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The Cup is Ours: A Manifesto


Interesting article from Colby Cosh in Maclean's magazine about the Stanley Cup

The NHL Coming to Seattle?


A new arena for the downtown Seattle area that can hold NBA basketball and NHL hockey. *ohgodyes*

The Canucks are gonna win the Cup - song


An old college buddy of mine wrote this catchy tune after the Game 5 win. Give it a listen, I think you'll like it.

Before He Cheats - Canucks Parody


Pretty funny parody of Carrie Underwood's song.

Canuck Place Hospice - Abbotsford


Something to tug at the ol' heartstrings. Last night I received a call from Canuck Place informing me of their plans to build a new facility in Abby. Some of you may have gotten calls as well if you donated in the past. Here's hoping they can get this thing built soon.


Some Pics and Thoughts from the Jays/Yanks game - Aug 23, 2010

I found myself in Toronto this weekend, and was happy to find out the Jays were home for a series against the Yankees.  My plane home leaves first thing in the morning, so this fan post will be...

You know things are bad in Leafland when...

10 are calling for the resurrection of Jonas Hoglund. Yergh. That IS bad!

The "future" is not a plan


In light of utterly unfortunate last few months of Blue Jays baseball, I thought this was apropos. We talk a lot about the prospects for the future, but is that really the best way to think?


Willie Mitchell throwing out the opening pitch in Seattle

As previously noted by YC, Willie Mitchell through out the first pitch at the Jay's/M's game on July 27th.  I was at the game and snapped this pic, and thought it would be cool to share.   Feel...


Some Pics from the Jays/M's Series (July 27-29)

I just got back home to Smithers last night after my crazy long road trip to Seattle.  2800 km later I think I'm due for an oil change.  And a nap.   Somewhere outside of Cache Creek I heard on the...

Bruce Dowbiggin carves Jamie Campbell to pieces


Wow. Just Wow. I know we've made some jokes about Campbell's delivery and enthusiasm over pop-ups, but good grief. Dowbiggin simply skewers him.

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