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Part II of the Obese Hoops Preview: Why Texas Will Cut Down the Nets


For all of the sunshine pumping regarding our potential offensive prowess, there will still be incredibly frustrating runs for this team. Even with all of the offensive fire power that arrived on...

Part I of the Obese Hoops Preview: Phoenix My Ass


Below you will find Part I of IV of my Obese Hoops Preview. Les Disfrutan! Vegas note: Odds on all four parts being written and published currently: 50 to 1, which makes the Texans winning the...

Post Tech Drunken/Hungover Drivel


Why does going to a late Horns game always make me feel like I just went 3 rounds in the octagon? I have throbbing pane in my right knee, lower back, left knee, both ankles and feet, and a...

Running Back Optimism


Scipio Tex (who has written at length about Our Running Game) recently pointed out the danger of the running back personality cult on his Wyoming post game, and he is absolutely correct. There is...

Post ULM, Pre Wyoming Thoughts Extravaganza Jamboree Off


Of the many things I love about college football, one is that no one (that is a fan) thinks it's utterly absurd to constantly rehash the minutiae of a game between a Texas and a ULM. I am sure that...

Sports Print Journalism Isn't Dead


In a shocking move, Andy Staples of produced a solid piece of journalism on Tuesday. If he follows through on a weekly basis, this will continue throughout the season. I take back my...



It is a great time to be a Texas Argicultural and Mechanical University Aggie. In the most recent bitch slap dealt to our rural cousins from the breaks of the Brazos by the UT Journalism Bias...

The High Holidays


The followers of a dude named Christ have Christmas and Easter. The practitioners of JC's own religion have Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Islam has Ramadan. Hindus have Karva Chauth, Dhan Teras,...

Random Thoughts from The Disch


I am a slacker. It is April 8th and I only saw my first Horns baseball game yesterday. I am mired in an awful seven consecutive weekends of out-of-town engagement parties and weddings. While I...

The Duke Shopping List


If you want a preview from a guy who know's the players names and shit, Trip's Right breaks down the Dookie's so thoroughly that you can't even find pieces of them in his stool. If you are in to...

First Round Picks Sure To Go Wrong


I am using my internet bully pulpit to display my bracket publically because I can. I am an anonymous internet god, and you will obey me unlike the real Yahweh/God/deity/Vishnu/Budda/Allah/Jhvh...

Five Key Points for Baylor


A win today is important because a loss to Baylor may deplete what little capital we have with the selection committee. A week ago I was worried we would play ourselves into seeding hell. Now I...

Dexter Pittman is a man


Dexter's all grows up and he's all grows up and he's all grows up. Sexy Dexy put the Horns on his back and muscled them to a win over KSU with 19 points and 20 boards on 8-12 from the field, 3-6...

Colorado Post Game


This will be short and sweet because I only caught fleeting glimpses of the game. It appeared that Colorado was outmanned all over the court and especially inside. This was not a surprise. I would...

Big XII Tourney Preview


A quick preview on the Big XII Tourney. This will not be Trips Right quality, but as he is traveling, it is all you effing get. If your pissed, send a self addressed stamped envelope to the address...

Can I See Dead People?


On Trip's Right's Baylor Post, kevwun raised a valid question regarding The Doge of Jester and whether he has the ability to un-Gottlieb. Or, more plainly, Can Doge learn to shoot? This is the...

Texas beats OU and Rainbow Trout


Since Scipio Tex and Trips Right have already grabbed it by the legs and humped the OU post game into submission, I will only add disjointed ramblings and dangling participles. In a cab on the way...

Dern Sheep Fornicators


A few thoughts on losing to the Agriculturals. 1) Texas lost this game on defense, not offense. The Horns are a mediocre offensive team and we gave a mediocre offensive performance. Barnes' Boys...

The View from Inside the Drum


There are two outstanding write ups by Trips Right and srr50 already posted. I like to get to the Drum real early when I can make it to watch the team go through their drills and the pre lay up...

A random number of thoughts on K State


1) Early in Big XII play K State was a very athletic basketball team that didn't want to guard anyone. Evidently, Dalonte Hill is spreading the Beasley dollars around for defense now, because K...

Sunshine Pumping Basketball Style


I was less disconcerted by this blow out loss than our other losses because there were some bright spots. Trips Right has a great postgame here. 1) Dogus Balbay - Doge must have spent the weekend...

Quick Oklahoma Preview


Five things that need to happen for the Horns to pull off the quasi-upset (quasi because Oklahoma hasn't played anyone so nobody knows how good they are). 1) Make Blake Griffin play defense. ...

You shit on my house, and other ramblings


Separated at birth? You decide. Don't miss Trips Rights excellent game breakdown here . . . John Pelphrey just out Rick Barnes'd Rick Barnes. What the hey does that mean, you ask? He took down a...

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