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A Guide To Eating: Cowboys Stadium Classic - Alabama vs. Michigan


A guide to eating in Arlington, TX for Alabama Crimson Tide and Michigan Wolverines fans coming to Texas for the 2012 Cowboys Classic at Cowboys Stadium.

Musings- Feb. 2012


Item 1 Fans always enjoy following their school’s alumni playing in the pro leagues. They get used to seeing a college star struggle to make it on the bigger stage of the NFL. They never get used...

Rah, Rah, TCU!


Probably most Longhorns between the ages of 30 and 65 have a hard time not thinking of TCU as a doormat. That’s due to the UT record vs. the Frogs of 27 – 1 from 1968 to 1995. That notion is...



Item 1 How bad was Texas recruiting on the offensive side of the ball from 2006 to 2009? This bad. In that period Texas recruited 40 offensive players, a number 50% larger than the defense had...

"…And It’s Good-Bye to AM!"


Thursday night will be Texas’ last game with Texas A&M, at least for a while (I expect talks of reviving the game to happen when Dodds is retired and TAMU doesn’t have an AD that refers to our...

...and then, Profit!


Luke 14:28 "For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it-- I posted before why I thought the Ags are making a mistake...

The Bonfire of the Inanities


The TAMU migration to the SEC would be a great business case study in B-School. It involves understanding of market differentiation (why is Texas more valuable than TAMU? Why is TAMU more...

Thoughts On The Breakup


After revisiting these thoughts from eight months ago, which actually holds up pretty well (even the comments), here are some current ones on the Aggies' backdoor escape to the SEC. Is it a...

Thoughts On Texas, Texas A&M, and the SEC


The recent announcement of the ESPN contract with UT has revived the Aggies’ talk about leaving for the SEC. It’s a topic that attracts opinionated blowhards, and so seems appropriate for me to...

A Tale of Two Quarterbacks


So, the established head coach wasn’t totally sold on his QB. The QB had been successful, and been a major part of the team’s successful climb from the cellar, but the coach felt he should play...

Odds and Ends – December 2010


Got lots of opinions to throw out there, most of which are supported by data.   Long time readers know the drill- challenge them, but support your arguments.  Anybody making a contrary claim based...

What’s Eating Garrett Gilbert?


My goal as a blogger is to only make claims and arguments that can be supported by evidence. I have very little trust in subjective assessments, even when made by very informed observers. I take...

Cowboys Vs. Titans


This weekend is a great one for football in the DFW Metroplex. You have the regular Friday night HS games (some on Thursday), Tech and Baylor playing at 11:00 AM Saturday in the Cotton Bowl (has...

Questions and Answers


I like to say that the truth isn’t always your friend, but you should never let it be your enemy.  By that, I mean that there will always be tough times, and it’s not productive in such times to...

Nick Saban's Soft Trap Door


WSJ Link In 2008, Bama had the nation's #1 class with 32 recruits. In 2009, he had 27. In 2010, he added 28 more. That adds up to 87 recruits the last three years, and the NCAA only allows 85 on...

Forecasting the Big 12 South - Sept. 20, 2010


The Sagarins are starting to make a little more sense, and some of the key games have been played. I have made a key change to the spreadsheet. I have used actual W/L data from all prior Big 12...

Forecasting The Big 12 South - Sep. 13, 2010


I posted this a few times last year. Here's how it works. I use Sagarin's "Predictor" rating for the different teams on Big 12 South schedules, to estimate point spreads (I'm giving 3 points for...

So You Want a Playoff?


Questions and answers- What does a team need to do to win a college football national championship currently?  It must win so many games during the regular season (no more than one loss,...

The Audacity of Dope


So, now Brian Cushing is claiming that he "overtrained", which led to his positive test for a substance typically used to mask PED use. This is the same positive test he was jeered for last...

We Are Witnessing History


What is a "Great Coaching Rivalry", in your opinion? Is it a rivalry between great coaches, like the one between Darrell Royal and Frank Broyles?  Or is it a great rivalry with close, exciting...

John Lopez Not Getting Any Smarter


John P. Lopez is an expert practitioner in Aggie logic, which is to say, an expert in reasoning that isn’t logical at all. Perhaps the most famous graduate of TAMU’s defunct Journalism department...

Farewell To The Huskers, Part 3


So, what are reasonable expectations for Nebraska in the Big 10 (plus 2), and what are Nebraska’s actual expectations? I think we can all answer the latter question.   NU misses its days of...

Farewell To The Huskers, Part 2


I hope you enjoyed Part 1. And I enjoyed Better Off Red's reply to Part 1. On to Part 2. So, how has Nebraska fared in the Big 12? Here’s a timeline, noting key events…  1995:  Last year of Big...

Farewell To The Huskers, Part 1


I see this as a three part series dealing with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Part 1 will discuss the roots of NU’s success, Part 2 will discuss what went wrong in the Big 12, and Part 3 will discuss...

So, What Happened?


I’ve posted on realignment several times over the past few months. I’m no insider, but I am a student of the program’s history, and try to keep up with current trends and influences.  I was right...

Revisiting Phil Steele


Remember the consternation a couple of weeks ago from Phil Steele ranking Texas #11?   I just bought the magazine, and see where his ranking comes from. He has a logic behind it, and thought that...

The SEC, the PAC-10, Recruiting and an Opportunity


The SEC commissioner on the SEC's willingness to expand: Why...

Conference Realignment and the Texas Legislature


A lot of posters have predicted that the Texas state legislature will play a determining role in a future realignment involving UT and TAMU.   They claim that UT can’t leave without taking Texas...

The Big 12, Nebraska, and the Red Herrings


It’s pretty interesting to read the comments on Big 12 conference realignment articles.  They are filled with Nebraska supporters explaining why it’s not the Huskers’ fault if the league starts to...

Unequal Revenue Sharing in the Big 12


A lot of BS is being spewed about the Big 12’s disproportionate revenue sharing, and how greedy Texas is.   A few things to remember:  1.  Revenue sharing is a function of TV appearances and bowl...

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