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Our Art, Father of Heaven, Hallowed be thy Bears


From Hamilton to Clifton to China Spring to Dublin to Fairfield to Belton to Woodway to Hewitt to Hillsboro to Groesbeck to Palestine to Cleburne ... I've been everywhere, man. I'm a Baylor Bear,...


Tebow's Inbox

There is some real genius in Tim Tebow's inbox from Justin Halperin.

2012 Kansas Football Preview: Jayhawk State of the Union


The CFB Coaching Hall of Infamy is littered with former Jayhawks. Will Charlie Weis be the next addition? What other tricks does he have up his 32" inseam sleeves for the KU faithful? Only Barking...


Entire Texas Tech Red Raider Team Transfers

The entire national championship Texas Tech Red Raider chess team (including their coach) transfers to Webster.

The Masters


A few seconds after 7:50 AM EDT, and a few minutes after Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer smack ceremonial tee shots, The Walrus will hit the first shot of the first pairing of the...

Texas back to #1 in poll


The long Longhorn Nation national nightmare is finally over. Texas has returned to its rightful place atop the polls poll. And really, we all knew this would happen right? Gregg Doyel of...

LHN Help Line


If you are not one of the tens of households that have the Longhorn Network, then you will need a central clearinghouse for what bars in what cities will be carrying the game. I consider this a...

2011 Kansas Football Preview: Jayhawk State of the Union


If it isn’t obvious who lost the BC office Game of Thrones, then go read and leave me the hell alone. Someone had to stage a coup d’état to steal my Baylor assignment from me. Now I...

The U Just Got Yahoo! Sportsed


Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports details the life of booster Nevin Shapiro and his quest to become the most rampant abuser of NCAA guidelines in college sports history. Barry Switzer is blushing....

Mizzou Open Thread


If we can stop Quin Snyder from snorting the three point line, we might have a chance.

Cameron Ridley to Texas


Gerry Hamilton of 247sports is reporting that Cameron Ridley has committed to Texas. Ridley is a 6'10" 235 lb true center. I have not seen him play, so I will let Trips come over and give you some...

Gordon Gee Tadpoled by Super Frog


The Big Ten needs to be wary of amphibians. After Super Ginger (see below) asserted football dominance in the Rose Bowl over the Big Ten Conference Leader Wisconsin (or Legend?), TCU boosters...

Arkansas Game Open Thread


If we can stop Joe Kleine, we might have a chance.

Texas/Pitt Open Thread


If we can stop Vonteego Cummings, we might just have a chance.

Headline: Greg Davis to Remain FOREVER


Amidst all the cries of woe and calls for change, I would like to remind the fan base that Greg Davis is going to be the offensive coordinator for as long as Mack Brown is the head coach. Please...

It's official. Deloss Dodds sets date with polygamist.


. . . to play contests of foosball in 2013 and 2014 according to the Worlz Wize Weazer in sports. If it is an early season game, then the trip to Provo in 2013 is a nice break from 105 with...

Golf Prick Loves Mark Ingram


Is this cooler: than completing a glitter boat to glitter boat reception? Golficus Prickmaximus votes Mark Ingram for Heisman.

Super Regional Open Thread


Evidently, there are sporting contests that happen despite radical realignment. If we can fade Reid and Reese Ryan, then we have a chance.

Is the Rebel Alliance alive?


Buried in Ted Miller's ESPN article on CU to the PAC 10 is this nugget. The new conference would be split into divisions with Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado...

DeLoss Dodds Says Independence . . .


. . . and college football vaginas weep.



Because of my formative youth watching the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University Agriculturals beating the piss out of my beloved Longhorns, I cherish the current football climate in College...

The View from The Drum: Horn v. Corn


The Horns just gave us a taste of the team we saw against UNC in December, and I like what they are cookin'. Let's jump right in. The Crowd and The Pregame At the 10:00 minute mark before game...

The Nebraska Open Thread


If we can stop Eric Piatkowski, we might have a chance. By the way, cub reporter HenryJames has the scoop on the starting line-up.

Kansas Open Thread


If we can stop Luke Axtell, we might have a chance. By the way, Gary Johnson to get the start over Justin Mason per Craig Way on the pregame.

Pop Quiz, Hotshot.


That was a fantastic and thought provoking article by Trips Right. Isn't this fun? It is nice to have everyone all riled up over Texas basketball and the underachieving 17-2 Texas Longhorns. W...

What do we do now?


How about them unranked UConn Huskies? Who knew we would make them look like the 2009 Huskies? Instead of rehashing the horseshit we saw take place in Storrs, let us look at what Texas does well...

The View from the Drum: Texas v. Texas A&M


That was one of the most physical basketball games I have seen in a long time. It made the Michigan State game look like a Swedish massage. I am glad Texas decided to join the party in the second...

The View from The Drum and Sundries . . .


If you have not already read the excellent posts from srr50 and Trips Right, then do so now, or I will give HenryJames your IP address which could lead to you being the subject of an ongoing...

Post UC Irvine Post


One of my favorite things to do is show up to Horns basketball games 60-90 minutes early, grab a Hat Creek cheeseburger, and watch the guys go through drills. You see a lot of things that you can't...

Baylor Open Game Thread


Three Baptists walk into a bar. The bartender says "Now hold up, fellows. This is a very nasty saloon. There’s drinking going on, smoking, gambling, and probably some sex acts in the back booths."...

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