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Rumour has it that I was raised by wolves (which would explain my odd behaviour), but I know this not only to be not true, but also highly offensive to my parents, who may appear to be wolves to the untrained eye, but are actually just a rare breed of homo sapiens known as Madeirans.

My first goal in life is to learn as much as possible from the creatures (human or otherwise) I meet, the plants I have the opportunity to stop and observe, art in all its forms, the food I get to eat everyday, and every sunrise I'm fortunate enough to witness while simultaneously living in the most remote place I can find, and document this learning experience in any way I see fit, whether through the medium of words, music, film, photography, or (admittedly pretty bad) painting and sculpture. Well, you can't be good at everything. Anyway, hopefully by the time I've died, I'll have managed to weave all my disparate stories together to show just how rich, complex, and varied life on Planet Earth can be.

Also, while we're on the topic of me, I'd just like to bring to your attention the fact that I'm awesome, and if you don't like it, too bad, because that's just how I roll. B-)

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Greisen starting over with Denver Broncos


Interesting article on Nick Greisen (can't believe I've been misspelling his name all this time).

Missing NBA player found dead.


That's really horrible. He was initially just missing, with his family trying to find him, they ultimately did... R.I.P.

Ravens LB Sergio Kindle suffered a head injury.


He reportedly fell down two flights of stairs. No word on how that happened. Hopefully, he makes a full recovery.

Broncos ranked 9th in NFP's 2010 Franchise Rankings.


"Last year, we looked at Denver and said the Broncos and Pat Bowlen, who had long been an elite owner, were in transition. This year, Bowlen and his franchise drop one spot in the rankings and fall out of the elite group. Why? Bowlen has, like the aforementioned Dan Gilbert, allowed the fortunes of his franchise to rise and fall based on talents of his people, formerly Mike Shanahan and now Josh McDaniels, rather than the overall strength of his organization."

Phillip Rivers discusses mechanics and Tim Tebow.


IMO, it's pretty irrelevant "analysis", because they look at the the footage before he was drafted. If they wanted to accurately discuss his mechanics, they would have showed what he looks like now, not before McDaniels started to fix his motion. Still, for anyone that wants to watch it, I'm postin' it.


The Implications of Trading for Chris Paul

We hear it a lot nowadays. "If Paul becomes available, we must do everything we can to get him," "Trade Chauncey for Paul," or better yet, "Trade Chauncey, Kenyon, and JR for Paul!" Well, if that's...


Fan Confidence Polls: A Comparison... and a Poll.

MHR often gets accused of being excessively positive. True or not, it does give rise to the question of just how positive we are about our team compared to all the other blogs and their respective...

George Karl interview on He looks really thin, but well.


George Karl interview on He looks really thin, but well.


Blood Equity, a Roman Phifer film

Roman Phifer is best known for being the starting linebacker and defensive leader of a Patriots team that won three Super Bowls. He's a little less known as the Broncos' current assistant...


Talk on other sites, and how it relates to the Nuggets - Western Conference

Thanks for all the Rec's and comments in the Eastern conference edition. It's really appreciated. In this part, we take a look at what's going around the Western conference...


Talk on other sites, and how it relates to the Nuggets - Eastern Conference

What SBNation's other blogs are saying right now...

Byron Scott to Coach Cavaliers


A little news for anyone that seriously considered getting him.

Broncos D-line ranked 23rd.


"OK, if you told me a team had Justin Bannan, aging Jamal Williams(notes) and Jarvis Green on its roster as backups, I’d say that team has the makings of something really good. When you tell me that’s a team’s starting line entering training camp, I would say the fan base should be concerned. Extremely concerned. Perhaps Williams can stay healthy for a year and regain some of his Pro Bowl form, but that’s a big if. At least the bench includes Ronald Fields and Marcus Thomas."

Injured and Invisible


A grim look at the life of a player that's out for the season.

Joe Sakic talks with Mike & Scott


On the Avs: "Once they figure it out they're gonna get good real quick."

NBA Fun Fact Of The Day! Since Michael Jordan retired in January 1999, every NBA Finals has...


NBA Fun Fact Of The Day! Since Michael Jordan retired in January 1999, every NBA Finals has included either Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal or Tim Duncan, and every Finals has been represented in the West by either L.A., San Antonio or Dallas. Parity? I think not. In the NBA, you've got NO shot at winning a title unless your best player is a top-5 superstar who's also a future Hall-of-Famer. Keep that in mind Memphis Grizzlies, as you continue to bridge your future on Zach "just got busted again" Randolph.

Broncos in favour of New York Super Bowl


The Broncos voted in favour of New York hosting the Super Bowl in 2014.

Vonnie Holliday signs with Redskins


What little chance there was of him returning is now gone. Good luck in Washington, Vonnie.

"We did our research on him before the draft last year and we concluded he was a chronic steroid user dating back to high school. More than a few people were surprised when he passed the steroid tests at the combine. I think the guy became a pro at maskin


The dreaded Anonymous Source rears his head, this time posing as an NFL GM discussing Brian Cushing. Pretty shocking (or not) if it's true, though. Thanks to Jags blog Big Cat Country for the link.

Shameful ignorance from the Phinsider.


I'm not posting this to encourage some sort of retaliation for the denigration of MHR/Broncos/McD, but simply to bring it to your attention. This is how the world appears to view us. Or at least the portion that lacks the ability to spell. And, frankly, I like reading this sort of stuff. I see it as encouragement. People like this want us to change, but they only serve to remind me that we shouldn't. MHR seems to get blasted (not mentioning where) for its "glass half-full" approach, but I am fiercely proud of the positively-minded community here. There's a reason I don't read the DP, and we should all be glad that even after there was a line dividing us all on Tebow pre-draft, it was quickly scratched out when he became a Bronco. I like being supportive of my team, and I like being surrounded by people that feel the exact same way, and if some fan of another team finds that funny or stupid, it only makes me more proud of this family. Screw what everyone else thinks, go Broncos!

Ireland's logical follow-up question to Bryant not worthy of outrage


Bryant told Ireland that his father was a pimp and his mother worked for him... take a guess what an NFL executive with a limited understanding of the organisational structure of a "kissing company" would assume a person that works for a pimp to do. Not defending it, but it clearly didn't come out of nowhere.

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