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Preseason game 1 in photos -


Some good shots of the action on the NFL's site. There are a LOT of pictures of Cantwell getting his ass kicked.


Marty Hurney's "State of the Team" Address

Steve Reed from the Gaston Gazette got a chance to have a half hour interview with Marty Hurney yesterday in what he is dubbing the "State of the Team Address" heading into our first preseason...

Panthers ranked #17 in Fantasy Juggernaught Index


Pretty fair ranking by the Yahoo! staff on this one. I usually enjoy Andy Behrens fantasy articles, I think he is the most educated out of all of them. Nothing we don't already know. D-Lo is a first round pick. Stewart is a 3rd rounder, but probably hugely undervalued since his workload mirrors D-Lo. Steve Smith typically 4th round, may fall to 5th. No one else really worth a pickup except maybe Matt Moore as a backup QB. Even if our passing game IS much improved this year, it would be tough to see Moore putting up top 12 FANTASY QB numbers, so I agree with the assessment. The sleepers from our camp observations could be LaFell and/or if one of our TEs really emerges as a threat.

Armanti gives young fan his WR gloves after practice


As if anyone needed more testament to his character, here is Armanti taking a photo with a young fan. He even gave him his gloves! Saw this by way of a post on, must be one of the contributors sons.


Things that are worth more than Brett Favre's word: a symoposium

Now I know training camp has started and we have plenty of football to talk/speculate/dream/overreact about... but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun at a certain purple waffles' expense. ...


Troy is burning: Pete Carroll is the new Helen and Kiffin is left holding the bill.

I was perusing some college football articles today when I came across this article talking about the sanctions at USC and the role arrogance played written by Dan Wetzel. He speaks in the article...

More disrespect from Jason Cole: Panther LBs ranked #23


"Thomas Davis(notes) will have no impact on the field for the upcoming season because of an ACL tear suffered in June, but his presence in the league will have a strong impact on other players. Don’t expect many players to settle for the restricted free agent tag again after seeing what happened to Davis, who was already coming off an injury-riddled 2009 season. The Panthers have a good answer for the loss of Davis at weakside, moving active middle linebacker Jon Beason(notes) to that spot, which may give him more chances for big plays. That said, the overall unit obviously suffers because the rest of the linebackers are middling talents." Of course the unit suffers as a whole with the loss of TD... however to call the rest of our linebackers middling talents, as well as belittle the importance of Jon Beason is just more mudslinging from Cole. To say that we are worse than the likes of San Diego, Seattle, Oakland, Miami, and Buffalo is Bull$%(@. It gets even worse when you read about his #12 ranking of San Diego. Giving them that spot on the merits of a clearly declining Shawne Merriman, and saying he doesnt have much help around him. Meanwhile, Jon Beason is healthy, and playing the best football of his career, but he apparently does nothing to improve Cole's view of us.

Yahoo Sports Jason Cole disses Panther O-Line with a #19 ranking


Say What?!?!?!? What is even more astounding is that he ranked the Patriots as the #2 best unit. First he panders to the super bowl champs by ranking them #1, then he panders to the big market teams one after the other in the entire top 8. He goes on to literally say that he has probably under-ranked our O-Line, but then goes on to make an ass of himself by saying if all the pieces fall into place, we could jump "six or seven spots" Let me tell you something Jason Cole... if all pieces fall perfectly into place and we stay injury free, you better sweep that nasty New Orleans debris out of the top spot and make room for a Panther Den.

Muhsin "Moose" Muhammad to announce his retirement today


Thanks for all the memories Moose! I think i speak for all of Panther nation when I say we are glad you retired a Carolina Panther! Moose's career in pictures via

Very well written article about Brian Cushing and the role that medicine plays in sports


The debate over whether Brian Cushing should be stripped of his ROY award is ongoing. The AP has decided to re-vote on the award, which will likely take it away from him. Even here at CSR, we are debating the issue. Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports has written a very good article with a lot of input from a prominent doctor on what the role of substance and medicine is in sports, and what it will be in the future. Do some of these substances that are actually intended to "heal" players get wrongly labeled as PEDs? Dr. Thomas Rando, quoted numberous times in the article, thinks the line is too blurry, and the media has overblown PEDs to the point that even healing drugs are held in a bad light. Check it out.


Armanti Exchange: why he'll be a better WR because he WASN'T one in college

One fans look at why rookie Panther WR Armanti Edwards may not have the learning curve many expect for a guy changing positions

This is an interview with Armanti Edwards after the first minicamp practice. If you watch through...


This is an interview with Armanti Edwards after the first minicamp practice. If you watch through to the end, there are a series of other interviews available with other rookies as well. I think Armanti handled himself extremely well in the interview and I love the confidence.

Hurney: Trading next years first round pick "unlikely in a deep draft"


Of course, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt when coming from Panther brass. But Hurney says in the article it is unlikely that they will be trading away another first round pick, since the draft is very deep and talented. "I think we feel like there will be a very good football player sitting there at No. 48 for us. It just depends on how it falls." --Hurney As far as taking a WR first, Hurney indicated we have needs at the skill positions on offense, but came nowhere close to saying our first pick would be a WR. "But I don’t think when you go into a draft you go in with that mentality (of picking a predetermined position). Our mentality is to get the best football players we can get there. So you are always very careful not to reach to do that." --Hurney


The 2010 Panthers All-Iron Bowl Team

Hello Panther fans. If you are like me, you are tired of skimming over mock drafts, potential trades, and other NFL news. You are ready for the 2010 NFL Draft to happen, and to start speculating on...


Battle of the Bulge: Why I'm not drinking Campbell's soup

The quarterback market in the NFL is heating up with the release of St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger, and the theoretical trade possibilities for Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell with new sheriff...

Armanti Edwards posts a 4.43 in the 40 on his pro day, shows off arm strength


Armanti's draft stock continues to climb after his pro day workout, which was attended by 10 NFL teams, including the Carolina Panthers. He worked out at QB, WR, and KR/PR for the teams in attendance. "Edwards said Jacksonville wants him to return kicks, while Carolina, New England, Indianapolis and Miami want him to work out at quarterback and receiver" "While Edwards’ durability and size remain the big issues, few question his left arm. There were guys here this morning that did not realize how strong his arm is," Coach Moore said of Tuesday’s workout, which was closed to reporters. "They sat right here and watched him throw from this hash, throw comebacks over on the far sideline. That ball travels 45 yards."

Carolina Panthers showing substantial interest in Armanti Edwards


According to Armanti's journal, the Carolina Panthers have been showing the most interest of all the NFL teams in obtaining his services. Straight from the Journal: "The combine went pretty good. My interviews went well and I threw the ball pretty good. Right now the only private workout is with Carolina. I have a rescheduled workout with the Colts and Dolphins because they can’t make it to my pro day. The Panthers workout will be on March 18th. All of these workouts will be held in school. The Panthers have been showing a good amount of interest more than any team."


An Ode to Jake Delhomme... "He is our Quarterback"

Shocked, Amazed, A little confused, slightly refreshed... and ultimately thankful. These are all things I felt on my way to work this morning when my local talk radio station informed me that Jake...


Panther Fans Weigh in on Vick's Panther Preference

Panther fans weigh in on Michael Vick's desire to join the Panthers


Exclusive Video: Peppers and Agent Carl Carey dicussing free agent market

Well if this whole Peppers situation don't just beat all. It seems like Carey has been trying to get Peppers out of Carolina all this time, even stooping to getting Peppers to publicly lie about...

Moore or Less


I find it a little odd that this was placed as the "Main Story" on the yahoo sports home NFL page. There really isn't much to it other than what most of us have been saying since the end of the season.

Jaguars release WR Torry Holt, DT Rob Meier, OT Tra Thomas


Looks like the Jaguars are starting early with some releases. The two intriguing names here are Holt and Meier when it comes to relevance for us. Antonio Pierce was also released by the NYG today.


Hey, Peter King, this dog knows more about football than you!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Peter King was out-dueled across the entire length of the season in picking the winners of NFL games by an ordinary dog named Laska. This taken from a blog that...


Got my "Hitman" jersey! Thanks Chris!

Who says nothing good ever comes in the mail anymore... via via (sorry for the poor quality images, they were taken on my cell phone) I got my...

Summary of Recruiting situation so far


A short article from ESPN on the recruiting effects of this whole mess. Looks like most of the recruits have backed off their official commitments, but have not committed anywhere else yet. We need to sign a coach fast, and get these guys back in our stable.

Muschamp won't be part of search


"Tennessee must move quickly to hire a coach with Lane Kiffin off to USC. Volunteers athletic director Mike Hamilton will meet the media at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday to discuss the situation. Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp won’t be a part of the search at Tennessee, opting to stay in Austin. Muschamp, who makes $900,000, is the head-coach-in-waiting at Texas to Mack Brown, who recently signed an extension that will take him through 2016." 900 grand? I think we can offer a lot more to pry him away.


The Armanti Edwards Update: Graduation Day

  Hello Panther fans. It was a rough weekend for me personally. Before the Panthers lost on Sunday, on Saturday, I saw the tenure of the greatest player in Appalachian State history come to a...


The Armanti Edwards Update... through sleet, snow, and freezing rain.

Hello Panther fans and welcome to the latest Armanti Edwards update. Your source for news on the most dynamite player in FCS I-AA football. Appalachian State has moved into the "Final Four" in the...

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