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Pure evil shows itself in HOU


I weep for our future.

A Very Random Cub Encounter


Driving home from California to Nevada over the Sierras through infamous Donner Pass; the first place one would expect to meet a former Cub pro, right? There we were at a stop when a car parked next to us with OLD CUB as a plate and MLBPA Alumni as the plate frame. An older couple climb out and the guy puts on a fresh Cub cap. I had to say hello. Result? He's 1957-58 LHP Ed Mayer. 22 starts in MLB, 2 HR allowed - Willie Mays and Hank Sauer. Check out the link. He has plenty of neat stories, met Babe Ruth, etc. He gave us a baseball card and then we went on our way.

Cubs Sign Donnie Murphy


Cubs add some depth. Also on this date, Whitenack claimed by CLE.

Really Under The Radar, Or? (Mather, E-Gon)


Just cruising the Cubs' homepage. When did we sign RF Joe Mather and 2B Edgar Gonzalez? I saw zero discussion here about these guys. They also don't appear anywhere on the roster for us, Iowa, or Tenn. Or the NRI list. Thoughts?

OT - Larkin Elected To HOF, No Luck Lee


Only player elected. Does anyone else feel Lee Smith is getting a raw deal from them sports writin' folk?


OT - Bob Costas on MLBN (Tuesday)

He was on Clubhouse Confidential yesterday, and I thought there were a few of his comments that could spark some discussion here. I'll open with this one... Is there really a school of thought for...

Barry Bonds Decision


30 days house arrest, 2 years probation, 250 hrs of community service. I always thought this government pursuit of a baseball player was an incredible waste of time and resources. And with this yield, its proven (to me). Not that I wanted to see Bonds in jail, but 30 days house arrest? What was the point here? Thoughts?

Another Prince Rumor


I found this thru MLBTR. Word around the campfire says Cubs will land Fielder. Who really knows? I just wanted to open a thread that was relatively free of the Yu (although he is mentioned in this article as well). Discuss!

Theo Was On "Intentional Talk" Today


I just caught this live. This link will get you to a page where the show posts video and podcasts, and I'm hoping something will be there soon. Besides some funny banter between Theo and Kevin Millar, the interview shed some more light on how Theo handles himself. When asked about the reports that the Cubs spoke to Pujols' agent he replied, "he's Rodrigo Lopez' agent as well." Sharpish! We all know Theo is an impressive young man. This short interview supports that. He did say he didn't think that Cubs fans were cynical though... Again, this link is premature. Don't hate. Maybe someone else caught the show and we can start with that discussion until the video posts on their website.


ESPN bottomline - Bears looking to claim Orton off waiver wire

When I first heard that DEN waived him, my first thought was "cool, the Bears can get him back while Jay is hurt". But then I thought about this more. I liked Orton a lot when he was a Bear. I...


Astros - AL West - 2013

There is a post over at MLB Daily Dish that claims the Astros are booked for a switch to the AL West in 2013. Its sourced from a tweet from Jon Heyman at There's no real link, and I don't...

A-Ram Update


I first saw this on the ESPN ticker. Ramirez drops his option and says he'll test the market. I like Ramirez, but he's been streaky. For him to say that the Cubs need to show him that they want to be better... c'mon man. He had a good year. Too bad the season didn't start in June.


OT- The "Morans" Guy


Are We Out Of Kool-Aid?

We have a six game winning streak. I know this season has been awful and emotionally hurtful to most if not all of us, but I have to say I am a bit disappointed to see nothing... not a single...


What about A-Ram at 1B?

Hmm. Will I have to dodge virtual tomatos? Reading BCB each day, I am somewhat surprised this idea hasn't made it to the discussion yet. If I missed it, pardon me. I feel we have more options for...


Hello Cub Nation; happy thoughts

Greetings, I've shadowed this site for a few years now... thanks Al; great work; I read often. As spring wraps up, and the beginning of the 2010 season comes about, I have one request, let's keep...

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