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Fantasy Free Agency

Someone pointed out to me in the Is Clay Matthews Over Rated thread that it was "stupid season" until the draft, and I figured why not join in? People have been calling for the Packers to wade...


Packer's Impending Free Agents

As I write this, the Packers are down 12 in the 4th quarter to the Cowboys and sit at 6-6-1. I'm not sure what's going to happen the rest of this game, let alone the next two weeks, but I've seen...

One Hater's Guide To The 2013 MLB Playoffs

The thing about the quote above is that, while true, it is completely and totally unhelpful. I've known the truth of that statement as long as I can remember. I understand and accept that hate...


Things fall apart.

I'm old enough to know that things, and by things I mean life or a given set of circumstances surrounding something you care enough to bother thinking about, are rarely as bad or as good as they...

• Angry fans in Kansas City, broiled by the 100-degree heat and embarrassed by the team’s continued...

• Angry fans in Kansas City, broiled by the 100-degree heat and embarrassed by the team’s continued lack of success, will burn Robinson Cano in effigy for slighting Billy Butler in the Home Run Derby, then go on to occupy the Royals’ headquarters and depose general manager Dayton Moore. Jonathan Sanchez, the return in the Melky Cabrera trade, will be sent to a monastery for his own protection, while Yuniesky Betancourt’s attempt to enter the Federal Witness Program will fail due to his unwillingness to walk 90 feet to an initial meeting point with FBI agents.


Marcum on DL

There's the other shoe we've been waiting for since Livan signed. They're still insisting it's not a big deal. Hopefully they're right. I'd say "hopefully they're not lying", but I think the incentive to lie about the severity of the injury is out the window once he goes on the DL.


Happiness Is:

Taking your son to the park to hit a few balls for an hour. Telling him during the walk over that Ryan Braun hit three home runs the night before. Talking about when we're going to drive down to...


This is behind the paywall. Take a look if you're a subscriber, or if you haven't hit your 20 complimentary articles for February yet. I thought it was ok to touch on a couple of the highlights from the shiny new sunday Journal-Sentinel I get every week now. Lots more if you're a subscriber. (Not trying to convince anyone, just pointing that out so I can hit the elements of the fair use doctrine. The quotes below probably represent about 5% of the entire content of the interview. Kyle or one of the mods can delete if they think I've crossed the line.) "You're not going to be able to replace what [Prince] did offensively.... With the personnel we have, it allows you to run more. But if we're running into a lot of bad outs, you need to do something about it." Not exactly the St. Crispin's Day speech is it? "I don't want to say I need to see a lot from (Mat Gamel)... Some guys are really quick starters and some guys aren't. If I go just by spring training I'd say that I need to see that he's driving the ball and getting good at bats... He needs to feel that we're not going to just give him a week and say "Hey, you didn't hit. We're going to change." (Actual Ken Macha quote.) He's going to get a good shot to win the job and get a good shot in the season to stick with him for a while to see what we have." On defense: "Our infield defense will be better with the personnel we have." (Translation: Yuni's gone, so we won't shift like we're playing badminton against a one armed opponent anymore.) We played some poor games defensively in the last series we played against St. Louis. But it looked a lot worse than it was because (the Cardinals) didn't make one mistake." Wrong. Just wrong.

The Velvet Tux.

This brief article sums up the way I currently feel, with this addition: If Braun's going to bet suspended, it should probably be for his sartorial crimes, not for use of a banned substance. Between this tux and Remetee, he's long overdue for an intervention.


On Jason Wied.

Mr. Wied was a business side front office guy, and since we generally don't know everything they do, we don't talk about those guys much around here except for Harlan and Murphy (rightfully so on...

Fielder offered to stay for 8 years at 22 million per.

It's buried about 2/3 of the way down this story from Heyman. Pretty clear that this came from Scott Boras. Honestly? I don't believe it for a second. The offer was supposedly made by Fielder 2 years ago, which means it would have come from Fielder at age 25 and allowed the Brewers to control him through age 33. Sure the price-tag was steep, and it was more years than they would have liked, but it's not all that much more money per year or all that longer than the 5 years, 100 million (rumored to be 6 years, 120 million) the Brewers acknowledge they put on the table. What do you think? Was that offer really ever made? And if so, was Melvin right to say no? I think if it had been on the table Attanasio would have pulled the trigger, personally, and this strikes me as much more likely to be a little bit of sour grapes from Boras since the Brewers never really engaged this offseason and are, in part, one of the reasons for the slow start to Fielder's free agency, since Boras didn't have an offer to shop around.

CBA Fail.

We won't know until we see the actual CBA if Heyman is (gasp!) wrong, but if he's right, this pretty much sounds like a horrible idea. No hard slotting system with the draft, in spite of ownership's burning desire to get one, AND a relaxed compensation system for departing free agents. I've been disappointed for about 17 years in Bud Selig's legendary ability to build consensus somehow (!) failing to actually level the playing field in the MLB, but now it sounds like he's actually making things worse. If this is true, let me be among the first to say "thanks for nothing, Bud."

I know we're not signing Reyes, but neither are the Mets.

The Mets have been prepping their fans for losing Reyes for days now via leaks regarding how much money he's going to get. If they're laying off scouts and business side employees, it's hard to imagine them plunking down a 9 figures for Reyes' new deal... As an aside, I'm a little surprised over the lack of rumors regarding the "big 3" position players in the first couple of days of free agency....


Nice to hear from you! (sarcasm)

I know this will come as a shock to you, but I'm a bit of a misanthrope.  No, no, stop it, you're just being kind, but I really am.


Life, Death and Baseball

[Bumped to the front page, because it's so good. -Cheeseandcorn] I stopped writing fanposts a couple of years ago because I didn't think I was turning out the kind of quality that justified taking...

Inappropriate and childish? Well sure. Funny? Absofrickinlutely.

Popping in to give this a link. Personally, I think it's hilarious, but I wouldn't want to be a guy who was new to the press box on this particular night. My bet is it was a Brewers stadium employee.... Later.



Shouldn't be a fan post, but I'm not a mod so...

"Brewers have 0% chance of keeping Fielder"

Not really surprising, but happy Monday to you to, Tom. :)


American Needle and the Future of the NFL

A discussion about how the American Needle case could impact the Green Bay Packers.

What a tangled web we weave...

I may do a fanpost on this in the next day or so. Probably not, but I'm not going to rule it out. I seem to be more interested in this stuff and get more worked up about it than anyone I know. It's interesting to me that the example used to illustrate the radical realignment theories that are being discussed doesn't involve a team opting into a division with lower payrolls in the hopes of sneaking into the playoffs, but instead a team opting into a division where it knows it can't compete in order to cash the checks generated by home games against big market teams. Sort of like when the UW Football team plays East Tupelo State and the "directional school" is promised a 7 figure fee for showing up to take their beating. This is what happens when the logical solution, i.e. trying to find a way limit the on-field advantage generated by the economic power of the large market teams, isn't an option the owners or the union are willing to contemplate. The "logical" gymnastics that follow as they try to do SOMETHING to address the obvious competitive imbalance quite frankly make my head hurt. Rhetorical question time: Is this what you want the MLB to be when you try to get your kids hooked on the game? The sport where half the league in any given year isn't even bothering to pretend they're trying to win?

Gamel in early.

Probably not that big of a deal, but it might be the first indication that Gamel realizes it's easier to get playing time if your manager doesn't think you're a tool. Hopefully, McGehee and Gamel make our 3rd base depth a "problem" this year.

Doug Melvin: Innovator.

From Tom H.'s Blog: "Our new thing is that we're not just looking for innings. We're looking for quality innings. We like our offense and our bullpen. We just need quality innings from our starters." I suppose I should be glad that this idea occurred to him eventually....

Baseball, I wish I could quit you.

I know it's small market whininess, but I also know every word in that article is true, just like I know that the people in position to change the system could really give a shit about fans of the Brewers, Royals, Reds, etc...


Greg Bedard is a smart man.

Taken from Gred Bedard's Thursday chat in response to a question about Brett Favre (I know you're shocked):

McCarthy Opens Dictionary, Discovers The Word "Accountability".

So several years into his regime and 3 weeks into the regular season and it's just NOW that McCarthy decides that he has to hold his player accountable?

I hope Bud Selig read this article.

I'm not one of those guys who rip Bud Selig constantly. Things are better in baseball, at least in my opinion, than they were before he became Interim Commissioner for Life. Lately, however, Bud talks like there isn't anything that needs to be fixed in baseball's economic structure. And he's wrong. He's accomplished a lot to make the leagues more competitive and he accomplished those things in spite of the opposition of the most powerful owners in the game AND the union. I love baseball. I love football too. When I was a kid it was MLB first, NFL second, but like almost everyone I know, that changed in the 80's when it became apparent that MLB was a structurally unfair league. The NFL managed to avoid falling into the trap of favoring its big market teams over its small market teams and I think that, in part, is why the NFL grew exponentially in its fanbase from 1980-2000, while MLB spent much of that time losing fans even as attendance of minor league games boomed. Bud tried to fix that and in many ways he's succeeded, but mid and small market teams are still at a dramatic competitive disadvantage and I don't see Bud doing anything to improve their lot anymore. And I wonder if the absence of institutions in baseball's economic structure designed to support small and mid market teams means that this brief flash of success for clubs like Milwaukee will vanish when Bud is gone, like the 12th century renaissance that preceeded another 300 years of famine, disease and war before european society finally got up off its knees. Major League Baseball's economic and competitive imbalance isn't fixed. And it's time it's leaders stopped acting like it was.


Brett Favre: A User's Guide

  Packer fan here.  I hate you, you hate me, blah blah blah. Ok, so now that I've gotten that out of the way, here are 10 tips for rooting for Brett Favre:


Superbowl XXXI

"The man only got you guys to two Superbowls and HE never really won the one you did win with him her,that honor went to Desmond Howard."

Melvin Talking to Jays About Halladay

Tom H.'s report. I'm a little surprised this isn't up here already, but I don't see it linked anywhere. Probably won't happen, and quite frankly, I'm not sure it should if it costs Gamel or Escobar (or both) as I think this team is more than a single pitcher away. But then, I don't really know what I'm talking about.

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