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More Things To Know About Conference Realignment


This was one of my more prescient posts, typed back in December: 4. There are no good replacement schools in the mid-majors. None bring extra TV sets to a contract. If Missouri or Nebraska go to...

Bob Stoops (Hee-Hee!) Talks Draft


The Barking Carnival found Bob Stoops’ telephone! We were holding a teambuilding exercise at a corporate training location on the northbound access road of I-35, just south of Walnut Hill in...

Big Reason the Big 12 TV Contract Stinks


The way the TV contracts work is that the Big 12 teams' home games (conference and non-conference) are sold in tranches. ABC/ESPN gets first pick of available games, and Fox SW gets next pick. A...

Can This Marriage Be Saved?


I think so, but it will take more vision than we are used to seeing from the current Big 12 leadership. I hope you don’t mind the “marriage” analogy, which I plan to stretch to its limits (and...

Scattershooting the 2009 Season


With deepest, deepest apologies to Blackie Sherrod, mostly all hither, but a few yon... 1. One of the stupidest (but not the stupidest…that's coming later) comments after the game was that the key...

A Quick Look At Vince's Progress


Remember the 2006 NFL Draft of QBs? Tennessee took Young with the 3rd pick, Arizona took Leinart around 10th, and Denver took Cutler 11th. After the first year, the general consensus was that...

Things To Know About Conference Re-alignment


Dispelling some myths and misconceptions as we possibly enter a period where things may open up again... 1. Texas has not been a good conference partner. We did not save the SWC, and we are not...

Rah, Rah, TCU!


It has been interesting to read the TCU "Killerfrogs" board. They have as many posts panning Texas as they do pumping TCU. There are two reasons for that. First, they believe they should have been...



25 - 1 over the last two years, the best in the nation (TCU is second at 24 - 1). Longest win streak in the nation. Seconds from being 26 - 0. On to Pasadena to settle this.

Remembering Nov. 18, 1999


Most cultures, modern and ancient, have ghost stories. Even cultures that do not have an afterlife in their religious cosmology are concerned about the restless spirit, kept from its deserved...

As the Titans Turn- VY at Houston on MNF


Hard to believe that this will be Vince's first game back in Houston since his rookie year. He was hurt in 2007, and benched in 2008. He left as a conqueror in 2006, and returns as a guy trying...

Zombie Coaches


No, not coaches like Chizik, that will devour your brain, but rather coaches that are like "zombie banks", that are dead (their schools want to fire them), but still moving (because their schools...

Forecasting the Big 12 South and BCS, Nov. 9


Not a lot of change for Texas this week, because we were expected to win. TAMU's projections took a hit with their loss (they still project to give Texas its 4th toughest game), and OU needs to win...

Forecasting The Big 12 South- Nov. 2


Texas and TAMU had the big jumps in the Sagarin Predictor model that drives this analysis. Texas is now listed as one of the nation's top 3 teams, and would be a .5 point dog to Florida and a .5...

Forecasting the Big 12 South - Oct. 26


Texas got a little stronger in the Sagarins, as did Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and in a big way, Texas A&M. Texas Tech and Baylor got weaker. Right now, Texas is in a good position. We are favorites...

Forecasting the Big 12 South - Oct. 19, 2009


I first posted this spreadsheet weeks ago in a post reply on the Barking Carnival, and I have been updating it weekly, but not posting it. Basically, I'm trying to capture the probabilities of...

The Inflection Point – Part 2


After the 2006 RRS, I wrote an "essay" called "The Inflection Point" for some friends. The basic point was that something fundamental had changed in the UT and OU programs, shifting a balance of...

The Place of the Brown-Stoops Rivalry in History


Do you realize how rare the Brown-Stoops rivalry is? Two coaches, each one of the biggest winners in the game, each holding a MNC, playing each other every year, for more than 10 years? College...

An Afternoon With the Very, Very Classy Bob Stoops


From yesterday's press conference with comments... "Those people, I'm sure they're good play-callers after the fact; they can call plays when they get their team (Nope, no insecurity here)," Stoops...

Why The Big 12 TV Contracts Stink


I guess we all know that the Big 12 schools get about $10 million less per year than the Big 10 and SEC schools. In this economy, that's a huge problem.   Why do the Big 12 TV contracts suck so...

Forecasting The Big 12 South - 2009


Anybody have a problem with speculative guessing, supported by a framework of decent analysis techniques but sketchy inputs? I didn't think so. In trying to predict the Big 12 South this year,...

More Thoughts on 2008 Big 12 Defense


This is kind of a follow up to Huck's post- trying to get a handle on the state of defenses in the Big 12. We've discussed the spread formation a lot, and how the Big 12 offenses went from a...

More on Street Agents in College Football


Interesting topic. CloseToJumping on Street Agents I’ve written about the freakonomics of recruiting before, Taylor T On Cheating in 10 Parts …so this really caught my attention. The fascinating...

Odds and Ends


I really wanted to call this "Scattershooting", but that just wouldn't be right. First item...Aggie Journalist John Lopez is working without an editor now, and it shows. LOPEZ: Inside the Fourth...

The Thumbsucker Proxy


Evidently, there is some controversy in B/CS about the Chancellor's annual review of the main campus' president... Quite a professional operation they're running there... However, when the story...

2009: A BCS Championship Game Oddity


Wow, did I misread this game - Thoughts on OU Florida. I really thought it would be a shootout. It wasn't. OU went into the game averaging 54 ppg, and was talked about as the greatest offense in...

Movie Talk - Solaris


Remember literature classes where some crazy allegory was pointed out in an otherwise interesting book (i.e. "The Nautilus represents Verne’s expressions of inadequacy as a man."), and you thought,...

The QB Class of 2004- Checking Back In


I had a post last July where I looked at the bumper crop of Texas schoolboy QBs (that UT struck out on), and tried to forecast their NFL chances (The QB Recruiting Class of 2004 - Checking Back In)...

Movie Talk- "2001: A Space Odyssey"


I was surprised by the amount of feedback on my post about "The Bad Lieutenant". Anyone up for more movie talk? I like to use Ebert's "Great Movie" list as a DVR guide, and maybe I could post...

Dienhart Rates the Non-BCS Coaches


Here. First- I think Dienhart is a good college football reporter. Second, I recognize that the coaches at the non-BCS programs are often doing amazing coaching jobs. Still, let's have some fun...

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