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Should We Make Trades?

I'm as much of a fan of the Cubs as anyone else.  However, there is one factor about the recent run the Cubbies have been on which trouble me with regard to any thinking about pennant races or...

Ambidextrous Pitcher


This guy is quite amazing to watch, Pat Venditte. A few years ago, he played for the Quincy Gems in the Central IL Collegiate League and came in as a reliever in the first game I umpired in that league. My partner that night thought it would be funny to not tell me about this guy and I spent the better part of three hitters trying to figure out what looked so funny about how he was pitching (I was working the bases). The most amazing thing to me was the 6-fingered glove - it is the regular 4 fingers and a thumb on each end and he really switches it seamlessly. I can't remember this part for sure, but I would swear that at one time he threw a pitch, switched the glove to his other (natural) hand, and fielded a comebacker to throw the batter out at 1st base. (Anyone remember Jim Abbott who only had one hand, how he could slip his glove around?) Just thought I would share some memories of a kid making his way through the minors...I believe he graduated from Drake University in Des Moines...pretty cool that Girardi wanted a look at him.

Rich Hill will start season in minor leagues...


Our old friend Rich Hill will not be breaking camp with our favorite rivals to the south.

Devoted SB XX Fan (NSFWish?)


Any chance this guy is a member here? Oh my...that is dedication to Da Bears, for sure! I can't even count how many different Bears' autographs are tattooed on this guy!

Missouri Governor Encourages Mizzou to jump to Big Ten


The governor of Missouri is encouraging his alma mater and the Missouri land grant institution to jump at the opportunity to join the Big 10 Conference.

Mariotti: Hendry must go for Bradley


Not sure if this should be part of the FanPost discussion or if it does belong here...Mariotti threw up a column at FanHouse saying for this mistake, Hendry should lose his job. I think it's unanimous that this was a poor choice on his part, but he's human. It happens - he made a mistake. Let us not forget the previous two years of success during the regular season. Let's just rid ourselves of this cancer as best we can and move on towards re-establishing the Cubs at the top of the NL Central in 2010!

4-on-4 Play in Playoff OT?


Are the members of the Competition Committee REALLY this freaking insane? 4-on-4 in the 2nd (and subsequent) playoff OTs? Please God No. The thrill of playoff OT is unmatched in sport. Period. If this clown Mike Brophy doesn't like it, he can go watch basketball. Give me a freaking break. Anyone know how to start a "Save OT" campaign to let the Competition Committee know that fans believe in OT?


Z to the DL

Gordon Wittenmyer, the Cubs beat writer for the Sun Times, twittered that Z is heading to the DL at about 10:30 Central Time this morning.  No other detail was out about how Z is doing, but he will...


"Steinbrenner: NL Needs to Grow Up" HUH???

Somewhat off-topic for here, but as mostly NL fans, I wondered what opinions we had on this issue...personally, I know I speak for a lot of my friends when I say Hank can go crawl under his rock. ...


Butterfingers Izworthless Making An Impact in STL...

Living in Missouri, I get swamped with Cardinals coverage and it's rare that one of these stories brings such a smile to my face, but Sunday's (3/9) St Louis Post-Dispatch sports section contained...


Wait 'til Next Year...

I know we've all heard it before - and said it before - and we're hearing and saying it again."WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR"For 99 years.  But I contend that in spite of this week's result, this year's...


TBS Announcing Teams...

While it doesn't say which team will be assigned to which series, this is via  If the Cubs make the playoffs, please please please, if there is a God in heaven, keep Chip &...

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