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Larry Brown wants back into the NBA


Brown says he's willing to work in any capacity, including as an assistant/consultant. If i recall correctly he coached MJ in Indiana for a couple years. The guy may have a sordid history, but he really knows his hoops. Whaddaya think?


Intitiating the Uber-Tank

I can't let it go. I'm sorry. I tried. no matter what I do, I just can't let go of that protected first round pick. In the post Jack-for-RJ era, we have been met with a future so barren, so...

This is a call to arms! In the midst of the second lockout fiasco of the year, we have reached a...


This is a call to arms! In the midst of the second lockout fiasco of the year, we have reached a crossroads. In one direction is a full 82 game NBA season. In the other is a virtually meaningless, shortened season necessitated by the insatiable greed of the league's crotchety old owners and their dark overlord, David "Union Buster" Stern. Having seen too many of these scenarios come to light with nary a batted eyelash from the viewing public, I am throwing down the gauntlet. The following is a petition designed to demonstrate solidarity with the players union, and a demand for the product we so generously purchase from the NBA in so many forms. Please pass the following along to any SB Nation team site for which you are a member, and any other forum you think might help. I hear facebook is popular. Draw a line in the sand with me fellow fans, Stern be damned! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I, the signator, hereby demand the ratification of a new collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and its player's union, guaranteeing a full 82-game season. Should a single regular season game be canceled because of the current lockout, I promise to abstain from purchasing or viewing any NBA licensed product or media for the duration of the 2011-12 season and postseason.


WTF is wrong with the 49ers???

Since we're in NBA lock-out limbo right now, and I'm 24hrs from being able to post at niner nation, I thought I might test the waters over here at my beloved GSOM. What the hell is wrong with the...

Stern Complicit With Likely Miami Tampering


Tim Reynolds offers up a fluff piece attempting to close the matter of rampant, public tampering in the formation of the "Miami Thrice". I suppose Stern had no choice but to publicly advocate this whole debacle, but it still makes for good voyeurism to see how blatantly complicit the NBA is in all of this...

Miami Thrice: A Case Of Tampering?


Ken Burger at explains why Cleveland should have taken legal recourse to stop Lebron from signing with Cleveland.

The Beard talks Free Agency


I can't sleep, so here's BD talking free agency. He does GS a solid. Check it out...


Jerry Buss Purchases World's Most Expensive Sculpture Of Off-Center Sphere For Twin 19-year-old "Companions"

Dieter Dummkopf's 1987 piece "Sphare oben papierkorb"   Jerry Buss is a man of great wealth, and even greater love. That was never truer late Thursday, as Buss finalized the purchase of the... piece on former Warrior Clifford Ray


Clifford Ray and Ruck Barry share their thoughts on each other, their championship run, and more!


Official Draft Rage Page!

Official Draft Rage Page! Are you kidding me???? 6th???? What???? I don't remember what day the draft lottery was, but I remember it was at 5pm because My DVR was broken and I had to race home...


Tell the NBA/NBPA To Boycott Arizona!

With the further action of Arizona legislature banning ethnic studies, we have entered a time of an historic revitalization of racism in our country. It is my responsibility, along with yours, to...

senseless warnings for capitalization and grammar need to stop! is there anyone out there in...


senseless warnings for capitalization and grammar need to stop! is there anyone out there in moderator land that understands how language works? language is for _communcation_. its primary function is not to be pretty, or orderly, but to _communicate_. that's what we do on this site isn't it? has this issue not been discussed at length already? issuing warning and/or banning people for not capitalizing letters or using improper grammar is ludicrous! if this threat were carried out to the letter of the law there would be no on on this site at all. furthermore it seems specifically to target capitalization, which, as i have explained at great length on this topic, is about the least important rule to facilitate clear communication than almost any other i can think of in language. this offensive and stupid behavior/policy is totally unacceptable, and does nothing to improve communication. it is akin to asserting everyone be required to communicate in latin because it is the more regal language. perhaps we should all be required to write in iambic pantamet. rediculous! i invite my fellow gsomers to comment here with your own feelings about these absurd policies and how they have affected your ability to enoy this site. thanks, disgruntled long-time meber


Giant Public Relations Monster Devours Gilbert Arenas

The story of public relations is the story of the application of psychoanalysis to marketing. In fact, the man recognized with the establishment of the first PR firm in 1919, one Edward L. Bernays,...

The Lebron James Rule


I wasn't going to post this link because this rumor has already been linked to via SLAM in the previous fanshot, but I feel the need to post it for the main content of the article. By putting in writing the Lebron James method of terminating ones dribble (i.e. always taking three+ steps) as a legal maneuver, the league has opted to allow the floodgates to open vis a vis sloppy footwork. For years now, Lebron has taken the liberty of terminating his dribble at the three point line with no vision of his teammates, taking two to three steps to determine if he will pass or shoot, and then taking an additional step or two to reach the basket if no player becomes available to pass to. With the rule change, we can now reasonably assume he will be allowed 5-7 steps without dribbling on most occasions. Conversely, any warriors player taking more than 2 steps or attempting to (gasp) jump stop, will be immediately suspended by the league and fined accordingly.


Stop hockey now!

     where to begin?   how about tuesday night, at 7:30pm PDST.   i don't know where you were, but i was sitting in a booth in the bar section of my local chili's, trying to watch the warriors...


Hollinger Blasts Randolph

Here's what ESPN's john Hollinger had to say about Anthony Randolph in June: Between Me and the Scouts, One of Us Will Look Like an Idiot Anthony Randolph, LSU, 9.85   Yes, this is true. Seen...


Monta Ellis Best Pick Of 2005 Draft?

OK, take a deep breath.   This sentence fragment doesn't imply Monta is the best player drafted in 2005.   What it implies is that as the 40th overall pick, Monta represents the best move, luck...

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