com


Ty and Dan talk with Bill Connelly from FootballStudyHall.com (among others) about the value of advanced statistics in college football, measuring coaching ability, offensive variability across college football, and the challenges associated with translating complex metrics into common English.

3/22 Solid Verbal Podcast: Third Degree: ACC


Ty and Dan pose a variety of random questions about football teams from the ACC in an attempt to make sense of 2010 and figure out what 2011 might have in store.


FSU 2010 Projection: #9 Most Improved Scoring D

There's been a lot of discussion here about what FSU's D will look like next year, e.g., how much will we improve?  Phil Steele projects FSU to have the #9 most improved scoring D: LINKSo I was...

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