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Tech Defense


Okay, we're now halfway through the season and Tech is basically a top 5 defense (#4 total defense). I can assume, after playing ISU, OU and WVU, that those stats are legit. So should we all. Folks, defense is why this tea is going to finish with 9 wins this year.

Gillispie Headed to Mayo Clinic


Looks like he's either really ill or he's milking this for all it's worth.

Gillespie Editorial...Worth a Read


Here's yet another one who isn't surprised by Gillespie's situation. Lots of articles out there about this same thing. Makes me wonder if Tech even did due diligence on the guy and his personality issues and ability (or lack thereof) to interact like an a normal person with the people placed around him.

TTU Players - 2012 MLB Draft


This link will keep you up to date on Red Raiders who have been drafted. As of 8 p.m. Tuesday, they are through the 15th of 50 rounds. Wow. Four Red Raiders are off the board. Barnes may be the only one not returning (though unsure of the eligibility remaining of the other three).


K Williams, J Amaro Arrested

Credit card abuse charge. Nice. Per Brandon Rawe Twitter page. https://twitter.com/#!/BrandonKLBK [Note by Seth C, 03/10/12 4:54 AM CST ] Updating this post to add from the LAJ's Adam Young: A...

Recruits Survey


This is pretty interesting. Especially the question related to conf realignment and if recruits REALLY care what conf a school is in. I think we as fans WILDLY overrate the importance of conf alignment when it relates to recruiting.


Changes in Store For Tuberville's Staff?

It looks like the season's failure is catching up to some of those on staff. @BFeldmanCBS Bruce Feldman Hearing Tommy Tuberville canned three assistants today at Texas Tech: OL...


Sherman Out at aTm?

I know, I know...it's wikipedia. But it's still interesting. This is their opening paragraph on the Mike Sherman page. I'm copying directly from the site as it's an open source site. Mike Sherman "...

Karam Speaks on Transfer


Man, what a great kid. That's about all you can say.


Jacob Karam to Transfer from Tech

CRAP!! This kid has a great future. But apparently it won't be with Texas Tech. Per Chris Level who spoke directly to him about it. Hot off the Twitter press... @ChrisLevelChris Level Just...


Tech v. Baylor Point Spread

Some have asked, "How far have we REALLY fallen?" Well, here's another key indicator of our recent futility: Baylor has opened as a fairly sizable favorite for Saturday. Depending on which line you...


Sandusky speaks NOW on NBC

Bob Costas interview with Jerry Sandusky on the air now...you gotta hear his response to if he's sexually attracted to young boys.


Infamous "vote of confidence" given by Tech AD

Tech AD Kirby Hocutt essentially just fired cTT tonight. Well, not literally. But when an AD feels compelled to say something like the things he says in this article during a season, you know the...



Board of Trustees at PSU fire Joe Paterno effective immediately. It's about damn time. They finally, finally did the right thing. About 15 years too late, it turns out. But right none the less.


Night Games Open Thread: Check local listings

These are the games on in DFW tonight. After what we saw today, we could use a diversion. We can hope the coaches and players watch some of the more high-profile games to see what good football...


Texas 52 Texas Tech 20: Post Game Thread

If only we could have punched in a TD on the first drive it would have been...ah, who am I kidding. We were in this for all of 17 minutes. What an absolutely humiliating two weeks we've had...


After 8 Games...Are We That "Off" Our Pace?

Yeah, last week was as bad as two weeks ago was grand. But for perspective, and nothing more, take a gander. I saw this on another TTU board, but thought it was interesting. 2000 = 5-3 2001 = 5-3...


New Fan Poll

Okay, after reading some comments and back and forth in the Petroleum post of a few days ago I figured, sure, let's do a quick poll.


Fish Bait? Yes, fish bait.

I like to think I'm a fairly high-minded fan and person. I like to think that I rarely stoop to name calling or insults. And for the majority of the time, I am. However... Due to the wild...

Fish Bait, Not Poop


Well, that's more like it. I can support a fish bait prank : )


Early Games Open Gameday Thread: Texas/OU and others

Morning, boys Seth has some game threads scheduled to go up this evening and I'll be around in case we need more. Enjoy the early starts. Tuck Fexas, so BOOOOMER!!!!

College AD Pay Chart Reveals Some Interesting Figures


Wow...I'm sure there are plenty of DTN posters who actually make more than some mid-major college AD. So we got that going for us! Which is nice.

Gary Patterson Rants at SMU


This...THIS is why I hate Gary Patterson. Biggest whiner in college sports. Read this and ask yourself, "Was June Jones factually wrong in his comment?" No, probably not. It's not like TCU reinvents itself every other year. Like TCU, who is not yet a Big East member, has enough Big East skins to block adding a school.


Open Gameday Thread II - Second Half: Nevada at Texas Tech

Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years!


Afternoon Games Open Thread

OSU at aTm on ABC Arky at Alabama on CBS FlaState at Clemson on ESPN ...among others. Seth has an open thread for the Nevada game set to go up at 5 p.m. CST. I don't see any others scheduled, so...


Tech @ Texas basketball game to air on LHN

Game is scheduled for Feb. 4 in Austin. Fuss and discuss.


Harrell cut by Packers

I'm a little surprised by this move, but Graham Harrell was released by Green Bay today. Thought he showed something in pre-season.


Tough day for Red Raiders

Jamar Wall, Brandon Carter and Colby Whitlock were all released today. Hope they latch on elsewhere.

Aggie Brilliance!


There is more awesomeness in this TexAgs thread than in just about any board I've ever read. Ever. Seriously. Read it all. And they wonder why the world snickers at them the way we do.

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