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It's a Celebration


Today is The 25314's birthday, so you can imagine its going get pretty crazy tonight as long as I have hookers, blow, some ice cubes, a nine iron, and a buffalo - live or stuffed,...

Jack of All Trades, Masters of None


Sometimes we're Texas Tech with 5 wideouts, sometimes we're channeling 1970 in a single receiver, double tight end, I set, sometimes, we run fully loaded shotgun, sometimes we run half the...

The Dealio with Casteelio


Jeff Casteel is like a commercial jingle. At first his ridiculous 3-3-5 defenses were a little irritating, like in 2006 when it was being gashed like Owen Wilson's wrists. Then you see it a...

The Opposite of Awesome


Limping Sobering news for a hump day, but it appears 5-star QB and WVU commitment Tajh Boyd has taken notice of WVU's Offense (67th in yards, 80th in scoring...coincidentally, Tulsa is #1 in...

Happy 5-year Anniversary Q


Today is the five year anniversary of one of the biggest rollercoaster rides in WVU history. 1-3 WVU facing 4-0 Miami. Miami who had won 37 consecutive regular season games, and except for a...

That's Gonna Leave a Mark


Watching Noel Devine on Saturday made the eyes jump out of my skull. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkg3hvXBJmI&feature=related] His moves are just amazing. I broke my ankle...

On Location: Boulder


I'm here in the sunshine state waiting for kickoff, and a magnificent stadium, whose scoreboard read COLORADO 88 WEST VIRGINIA 87, as the team went through walk-throughs yesterday. ...



As Bob Costas once said, "You're excited? Feel these nipples!"



[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaiSHcHM0PA] ($4 million) check please...

Product Rodriguez


Mike Brown is officially the worst person alive. (It's amazing how I was originally embarrassed for Joe Manchin's stupidity when he blamed Rich Rod's agent for everything, but now I somewhat...

When Was the Last Time Colorado Was Good at Football?


If you said, 2001, you are correct. That was the last time the once proud Buffaloes lost fewer than five games in a season. Since then, Colorado has changed from a coach who used sex to recruit p...

2008 WVU Football Wish List


National Championship Kiss a girl. Have Pac-Man make it rain at Hummers after being appointed Interim University President. Steal Dave Mustache's wandstache right before the Pitt game,...

Yeah...It's THAT Good


"The 25314," I ask myself, "you sexy, good looking zip code, I know Devin Ebanks gives West Virginia a solid recruiting class, but how good is it?" Well, recruiting rankings are out for the...

Fast Eddie Gets Deposed


If you have two and half hours to kill (get a job, hippie) and are interested in curling up by the fire for a nice read, might I suggest the Deposition of Ed Pastilong for the WVU Board of...

Huggy Bear Gets Some Honey


As everyone know - if you don't know, you're a terrorist and you should quit logging onto the interwebs from your cave - Bobby Huggins signed a lifetime contract last Friday, keeping him at WVU...

Mulling on Mullen


I'm about to write what many in Mountaineer country will consider blasphemy, but...I'm not sold on Jeff Mullen, and am fearful of an offensive collapse. And it's not like my normal fear of the...

Rodriguez Court Hearing: Verdict...


[youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=DnCtyh5_Hw0] MORGANTOWN - Mon County Judge Robert Stone heard pretrial motions in the Rich Rodriguez case today. He granted WVU's request for all documents...

2007-2008 Basketball Year in Review


Sorry, had to let you guys squirm just a little longer on our lame attempt at an April Fool's joke. We would have gone for a bigger laugh, but we don't have the wit necessary to pull it off. ...

X-Men's Last Stand


Today we play the least of the Xaviers: Nady, McDaniel, and finally the Musketeers. Of course, Xavier is most famous for having the gayest French mascot this side of UVA. (Ed. note: Not that...

The History of Duke In Pictures





Certainly, Duke is Duke. They're on TV more than Leave it to Beaver Reruns.

Tonight: The Heat Is On


But it's a dry heat. It's finally here. Like Christmas morning, it's the first day of the NCAA tournament. It's a 10 hour orgy of college basketball and Greg Gumbel's mini-perm (Ed. note --...

Abe Lincoln Was Better


[youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=wJcuYKyHEgs] Seriously though, who would you take in a basketball game? Abe Lincoln, a 6'4 slave emancipator and savior of the Union, or George Washington, a...

In Like Sin


To paraphrase "Don" Billy Hahn, I wonder if this will count as a signature win for that buffoon Doug Gottlieb. Personally, I tend to like Gottlieb. We share many of the same traits. Dapper...

Big East Tournament Preview


As Brent Musburger says, you are looking LIVE at a still photograph of New York City, home of the BET. No, not Black Entertainment Television. If you are looking for that go here. Or if you...

Tonight, We Beat Pitt


It's a beautiful 75 degrees in the University city but all thoughts are on tonight. The Coliseum will be rocking as WVU faces its oldest and most bitter rival for a tournament berth. I think...

Mush! Mush!


Tomorrow's game in Storrs is WVU's golden ticket. Not to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, because that Young Frankenstein guy surrounds himself with little people and they terrify me. And not...

DePaul is DeGay


DePaul est la plus grande école catholique aux Etats-Unis. Loosely translated, DePaul is going to get run over like a cop in front of Randy Moss. I know this for a fact, as I have developed...

Now Tell Me Something I Don't Know


Yeah, WVU won by 20 something at home against an inferior/less athletic Big East bottom feeder. What's new? Nothing. Wake me up when the Mountaineers beat a team with a winning record. ...

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