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I am a Houston Native living in Abilene, one by one I am converting Cowbitch fans.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Houston Astros
  • NBA Houston Rockets
  • NFL Houston Texans
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NCAAB Texas A&M Aggies
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • FIFA USA, Die Mannschaft
  • MLS Dynamo
  • Bundesliga 1FCK
User Blog

Ask a Texans Fan: The battle of MVP candidates

via Well hello Ladies and gentlemen of Lower Canadia Minnesota. This weekend Adrian Peterson (Comeback player of the Year) and the People in Purple come to...


Ask A Texans Fan: I Don't Hate You, Just your owner.

via It is that time of year again. Houston's Yearly trip to the home of Country Music. Today is my Birthday (Nov 26), and I think about my life Nashville stuff has been a part of...


Ask A Texans Fan: Turkey Day in Detroit

via Good morning Lion fans. In this weeks edition of Ask a (Fill in the Blank) Fan: we bring you the AFC leader, the Houston Texans. I know for you it probably hurts your soul...


Ask a Texans fan: Welcome to the Slaughterhouse

via Well Hello Jag-you-are fans (A lil British Accent for you to stay classy). It is that time again, where I come here and offer my knowledge to you guys. Being...


Ask A Texans Fan: Do Bulls Really Parade?

via Hello fans of "Da Bears" (You can thank SNL later), I would like to introduce myself; My name is Joe and I am a Texans Fan. I have appointed myself as...


Ask A Texan Fan: I'm The JuggerWatt!

via Hello Bills Mafia, My name is Joe, and I have appointed myself as the international ambassador for Battle Red Blog. November 4th, our two teams meet in the great city of...


Are the Texans German? Ramblings of a crazy man.

via Today I have read two articles that have likened your Houston Texans to something related to Germany. On here on BRB last sunday was called a Blitzkrieg, which was a...


Ask A Texans Fan.

via Hello Edgar Allen Poe Enthusiasts, My name is Joe and I am a Texan fan. I am posting today because I am bored and want to get the sour taste of Sunday nights game...



via Well hello cheeseheads, My name is Taco Joe, and I am a Texanaholic. You can call me Taco, Joe, TJ, or that filthy brown guy who wishes JJ Watt would impregnate his...


Grade my Fantasy Drafts...

Arian Foster might not care about my fantasy league, but I am not asking for his advice... I love him no matter... Anyways.... I have two money leagues I am a part of and both drafts were...

Female Football Fans Contest RND 1


Go to this page, vote, make some lucky girl happy!


Girls can Like football! Right?!?!

Ok, so I am bored. We have no football for a bit, and I want to have a contest. This one is for the ladies. But fellas listen closely. I am having a photo contest with female fans of the sport. It...


Double You Tea Eff Mate? a Rant by a crazy man! (now with video)

Ok, so I have mulled over it, slept on it, and even sat down with a trusted adviser about it. As a 10 yr Texans fan, a 28 yr Football fan, Yesterdays game pisses me the eff off! I don't have the...


Bye Week Madness

So as with the off-season where I am bored waiting for the first game of the season, bye weeks make me want to hurry up and get through the weeks where we have no Houston Texans Football. With the...


TacoJoeapalooza AKA Matt Leinart's coming out party

So as many of you know, I am making my annual trip to Texas next week for thanksgiving. I refuse to celebrate the day for political reasons, but it is also my birthday week so I just think of it as...


Ask a Battle Red Nut Job

via I know it is early in the week, and most of us are still recovering from this past weekend. But, I am starting this now. Your Tampa Bay Bucaneers coming off a tough...


Taco Joe Plays Madden: Browns vs. Texans Preview

So here we are again another week, another game. This week another expansion team (no matter how much they dont want to admit it) that team from Cleveland is coming to town. The Browns are 2-5...


Taco Joe Plays Madden! Preview Jax @ HOU

So it has a been a few weeks since the last one. I was starting to miss it. The problem is madden updates rosters on Fridays and the past few weeks for me have been filled with weddings, surgery...


Madden Preview: Steelers vs Texans

So another week, another Madden Preview by yours truly. Last week, i was actually starting to smile as I thought that my madden game vs the Saints was coming to fruition. I mean who would have...


Ask BRB/Texans Fans

Ok we had a little mishap over on the Battle Red Blog where somethings were taken out of context, and some were offended. I am over hear to offer an olive branch and fix what has gone awry at my...


Madden Preview week 3 Texans vs Saints

Sorry about the late post. But Madden doesn't upload new rosters till Friday (Which is dumb) and of course I want to play with the complete roster. so here we go again. This time the game is in NO...


Madden Preview of Week 2 HOU vs MIA as played by Taco Joe

Ok, well since I haven't seen DreKeem do one of these, I will bring it back. Yes I know I should let the computer play itself but that is boring and I like having something to do. So the settings...


What about you?

So it is Sunday and I am procrastinating picking up shingles strewn about the back yard from reroofing the house yesterday. But I was thinking about this the other day. My softball team got jerseys...


Andre "The Great One" Johnson next landmark.

Andre Johnson already is the only Receiver with at least 60 receptions in his first 8 years of playing in the NFL. Now he is close to doing something else Jerry Rice never did. have three...


disappointment: shouldn't we be used to it already? (edited: with new poll and no grammatical errors)

so currently there is no way we can end with  better record than last year. The best we can do is finish the season exactly like last year. Our texans, though still in the hunt will fall short of...


A letter to the Texans Coaching staff...

First of all... I would like to thank you gentlemen for keeping this season interesting. I mean who wants to have a team that dominates every game? That would make watching the Texans quite boring...


Chiefs @ Texans Madden prediction.

So here i am again it is saturday, my day of boringness so i let Madden play out how the Texans Chiefs game with the updated rosters. After the jump play by play then stat breakdowns.


Giants vs the Texans MAdden

Ok so i let the AI play this game and since i haven't seen DreKeem do it in a while i figured i shall do it... So for the Giants vs the Texans with Updated Rosters and all Here we go. *Disclaimer:...


Cowboys vs Texans MAdden Redux

So since i received a many a comments on letting the AI play this game out here are the ai results... btw I dont think it did the Texans justice but whatever!!!!

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