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NYT writer on instant replay: "The technology is available. Get it right."


Nothing mind-blowing here, but it's nice to see someone at the Gray Lady beating the drum in favor if increasing the use of instant replay (though he doesn't touch on balls and strikes). Excerpt: "There is an inherent accountability gap between players and managers on one hand and umpires on the other. When the St. Louis Cardinals’ Matt Holliday dropped a fly ball with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game 2 of their National League division series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, there were swift consequences: the Cardinals lost the game, and Holliday had to face the news media to talk about his gaffe. Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon made a mistake with a pitch against the Angels’ Vladimir Guerrero in Game 3 of their American League division series, and Guerrero smashed a game-winning hit that eliminated the Red Sox. Papelbon was held accountable, too. But when Umpire Phil Cuzzi made a blunder in the Twins-Yankees series, calling a fair ball foul and potentially costing Minnesota Game 2, the crew chief apologized, and that was it. There was no redress for the Twins."

Jim Rice is not impressed


Found this link on Posnanski's blog. It's a really long and well-thought-out post, so let me break it down for you if you don't have time: 1. Jim Rice has seen Zack Greinke pitch one time -- against the Red Sox the other day. 2. Zack Greinke is not as good as Pedro in his prime, so fuck him. 3. Jim Rice, HALL OF FAMER, has his blog hosted at Sullivan Tire and Auto Service's website.

Jake Locker signs with Angels


I had heard it was going to happen. Can someone give me an explanation of how this isn't an NCAA violation? Are the Angels going to pay him a big signing bonus? Or does he not get it until he joins the organization?


Montero will not be charged

Since we spent a Fanpost talking about allegations of sexual assault against Fredy Montero, I figure it's only fair that we give equal coverage to the fact that the King County prosecutor has found...

Nick Swisher, relief ace


Nick Swisher, relief ace


BP ranks the M's prospects

Kevin Goldstein's ranking of the top Mariners prospects is finally out. It's subscriber-only, but the top 10 is fair game (and visible to the nonpaying masses anyway), so here goes: Five-Star...


OFFTOP - Feb. 26 - Now I'm In the Club Edition

The list of regulars who haven't created an off-topic thread is now one shorter. I win! Today's topic of choice for me is: Why does 2K hate me? And why does it hate you? Word is coming out that...


Hulett DFA'd; Jack Z grabs another Brewer

Tuglett has been designated for assignment, says Geoff Baker. Obviously a few of those middle infielders were going to go away, but I was surprised to see it happen before spring training. Also of...


A new Baseball-Reference

In the comments of a thread at Baseball Think Factory, Sean Forman has provided a link to a redesigned Since you were all so nice to offer me birthday wishes, I'll post...


Fire Joe Morgan is no more

Mose Schrute and the rest of the gang at Fire Joe Morgan are calling it quits. After 21 years, and almost 40 million posts (we'll have to check those numbers, but it's something like that), we...


Zduriencik fires Fontaine

(There's some chatter about this in the previous Zoinks! thread, but I figure it deserves its own thread in which we can cry.) Jack Zduriencik has fired Bob Fontaine, according to Larry Stone. O...


It's Strasburg Time. Who's up?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the game and are planning to watch it later, I imagine this will have some spoilers in it. ______________ Mr. Steven Strasburg will take the mound in a few...


Olympics Thread

I thought that I wouldn't give a shit about the Olympics this year, but after the amazing Opening Ceremonies and the equally amazing 4x100 swimming relay tonight, I figured a thread for the...


Jerry Brewer hits -- and misses just a little

In his column today , Seattle Times columnist Jerry Brewer repeats a lot of the stuff we've been saying for years about Bavasi. And while he doesn't brag about it, he could have mentioned that he...


The Zen of Bobby V

Anyone watch the documentary on ESPN2? I recorded it on Tuesday but just watched it tonight, and I thought it was pretty good. I know next to nothing about Japanese baseball, so, for me, I found...


PECOTA - not a big Mariners fan

Nate Silver just posted the 2008 projected standings, and it's not pretty. (Subscription required, I believe.) The M's are projected to finish in last place, going 73-89. The culprit is no...

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