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Detroit Lions claim SS Chris Harris off of waviers


@JasonLaConfora Lions claim former Bears S Chris Harris on waivers. Well, so much for the Hitman back in the QC.


The Draft Value Index: Drafting by the numbers

This is something I started working on during the offseason, but was never compelled to finish it. But now, with our list of needs in next years draft getting longer by the minute, it seems like a...

So I've Started Tweeting, where do I find the player/reporter list?


I feel like there is a list of the people I should be following here on CSR somewhere, I just can't find it right now. If you want to follow me, my username is Tater596. Don't know how much I will post, mainly signing up to catch up on news.

Michael Silver makes more ridiculous claims about Jerry Richardson

"So he (Peppers) has already proven his point – but that doesn’t mean he still won’t be motivated to remind the Panthers’ owner of his enduring value, especially after Richardson’s gloating about the money he spent post-lockout in a belated and ridiculous effort to make people forget how cheap he’d been for the previous two years." I got sucked in to this article knowing that Rivera v. Chicago and Olsen v. Martz would be mentioned. What I didn't expect was Silver to use a half assed "Peppers wants revenge" line just to get another chance to call JR cheap and grumpy. This is just more proof that Michael Silver is a bottom feeding ass, who will throw anyone under the bus (as long as they aren't in some way affiliated with Cal... he has a raging hard on for anything Golden Bears).

Coming this October, to a stadium near you.


Coming this October, to a stadium near you.


BAMF is Ready to Tangle with Da Bears

A lot of us can relate to the feeling of nostalgia. We feel it anytime we visit our home town, watch a football game at our old high school, or even dig through the trinkets of times gone by. So...

Cam Quarters! For all your tree-fiddy needs. The official currency of the Carolina Panthers.


Cam Quarters! For all your tree-fiddy needs. The official currency of the Carolina Panthers.

Cam Newton, now the official currency of the Carolina Panthers. In Cam We Trust. Just me messing...


Cam Newton, now the official currency of the Carolina Panthers. In Cam We Trust. Just me messing around in photoshop again.

We are hurting on the right side of our O-Line. Geoff Schwartz is my long lost brother... what do...


We are hurting on the right side of our O-Line. Geoff Schwartz is my long lost brother... what do you guys think about me stepping right into his place?


Big Cat tells it like it is: Rips Fox and co. a new one

The Charlotte Observer has just published a long and fairly revealing interview with Jerry "Ultra-BAMF" Richardson. JR goes in depth about the off-season, and how he is very happy with the team's...

More AE praise from the Charlotte Observer


A couple new tidbits in this article... some new quotes from Rivera about Armanti. Don't read the comments section though. It will make your head hurt, and will make you glad you come to CSR for Panthers news.


Armanti Edwards is "Money" in Panther camp

via The name "Armanti Edwards" rings different in the ears of almost every Panther fan. You have the camp that loves him, after seeing what he did at the collegiate level. You...

Coming this Fall... to a stadium near you.


Coming this Fall... to a stadium near you.

Good to see Foxy hasn't changed


This whole thing is just chock full of John Fox and his non-answers. It is what it is. Go have a laugh. Some of my favorite nuggets... On players being allowed back into the building: "We got a lot accomplished-meetings and just football stuff. This is a football building; it's been a little strange with no football players. That part was fun for the people that work in the building, and I know it was for the coaches. It might be short lived, but it was a good day." On communicating with the 2011 draft picks: "We did have Von Miller in today, and we were able to give him some information while he was in the building. Really with what moves forward, we're in communication on that." On addressing the rush defense in the draft: "I think we have a lot of holes, as I mentioned before. We have (rounds) four through seven tomorrow. We get back to work, and we know there will be options out there on the other player pool. We'll just take it a day at a time."


NFL Combine values: There's an App for that.

Hello again Panther fans. Now that the combine is slowly coming to a close from a workout perspective, all 3 Appalachian State Mountaineer prospects have run their drills and for the most part have...


The ABSOLUTE best display of QB accuracy I have ever seen in my life

Normally, this would be fanshot material... but I was so amazed by the accuracy in the arm of this kid, I had to make it a Fanpost to make sure everyone sees this video. This is Uconn 3rd string QB...


Panthers could get "LeGreedy" in the late rounds

via Hello Panther fans! Well, now that the season is officially over with the Green Bay Packers winning Super Bowl XLV, it is time to really kick the draft watch into...

Vince Young "Plans to Start" for his next team


Vince Young has gone out on a limb in the above article and stated that he has no intention on being anyone's backup. ""I’m going to go into the organization, the team, and compete. That’s all I can do, and let them make their own decision after that," Young said. "Definitely I am a starting quarterback, an elite quarterback in the NFL. I want to go ahead and start. But like it always is, the coaches have the last word." I scoffed a little bit at the notion that Young is an elite QB in the NFL yet... but he is definitely on his way. He has improved steadily this season and last, and could benefit from a solid coaching staff and front office. I think we have that in Carolina, and I certainly think we can offer him the chance to come in and start right away. I see it as a low risk/high reward deal if we can sign him to an incentive laden contract and let him prove his mettle. If he isn't up to snuff, we set him free and move on.


DeAngelo Williams opens up further regarding his contract status

Additional details of DeAngelo Williams contract status come out

AP Story: Panthers WR Gettis took different path to NFL


I like the kid more and more after learning a little bit more about his background. Being the child of two marines turned LAPD and Los Angeles County Sheriffs? Wow. Talk about disciplined and hard working. New man-crush definitely forming.

Armanti Edwards gives a 7 minute interview to the crew at Fox News Charlotte.


Armanti Edwards gives a 7 minute interview to the crew at Fox News Charlotte.


The laudings and lamentations of an App-Panther

4/23/10 - It was a cool spring night. I was on my way to Asheville for a weekend trip with my girlfriend. Round 1 of the NFL draft was in the books, and the text had already come in that the...

Rumor: Panthers have placed a waiver claim to QB Trent Edwards


We will find out by the end of the day if this is true or not, but right now it seems we have made a claim along with 4 other teams to acquire released Buffalo Bills QB Trent Edwards.


So Panthers... you've decided to start a rookie Quarterback?

A look at what the Panthers need to consider when starting a rookie QB

"He Hate Me" is apparently really getting into acting


All true Panther fans know the story behind Rod "He Hate Me" Smart... but look who is making headlines again. He is building a resume to hopefully make a jump into hollywood. Best of luck to ya He Hate Me, hollywood needs some personality.


The Hail Mary Haiku, what it is, and what it's all about

Hello Panther fans. I am a member of several blogs here on SB Nation, and through my travels have encountered some interesting gameday and game week traditions. But one of the most interesting, and...

Smitty not impressed with the rest of the Panther WRs


According to this little blurb I caught today on yahoo! sports, Smitty says he is unimpressed with the showing by the young WRs fighting for the #2 WR spot beneath him... and why wouldn't he be? SO far... the passing game without him involved is very underwhelming. In classic Smitty style he says he "Feels like the Dad driving the car with all the kids yelling in the back"

OT Barton decides to retire rather than report to Panthers


Just saw this headline, apparently he is tired of bouncing from team to team and never catching on anywhere. Looks like he will retire instead.

Preseason game 1 in photos -


Some good shots of the action on the NFL's site. There are a LOT of pictures of Cantwell getting his ass kicked.

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