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The Hogs Haven "Rename the Team if we Must" Contest

First and foremost, let it be known that I am, no in way shape or form, supportive of getting rid of the name "Redskins" as our team's moniker. I feel like I've made that abundantly clear in my...


A Request for a Moratorium on the Redskins Name Change Debate

As a fan of the Washington Redskins and as a man of opinion and thought, I am hoping that I can reach out to Hogs Haven members, readers, and any or all members of the media and of this debate that...

Bringing up an old meme for fun


It is NEVER out of date to post this once in a while for a laugh. I imagine there are quite a few younger fans who are now old enough for this seriously NSFW letter.

RGIII Ready to Run More


Just glad to see he feels comfortable enough to say this, and is ready to start using his mobility more as a weapon. Just the threat of this opens up so much for our offense. Glad to see his physical and mental comfort level is coming along nicely.

Act like an Adult!


Is this an attempt to sucker the Redskins into sending this juvenile-acting woman free stuff? Or, are we just unable to handle being disappointed these days? Either way, this disgusts me a bit. You decide.


Redskins/Falcons - A few of my Predictions

This will be an interesting game, to say the least...


Redskins vs. Buccaneers - History and Stats

Instead of replying to RedskinsGirl (who does a great job with the stats) and adding more info and stats, I figure I'll bring the history between the Redskins and their opponents to my own Fanpost,...


The Bengals Game Angered Me, but Gives Me Hope

Another aggravating loss as a Redskins fan. This time, we watched our secondary get torched and our pass rush get no pressure on Andy Dalton. Yes, our front 7 stopped the run...and yes, our team...


Ok, Let's Let 'em Loose, Guys...2012 Redskins Season Predictions

Taking a look into the "crystal ball" of the 2012 Redskins, and trying to determine exactly how well this team will perform as we head into the first week of the upcoming NFL season.


Could our Receiving Corps Strength Gather no Moss?

Are the upgrades to Wide Receiver the beginning of the last days for Santana Moss in Washington?

Maybe Polumbus isn't so bad


Rich Tandler's blog provides some evidence that Polumbus may be good enough for the offense to function adequately enough.


Post-Meriweather signing "issues addressed" update and poll

Just a quick look at what has been addressed, and what we appear to be addressing... Positions we NEEDED upgrades at include: QB, WR, OL, and DB's. This isn't to say that we couldn't stand to see...

Why I'm in on RGIII

  1. I waffled on giving up so much, but my initial joy tells me that in the end...this is the right decision.
  2. I want an RGIII jersey now.
  3. We still have a lot of cap room for FA's and we'll make good with the other picks we have in the future.
  4. We finally have someone on the field we can center the franchise around.
  5. Those of you who are bitching....shut the fuck up, be happy, and enjoy the ride.

So Kellen Moore DID measure at 6'0"


There were a bunch of people who said he would be sub-6'0" (some said even 5'10") when I proposed drafting him in the 4th round as part of an alternative draft plan. Just a little acknowledgement that I was right. Carry on.


"Another Alternative to the QB Question", or "A Shana-plan Without the Tanne-man"

So let's say we can't get RGIII, and Tannehill goes before we can draft him or the law firm of Shanahan, Shanahan, and Allen decide that Ryan Tannehill is too raw and that they do not have the time...

Former Skins QB Heath Shuler to retire from Congress


I must say, I liked him a little more as a politician than as a Redskins QB (though I'm a libertarian, personally), as he was a fairly pragmatic and reasonable statesman. Good luck to him in the future.


Agent C's "Holy Crap He's Crazy" Redskins Mock Draft #1

Let's say that the absolute worst-case scenario happens and RGIII and Landry Jones both go back to college for another year. The Redskins will be in a bit of a bind. They need a QB of the future...


A Case for Rex in 2012, Sorta...

I've heard this comment, or some form of it, a LOT lately... "I refuse to sit through one more year of Rex" Now, I agree that the Redskins should draft a rookie QB in the upcoming draft. ...


The Quarterback Conundrum, a Short AND Long Term Fix?

You know, I know the Kyle Orton talk recently was a joke...until he was waived.  However, there were many on this same site that wanted Orton to be traded to the Redskins during the preseason.  The...


Thank you, Skins...

I seriously contemplated not watching Sunday's game against Dallas.  I have only voluntarily turned off my TV during a Redskins game once in my life (the Monday night disaster against Philly last...


So...What Do We Do Now?

3-4 A situation we did not think we would be in 3 games ago.  Many were talking playoffs, or at least a winning season.  There was a lot of huff and hype that we would tell all those critics and...


A Sober Look Going Forward

Well, the doomsayers are out.  The suicidal Redskins fans are lining up like lemmings behind one another to jump off the proverbial cliff and declare this season lost and done.  What they don't see...


Kool-Aid Aside, what is your minimum expectation of John Beck?

Despite my pessimism, I really really really really really really hope John Beck is the potential playmaker that some make him out to be.  At minimum, I hope he is a true game manager.  I lean...


Grossman to Beck, from someone who backed Grossman

My first official "FanPost", though I have been reading Hogs Haven for a long time.  Let me give you a sober perspective on this transition from Rex Grossman to John Beck as the QB of the W...

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