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Do The Braves Represent The South?

I am a Braves fan that lives in North Carolina and this is something that has been on my mind for awhile, are the Braves the MLB team for the whole south?


Draft Options Discussions: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

The next player on Draft Options Discussions is the small forward out Kentucky, Michael Kidd- Gilchrist


Draft Options Discussions: Harrison Barnes

I had an idea I want to start every once in awhile make a fanpost about a potential Bobcats player and get the communities opinion on said player. I kind of got the Idea from Panthertrain and his...

DeMarcus Cousins Requests Trade


What do you think? A future of Kemba, Bismack, and Cousins sounds like a championship team to me.

Warriors Sign Dominic McGuire


Ha if they set this up as a trade we raped those guys.


My Expectations For Each Current Bobcats Player

This Is just my own personal opinion on what I expect from each of our players but also what I hope for

Dalton Vs. Newton


Im not sexist at all but this really lowers my confidence in women as sports reporters because this girl clealy does not know what she is talking about. This also has a pole that clearly has Cam hate all over it.

Jake Delhomme To Work Out For Texans


I would like to see Jake get another shot at the playoffs,


Full Mock Drafts: With and Without Trade Scenario

This is my first time making a mock draft and I have made two where one is how I think the draft should turn out with a trade scenario and the other without.


How Will The NBA Conduct The Draft Order?

I want to know how you guys think the draft order will be decided.

Charles Johnson Wears a Atlanta Falcons Hat


Im sorry but this makes me mad. He is a part of the Carolina Panthers and wearing that hat is like a smack into the face of the orginization and fans, especially after he knows people know how close he was to signing with the Falcons. My opinion is this was a dick move and a selfish jesture.

J.T. Terrell Transfering to USC Trojans


Former Wake Forest guard J.T.Terrell has verbally commited to transferring to the University of Sounthern Califorinia after leaving the Wake Forest basketball team.

Lost Season Could Force Contraction


Should we be worried? The Kings were the only team mentioned but we all know the Bobcats have been in this conversation before. But honestly I cannot see them taking away Micheal Jordans team.

Bobcats Can Make MJ a RIcher Man


This is kind of confusing with all the money talk but I thought it was a interesting read.


Newton Struggles But Still Able to Impress

Newton continues to blow our minds but he is still a rookie and rookies make mistakes, Cam Newton made plenty of rookie mistakes but he is has such great ability that he was able to still dazzle...

Owners Pushing for 3rd Rd. in NBA Draft


I really like this idea it allows more kids to enter into the NBA and expands the possible amount of talent.


How Long Until We Are a Playoff Team Again?

The opinions on this are extremely diverse Im sure

Top 5 Bobcats of all time


I know we are currently doing a longer list but I saw this on Hoopsworld and decided to share it


The 2012 NBA Draft

I know its early to talk about the draft but there is nothing else to talk about. Im also tired of hearing about how Gerlad Henderson punches babys in the balls.

Camp Confidential: Panthers


Santana Moss? I guess there maybe some truth behind these Floyd rumors.


Fight Night in Charlotte

Come the end of the lock out the Bobcats coaching staff will have three important decisions to make.

Captain Jack's Parting Shot


Its Whatever, he was not going to be able to help us any. I rememer at the end of the year he was struggling badly with that injury.


Best Analysis So Far


Lakers, Kings Interested in Felton


Thought this was a nice change of pace. Imagine Raymond as a Laker they would be scary.

Bobcats Could Make a Splash on Thursday


If the Draft played out with us getting Chris Singleton, Tristan Thompson, and Malcom Lee or Jordan Williams we would be lucky sons of a guns


With the 9th overall pick the Charlotte Bobcats select...

On thursday 3 new players will be Charlotte Bobcats


First Round Mock Draft: 6/15/11

I have worked out the tweaks of my first draft and hope this one is better. I know Bobcats fans will like it I just hope I got every other team right.

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