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I like SPORTS. So I joined a SPORTS blog. SPORTS ftw.
Do you like SPORTS? Cool, cause I like SPORTS. Guest its a good thing we are on a SPORTS blog. So we can discuss SPORTS.

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What if all 32 teams had to start their backup QBs?


Interesting Madden simulation. Not sure how I feel about the Broncos going 8-8, given the competition.

Denver is currently the #7 seed in the AFC.


Yes. We are one place out of the playoffs. 6 games to go, but not a bad spot to be in considering we were 1-4 and left for dead...

Running for three yards is like going backwards.


Personally, I think this is just taking things a little extreme. I dont buy it. Basing your offense off the run game can, and is, successful. Agree? Disagree?


Could It Really Be That Easy? Answer: Yes.

First off, I would like to give credit to tyardrich for posting this Fanshot, which was in reference to THIS article from last year. Enough hyperlinks for you? Good.  The principle is, if a team's...

Juice boxes, Teblow, Ortoning, and the Brady Quinn Era


Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century - Of the Week, once again selects a Bronco game.

X > Tebow. Get used to it.


This is the only reference to it I have found, but I would expect it to be on any of the various meme-sites pretty soon. I wonder if Tim will think THIS one is as "cool" as Tebowing.

Total QBR Week 7


Could someone PLEASE explain to me, how a QB who accounts for 14 points in the last 2:44 of a game to lead a record come-from-behind victory... have a QBR rating of 18.2?

Its Broncos related...............kind of.


It is safe to say we are truly underdogs now..

I realize this is old, but Kyle Orton is SUCH A GOOBER


I realize this is old, but Kyle Orton is SUCH A GOOBER

More Nate Jackson Goodness


I really like this guy.

Nate Jackson on Deadspin


Despite it being Deadspin this is a serious, and very somber little article.

More on the injuries


Here is another link. You can thank palewook over at Cincy Jungle for this. Washington Post


Kyle Orton...Denver's elite QB.

Hey Kyle, you dont know me. One time I watched you practice during the 2010 training camp, that was about the closest we'll ever get to meeting. Heck, you will probably never read this, its kind of...

Raiders new stadium name..


Always good news when its the Raiders

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