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Sounds like TMFS is doing what we all knew he could do. Hopefully he will continue to improve and see the field early and often.

The Achievers


Yes the new Cy-Hawk trophy is an abomination but all is not lost, we will always have The Dude.

VCU Rams + Food = Epicness


Obviously VCU has been taking pointers from BHGP's photoshop skilz.

Shocking! The Fitzard hates Iowa!


Just another example of what everyone knows and why KF doesn't let some talk to the media.

Please don't ever, ever receive treatment from these doctors


Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist was knocked out of the first half of the game with Michigan, Young Montana went in as back up and threw two interceptions. Suddenly Crist was feeling much better. The part of the article that scares me the most: "Crist, who had a concussion in high school, said medical personnel were very meticulous in determining that he was OK to go back into the game. "Obviously while it was going on we wanted to identify what it was and make sure that we handled it the right way, making sure that I was in a safe predicament," he said. "Doctors took special care that I was safe to play, everything was OK. I passed multiple tests and then follow-ups after that. So, again, I'm not worried about it." So having a history of a serious concussion, inability to understand a phone conversation and NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE OUT OF YOUR RIGHT EYE are not serious enough symptoms to warrant being held out of a game; even when your backup is not playing well. BTW - Dayne, of course you aren't worried, you have a head injury and your judgement is impaired.

Bruce Pearle - WTF?


For everyone that dreamed of getting Bruce Pearle instead of Fran, thank Bloodpunch for his decision. Realize it is just an investigation and nothing is certain yet, blah, blah, blah but rarely do these things get to this point without some eventual finding.

Michigan DB transferring


Looks like our fiends in the Big House are loosing a top prospect out of an already anemic secondary. Don't know how much he would have seen the field but considering their performance last year and has a red-shirt year under his belt I would have assumed he would at least shown up on the depth chart, more likely seeing the field on occasion.

A Little Love for Tony


Here are a couple of paragraphs by Don Banks from SI about Tony Moeaki. Check out his second point - sounds like all are impressed with Kansas City's rookie.

Draft Busts


Nice to see that Gallery is no longer considered a "bust" by SI. The switch to guard did him a lot of good. Particularly hard on PSU running backs and the Lions in general.

Sam Adams Noble Pils


http://www.samueladams.com/Promotions/Beerloverschoice2009/home.html Just a couple of links for those who didn't get enough information on Sam Adams Noble Pils


Combine Results?

Anyone have a link to the combine results for the Iowa guys? Just wondering how everyone did and if our guys can squeeze a couple more dollars out of their NFL teams.

Don't know who made this, I wish I would have. It is a thing of beauty. Note to Derrick Morgan,...


Don't know who made this, I wish I would have. It is a thing of beauty. Note to Derrick Morgan, check out the 3:55 mark. This is what a defensive end is suppose to do when an opposing quarterback is running away from them.


Anyone checked Miami weather for tonight?

Kickoff temp is going to be somewhere in the mid 40's and dropping to the 30's for an overnight low.  Should be able to get the actual temp by quantifying the painful cries of the Yellow Jacket...

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