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Marlies Meet-Up

I can get about 15 free Marlies tickets for any game(s) I would like. If people want to organize an outing around the holidays, let me know. Collectively pick a date them someone DM me on Twitter


The Leafs and Expected Zone Shifts

The always enlightening and wonderfully-named Bettman's Nightmare posted a piece this morning at www.behindthenethockey.com about expected zone shifts.  I am not going to be able to explain this...


Have the Leafs Learned to Play with a Lead?

The Leafs have for some time now been a statistical anomaly.  Year after year post-lockout, they have posted decent shot, corsi (which includes all shots directed at net), and fenwick (which...


Can Defencemen Affect Save % (in other words, does Toskala have an excuse?)

I have long been aggravated by references to Toronto's supposedly terrible defence post-lockout.  People look at goals against, see a very large number, and automatically conclude the defence is...


What Do the '06-'07 Ducks Tell Us About the '10-'11 Leafs?

Examining the '06-'07 Ducks to determine Brian Burke's team building philosophy with the '10-'11 Maple Leafs


My Mount Puckmore

Editor's Note: Here is one of our first entries to our random draw. The '67 Sound makes a great case for his selections. Let him know what you think or put forth your own. What better way to waste...

Why the Kovy Deal Rips off NHLPA members


As usual for Tyler Dellow, an unexpected and incisive take on the Kovalchuk deal.


Instant Reaction (and Kaberle implications): Now with Forwards!

We always sit back and laugh at bad contracts after the fact (or in the case of the Jokinen and Boogard signings, as they happen), once they've proven to be overpayments.  I thought I'd go on...


What Should Brian Burke Do (Part IV)?

The conclusion: What should Brian Burke do in Free Agency?


What Should Brian Burke Do (Part III)?

Part three is a series looking at what Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs should do in free agency.


What Should Brian Burke Do (Part II)?

Part Two of a look at what Brian Burke should do in free agency.


What Should Brian Burke Do?

What should Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs be doing during free agency? Part 1 of 4.


Proposed Draft Strategy: Pick the little guy who scores a lot

Barring a deal, the Leafs won't pick until the 3rd round.  What should they do with those picks?  Some quick research suggests a strategy unlikely to be favoured by our truculent GM. I looked at...

Greatest Hockey-Related Time Waster of All Time


Click on the GVT folder, download, and enjoy. All-time GVT data (sort of like VORP for hockey), courtesy of Tom Awad at Puck Prospectus. For the curious, yes, Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time (in the sense of contributing the most value over his career), but Bobby Orr had a higher peak. Our own Mats Sundin ranks 30. Dead last? Former Leaf Ron Low. Dead last among skaters? Former Leaf Ken Baumgartner.

On Norris Nominees, Patience and Hope


Interesting note. As a 21 yr old, Mike Green's stat line was 70 GP, 2 G, 10 A, 12 P, -10, 15:23. The Caps finished 27th. As a 22 yr old, Duncan Keith was 81 9 12 21 -11 23:26. The Hawks finished 28th. As a 20 yr old, Luke Schenn was 79 5 12 17 +2 16:52. Schenn is unlikely to ever be as good as Green or Keith. But his numbers were as good or better than those of Keith and Green when those guys were older than him. As for Doughty... holy crap is he going to be good.

SI on Capitals, steroids


I for one am shocked, SHOCKED that Bettman and co. would not ensure a thorough, transparent investigation into potential steroid use.

Another reason to love the Monster signing


Thanks to DGB for tweeting this--great piece at BHN saying that differences in goaltender talent are vastly overrated and with very few exceptions, teams regret long-term pricey deals for goalies. This also meshes well with the fact that the last four Cup winners have boasted merely adequate goalies based on regular season save percentages: Gerber, .906, 17th (playoff hero Ward was a Toskala-esque .882); Giggy, .918, 8th; Osgood, .914, 14th; Fleury, .912, 21st.

Are the Leafs better than they have seemed?


behindthenet analysis of corsi stats shows the Leafs second only to the Hawks in shot differential in tied or one goal games. Also notes the Leafs have suffered not only from league-worst goaltending, but also unlikely-to-be-repeated low shooting percentages. Good sign for the future? Let's go, "regression to the mean"!


What's up with Dion Phaneuf?

What's up with Dion Phaneuf?

Playoff Qualification Round?


From Darren Dreger: "Among the more interesting discussion points: A proposal for a playoff qualification round. The Top 7 in each conference would secure a postseason berth as per usual, but the remaining eight teams on each side would then playoff in a single game elimination in an effort to qualify the final playoff spot. The eighth seed would play the 15th seed, 9 would face 14, 10 vs. 13 and 11 vs. 12 with the winning team from each group claiming eighth in each conference." Bill Simmons has been pushing an idea like this in the NBA for a while. I personally love it. It keeps the season relevant for the dregs and, perhaps more importantly, discourages tanking. As for the most common counter-argument, the "integrity of the regular season", you abandon that as an overriding factor once you have a playoffs at all. This ain't the EPL.


Are the Leafs Better Positioned than When Burke Took Over?

Examining Brian Burke's record as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the changes he has made since taking over in November of 2008.


Canada's 40 year dominance of Russia

Was Canada's 50 year Olympic drought against the Russians overblown?


Am I doomed to suffer from inferior goaltending?

I think a lot of Leafs fans were looking forward to the Olympics as a respite from this disappointing year.  How frustrating has it been to continually outshoot teams but be doomed by spectacularly...

Leafs 7th most tortured fanbase


It makes me feel better to remember that others have had it worse.


NOW do the Toronto Maple Leafs have that much cap space?

A look at the Toronto Maple Leafs' cap space for 2010-11 and some possible signings.

Nice Piece on Kessel/Sedin


Believe it or not, a national media piece saying something positive about the Leafs.


Matt Stajan Is a First-Line Centre

I suppose I've been feeling some guilt about so readily proposing to jettison Matt Stajan in my salary cap post.  I also have been somewhat disheartened by how readily others have dismissed...


Do we really have that much cap space for next year?

Do the Toronto Maple Leafs really have that much cap space available for next year?

Finger points


Finger leads NHL defensemen in even strength points per game. 30th overall despite getting virtually no PP time and low ice time overall.


What is a Top 6 forward?

What is the threshold for being a "Top Six" forward?

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