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I'm an Eagles Fan. Oh and I hate the fucking Cowbitches!!!!!!!!!!

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User Blog

Mike Wallace not to be franchised


"GM Kevin Colbert said Wednesday it's "very doubtful" the Steelers use the franchise tag." So here's the idea. Since Maclin is not a good blocker and that is a necessity to run Kelly's offense, perhaps we make a play for Wallace. Wallace is speedy and much more inclined to attempt to block. Lining up across from DJax could give defenses all types of fits. We could send Maclin somewhere for a pick. Anybody with knowledge of Chip's offense, how'd Wallace fit?

Ask an Iggles fan


Once they start asking, head on over to the Canal Street Chronicles and help those cajuns understand why we are so awful or awesome. There's a day waiting period so join them now.


Ask an Iggles fan

Talon Talent representing BGN here. It's been a rough season for both of our teams so far. One of them have to get a little momentum boost this Monday night, right? (Barring a tie which will make...

Ladies and Gents. Our 2013 7th round pick


Makes sense as we like to take a risk on talented but troubled players. I don't think he'd make it to be a UDFA but as a late pick, I could see that. It's all on an assumption that he doesn't return to play college ball but I found it interesting none the less.


Fantasy Outlook: The Time Is Near

Ladies and gentlemen, fantasy football is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! People may say it is early, but not when you've been salivating with your new surefire technique to win your league this year. This is...


Could the 3-4 Be Imminent?

So after watching the draft unfold and imagining the possibilities of our new acquisitions, I started to think how do these players fit in the long term? How do the current rookies and the...


Complete 4 round Mock Draft w/ trades

What's up other bird lovers? I finally was able to get my completely accurate, save yourself some time on Thursday, Friday, and the beginning of Saturday, mock draft done and figured I'd post it...


Saving Your Weekend

Okay so this is my complete, trades included, 4 round mock draft. Oh...your completely burnt out from mock drafts? Well here's the short version. I will make a TL;DR version of the Eagles picks at...

Saving Your Thursday and Friday Night (Also the beginning of Saturday)

Here is my final (seriously this is it) mock draft of the 2012 season. I decided to just select the picks your teams will make and give you some extra time with your family and friends this week....



Welcome to the final MtD mock draft war room. Mr. electric is our draft representative. feel free to come and go as you please. Offer insights on picks, but ultimately it is Mr. electrics decision....

The Most Accurate 3 Round Mock Draft with trades in the Wooorrrllldd!!!!!!

Back with the next installment of my eventual 4 round mock draft. Your comments and discussion helped me out a lot so I took heed to those suggestions (mostly) and updated your selections. Would...


NFC bEast Eternal Thread # 46: Where is Richard Bagel?

PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS SACRED DE-REC THE LAST ONE! Also if you wouldn't mind, rec this sum a bitch to the top.

The most accurate 2 round mock in the world

So I tried my hand at a two round mock, can it be considered a mock when it's this accurate?, draft as I build my way up to delivering a 4 round mock draft. I included 1st round trades but wanted...

Afghan Vet Prospect Visted Eagles


This is an interview conducted by Damon Talbot, a small school scout for college football, with a player named Morkeith Brown, a DE from Temple who also spent 14 months in Afghanistan. Apparently he had a visit with the Eagles recently so it's relevant.

BGN Mock Community Draft: Upshaw at 12th Pick


After all the fantastic help provided to me over here, I took the masses opinion and selected Courtney Upshaw at Pick 12 in our community mock draft. Come on over and comment if you want. Thanks again for all your input.

Pass Rusher Projections by the Numbers


A really informative and meticulously researched post relating what the best pass rushers in the NFL have in common, through physical attributes and the numbers accompanying them. If accurate, I can't wait to see a fully healthy Graham this year.

Seattle's Uniform and its cultural meaning


Great Piece over at fieldgulls.com explaining the cultural signifigance behind the designs of the new Seahawks uniforms.

BGN Community Mock Draft: KC Selection


For those who want to comment come on over. For those who just want to know the selection. It was DeCastro.


Trade from the Eagles?

Okay so I like to do mock drafts and I don't like to always do the same ho hum type drafts so here is the scenario. We find out that Jason Peters will never fully recover and is hinting towards...

I can't stop

Okay so this is my problem. Last year I avoided making mock drafts because once I start, i just keep doing it. This year I tried to keep it to one but alas it is impossible for me. Good or bad, I...

2012 first round Mock

So with the major free agent moves made I decided to submit my final mock draft of the season. This is my first one this year for Mocking the Draft, and hopefully fans of these teams are pleased.


BGN Mock Community Draft Needs You

Hello to the northwest. I am Talon Talent a member of Bleeding Green Nation and have undertaken the task of selecting the Seahawks 1st round pick in our BGN Community Draft. I have done my own...

Locking them up early didn't work for Shady


Story says a contract was offered during this amazing year Shady had but he didn't bite.

Ryans being shipped to Philadelphia The Texans agree to trade LB DeMeco Ryans to the Eagles, Fox...


Ryans being shipped to Philadelphia The Texans agree to trade LB DeMeco Ryans to the Eagles, Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reports.

http://www.nfl.com/ Front page breaking news

Mathis signing the line. taken from...


Mathis signing the line. taken from http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=345540592150387&set=a.136107969760318.10955.120163518021430&type=1&theater

Part of the Union


Our good friend Steffon Worthington, who is a huge member on our facebook UK fan site, made this video to kick our season off right.


Your One Stop Shop for Mock Drafts

I decided to do a little reboot from KyIe's post a few weeks ago and try to condense all the latest mock drafts/offseason moves into one neat and tidy post. We all have good ideas (well most of...

Brian Rolle explains twitter scuffle


Brian Rolle talked to a writer who got in his ass after his "LBS are weak" tweets.


Don't I feel special

So I come home to a "personalized" letter from Nick Sakiewicz trying to promote the moves made this offseason. Letter after the jump.

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