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SCH IHC: Game 4 Sunday April 28th 10 am


Holy turnout, Batman! We had at least 25 people show up last Sunday for the weekly SCH Inline Hockey Club game at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary school rink. If you haven't shown up yet you are...

4th Star Blackhawks vs Predators, Coyotes, Canucks


Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted a 4th star for the last few games. I was at the game Friday night and spent the night in the city, Saturday was family obligations and Sunday morning I broke my...

SCH IHC: Game 3 Sunday, April 21st 10 am


Here's your reminder of our weekly Sunday SCH Inline Hockey game in Hoffman Estates at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School rink.

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Stars


There were a few guys last night worthy of recognition, the Hawks were able to win their 6th game in a row beating the starless Dallas Stars by 5-2. Jamie Benn did his best to carry the weight of...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Blues


After clinching the Central Division, there was some concern that the Hawks might start to take their collective foot off the gas, but the Hawks were able to get 2 goals and 2 points against the...

SCH IHC Game Sunday April 14th 10 am


Come take out all of your pent up income tax frustration at the second game of the season for the Second City Hockey Inline Hockey Club in Hoffman Estates at Thomas Jefferson Elementary Park.

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Predators


"Why don't you have a seat and tell me what you're doing here tonight? Well your chat log doesn't seem so innocent." Sorry, anytime the Hawks play the Predators, Chris Hansen is the only thing that...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Predators


Hopefully tomorrow's rematch at the UC will be a little more interesting but end with the same result. The Hawks were able to get 2 points and their 4th shutout of the season.

SCH IHC: Opening Game Sunday April 7th 10 am


The weather looks like it is going to be bea-utiful for the opening game of the SCH IHC. We had a strong turn out last weekend for our "pre-season game" with 14 guys showing up. This weekend we...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Blues


Sorry my posting has been a little sporadic with the 4th star, the past week or so has been busy with Easter and work but in case you have been missing this, ha and who hasn't? Here is a quick...

Rattlehead vs. Lord Byron


It's been a topic of conversation in the comments, so I have decided to give it it's own feature spot to talk about. I think the Hawks will be put in a tough situation this summer when Stalberg and...

Blackhawks Acquire Handzus from Sha-arks


According to the Blackhawks have acquired veteran center Michal Handzus from the San Jose Sharks. The Blackhawks are supposedly giving a 4th round pick in the 2013 draft.

SCH Inline Hockey Club Announcement


As some of you may or may not be aware, I am an active member in the SCH IHC (Inline Hockey Club). We are starting our 3rd season of FREE Sunday pick-up hockey games in Hoffman Estates at the Pine...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Flames and Kings


With the Kings game two nights ago I did not have time to pick a 4th star so I am combining both games into this post and selecting a 4th star from each game. Last night the Hawks were able to turn...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Ducks


There is only one guy who deserves this award for last night's play, and it's a shame because if the score were different I probably wouldn't be able to select him. He is normally one of the top 3...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Avalanche


The Hawks showed the Avalanche what they really looked like last night and were able to keep good times rolling with a 5-2 victory over the Avalanche. It's pretty apparent that the real Hawks...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Stars


The Stars apparently starting celebrating St. Patrick's day a little early either that or maybe they just aren't any good. Probably a lot of both. With the plethora of goals and points last night...

My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets


Hey, hey kids. I'm back and I bet you all missed this segment the last few games but don't you worry, just like the Blackhawks winning streak, it's back for you.

Observations From Section 223: The Streak Finally


Greg had some obligations last night so I will be doing the wrap up for last night's game, thus the title change. Greg will be posting the corsi numbers in a separate post so check there for the...

Blackhawks @ Avalanche: Post-Game Thread


We all knew it would end eventually, but never thought it would look like this. VISITOR 2 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKSGame 25 Away Game 13 Game Summary ...

Blackhawks @ Avalanche: 3rd Period Thread


Blackhawks @ Avalanche: 3rd Period Come Back Thread

Blackhawks @ Avalanche: 2nd Period Thread


Blackhawks @ Avalanche: 2nd Period Thread

My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Avalanche


Every team that plays the Hawks now, their fans think that their team is going to be the ones to finally end this streak. So far, the Hawks have proven them all wrong. Every game someone else seems...

My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Wild


I'll keep this one quick but I wanted to recognize someone besides Hossa, even though Hossa deserved everything he got and getting a goal was just a cherry on top.

Game Preview Q&A with Hockey Wilderness


Here is our second installment of a Q&A session with a writer from another blog. Since we have some friends over at Hockey Wilderness, we thought we would bring it back again. I also have a little...

My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Red Wings


I had a lot of nerves going into today's game, and it seems like those nerves are just going to build and build until the day comes when the streak eventually ends. Got in an interesting...

My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets


I know you all missed my 4th Star from the Blues game but don't you worry cause I'm back with the 4th Star from last nights game against the BJ's. I was excited to see Bickel get some recognition...

My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Oilers


19 game without a loss. And a night after the Oscars it seems like the Blackhawks have a lot of people to thank for their success so far. So I can't believe they decided to give the third star to...

My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets


Like Greg said in the recap, last night's game was certainly not the most interesting game we are going to see this season, but I think it was a very important game and very easily could of been a...

My 4th Star Game 17 Blackhaws vs. Sharks


While last nights game is one that will probably go down as one of the most memorable, the game itself was pretty boring. The Sharks took the lead late in the first, which still seems to be a...

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