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"No doubt, first ballot Hall of Famer"

1 This article, and many others, claim Derek Jeter is a no doubter. Why doesn't David Wright get the same love?

Juan Lagares, forever in thrall to BABIP

Juan Lagares's defense is unimpeachable, but he rarely walks and doesn't hit for much power, so his offensive value is strongly tied to his batting average on balls in play. Let's see if that's a problem.


A Christmas Gift for AA

Hi all, The offseason is a time when you want to see your new-look team take on other new-look teams. Now you can do so with the greatest technology 1987 has to offer. Using The...


AAOP: Adding Defense, Offense, and Position Player Depth

I will get it out of the way right away: the heart of my plan involves trading a 27 year old starting pitcher on a team-friendly contract with an elite xFIP for a 30-year-old glove-first outfielder...


My Mets Trade Value

If you haven't seen it, this series from Fangraphs is excellent. I especially enjoy the process: line all the players up and figure out who you would want most (or least want to get rid of). It...

The Could Have Been 2013 Mets (not as good as you may think)


I have gotten on Sandy several times for letting Pagan and Reyes go. My argument has been that there was more talent on the major league team when he started than there is now. Well, this link shows that a 2013 Mets team filled with the best players Alderson jettisoned would probably have been worse than the actual 2013 Mets. Reyes would have been an improvement over our shortstops, but he was hurt much of the season. Beltran and Pagan were each much less valuable than Byrd and Lagares, respectively. Of course, in 2012 that trio put up almost 12 WAR...


Sandy, Where do Wins Come From? [With edits]

LET us go then, you and I, When the empty upper deck is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a table; Let us go, through certain half-deserted games, The muttering remains O...

Good hindsight read: Rotograph's pre-season 2013 Mets Outfield write-up


I especially like the part where "Spank" says that starting Marlon Byrd is an indictment of the front office, and where Valdespin is defended mightily.


Non TRAID trade proposal

First off, this should be a FanShot. Now seems the perfect time for Sandy to trade Duda. Well, not right now, because he's injured, but at the 2013 trade deadline. Some of you may want to give...


How much does fWAR Underrate Relievers?

I have read time and time again that fWAR is not kind to relievers, with most sentiments of that kind implying that fWAR underrates relievers as a whole. I will attempt not to measure, but instead...

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