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I'm Terri Schlather, lover of great food, the Houston Astros, my daughter (the weeone) and very sassy shoes. I like to ramble on about the things I love, so I talk a lot about food, the weeone, baseball...and shoes.

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  • MLB Houston Astros
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Tuesday's Daily Boil: Jason Lane in "Boyhood"


Wondering which game that was on screen in Richard LInklater's Boyhood? Me too.

The Daily Boil: Houston hosts statheads


This week Houston will play host to the 2nd of the two annual SABR conventions, highlighting the history of baseball in Houston dating back to the 1850's, African-American teams in Texas and the...

Astros' Adolescence: Ramblings at mid-season


It's past the halfway point in games, the All-Star Game is around the corner, so it's time to talk about what I think about Astros baseball in 2014 and how they've found themselves firmly in the...

Tuesday's Daily Boil: Anything but the Astros


I think there was plenty of Astros new yesterday, so can we talk about something happy or at least odd or funny?

Tuesday's Daily Boil: Pete Rose is the fun crazy


Pete Rose is talking reinstatement again. Who's crazier, Pete Rose for thinking it or Bud Selig if he actually does it?

TCB Daily Boil: Speaking truth on Singleton deal


Sometimes in the game of baseball we need someone to speak the truth and when it comes to the Bud Norris comment about the Jon Singleton extension, that truth came from Craig Calcaterra of Hardball...

I Keep Score: A primer for baseball fans


A love of scorekeeping fosters a love of the game. Ever wondered how to get yourself started? It's pretty simple.

Tuesday's Daily Boil: The catchers have it


Catchers. Yes, catchers, lead the way for the Houston Astros these days.

Daily Boil: Dick Dastardly, Skipper Ausmus & Julio


Someone thinks the Astros aren't evil, the much loved Brad Ausmus talks about his playing days as an Astro and Julio Daniel Martinez faces his old team for the first time.

Daily Boil: Rosenthal, the shift, & Bryant Gumbel


Ken Rosenthal still doesn't like the Astros or anything they do, the Chronicle's Evan Drellich breaks down the shift, and Bryant Gumbel's a bonehead.

Growing up Astros: Fans in the dark age


Terri Schlather grew up in a high point of Astros baseball and raising a child in the years of 100 loss seasons forces her to wonder if a losing hometown team will sway her daughter's loyalty to...

Tuesday's Daily Boil: Here, there and everywhere


Here are a few links from around the interwebs about the Houston Astros.

Being Faithful to the Past: Retired Numbers


After a Houston Chronicle reporter floated the idea of "reissuing" retired numbers from Houston Astros past, Terri Schlather looks at why the idea is one that she, and the Astros, just won't get...

Tuesday's Daily Boil: Are Tickets Really a Steal?


The Houston Business Journal thinks that Astros' tickets are a steal this season. Will the average fan agree?

Emily Post is Back - Ballpark Etiquette Part II


Terri Schlather crowns herself the Emily Post of baseball to revisit what is proper and what is not in ballpark etiquette.

The Daily Boil: Backe's Back...in the News


Former Astros pitcher Brandon Backe is talking about his pitching future again, but this time it's in a courtroom about busted dreams.

B-Bye Brett: Wallace Released by Astros


Brett Wallace's time with the Houston Astros has come to an end.

Wednesday's Daily Boil: WAR! What is it Good For?


Terri Schlather highlights the cost of winning article from Beyond the Boxscore and how the Astros look to be spending in all the right ways.

Calm, Cool, But Excited: The Air of '14 the Astros


After three tough years for fans, the air at Minute Maid Park for 2014 FanFest was more exciting than in recent years. It could be a better informed fan, but was more likely a reflection of the...

Why Astros' Ladies Night Doesn't Blow My Skirt Up


The Houston Astros promotion of "Ladies Night" didn't quite go over like it was planned. Crawfish Boxes' lone female writer gives you her take.

The Voice of the Modern Fan: Blogger Night At MMP


Monday night the Houston Astros Media Relations department invited Astros bloggers to gather at a game, spend some time with Mike Fast, and Reid Ryan and watch their favorite team.

Buying the Astros' Plan Lock, Stock & Barrel


With 17 games left, Terri Schlather looks at a season that has been about one thing, and one thing only...and that wasn't winning. It was about buying into the plan.

High Socks: Magical, Mythical, Historical


In an age of baggy pants that fall past the top of a cleat, one fan looks at the love of high socks, the history behind them, as well as their possible magical powers.

Forbes Walks Back their Astros Profitability Claim


Forbes.com contributor Maury Brown sliced and diced the site's story from three days ago that claimed the 2013 Houston Astros were the most profitable team in baseball's history.

Why Don't We Trust Jim Crane?


The Houston Astros owner is often painted as the villain in the story of the organization despite the leaps and bounds made in the past two years. Is the fan base jaded by his past or judging him...

Back to School: The 2013 Astros Season


As kids nationwide stock their backpacks and prepare for a year of learning, I can't help but liken their quest to that of the Houston Astros - a rotating roster of rookies being led by Bo Porter,...

Let's Do the Time Warp: The Astros Age Gap


A lot of hoopla is made about the Houston Astros being the youngest team in baseball. How big of an age difference is there between the youngest team and the oldest? It's more than a payroll gap -...

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Baseball Year


Some say Christmas is best, but the trade deadline, September call ups and the race to October baseball are by far the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas in July: When Sept Call Ups Come Early


With Christmas in July bringing Astros fans the presents of Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Villar it will serve fans well to remember that no one man is Superman and will save the day...and sometimes...

On Hot Dogs, Peanuts & Cracker Jack


As the second half of baseball begins, the Astros are drawing fans to Minute Maid Park with $1 Hot Dog Night. So why is it that baseball is so closely linked to hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jack?

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