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Warm Up Those Sirens!!


Word has it that we just received an ELITE OT commit.

Dual threat QB Decommits from Vandy


More clues in this coaching whirlwind of activity. Trent Sherfiel from the state of Illinois has decommited from Vandy. Did he have a discussion with a current coach? Look; more smoke!!!

Who's Next to Commit?


Personally I'm on the seat's edge waiting for the next recruiting roundup. I need total coverage!! There's a lot of buzz going around about two more candidates. A Florida safety with SEC Speeeed and another Maryland decommit (this time from the O Line).


Looking Forward, Learning Time

Hey everybody. I just woke up from a 7 day coma. How's everything been? I heard Urban Myers changed his name to Squib Myer. Not sure why, but it has a nice ring to it. Its over, most knew that...


A Case for A Rob to Stay

Sure there are a ton and I hope between the inital post and some comments to uncover a few more. But lets start somewhere shall we? Scout has A Rob listed as the 11th best receiver and 79th...


Coaching Hotseat and Penn State Recruiting

So Sunday bloody Sunday has come and gone and this year Penn State isn't front and center. Kind of feels nice 'eh? Instead, Bloody Sunday created 13 FBS openings. So given some of those schools...


Big Recruiting Weekend in State College

Want another reason to care what happens this weekend? Just about every recruit currently on Penn State's radar for the next 2 years will be on hand to witness one of the most unique experiences...


Dr. Lou

Did anyone else just witness Lou Holtz at halftime of the Vandy / Cocks game on ESPN? The balls it must have taken to speak positively regarding Penn State on national television in prime time. I...

Check out this spin on Devon Smith


No where in this article does it even attempt to say that Devon Smith was essentially dismissed from the team or otherwise not on the roster because of getting caught with cannabis in his dorm room. Nope, instead it only states he transferred from the Penn State Football Program to Marshall and paints it as though it was like that one guy that wore #25. And the comments, as usual, don't read them unless you feel like screwing up their story with some facts. By the way, why the hell are disciplined students allowed to transfer and play immediately. What the hell message does that send? People like Fitzgerald Toussaint or Jake Stoneburner should not be afforded the luxury of getting out of jail free. NCAA = nimrods.

Honey Badger Booted


Probably damaged goods, but wouldn't it be great to have someone from a true football factory come to a school like Penn State and get his act together if nothing else than to demonstrate the real culture at Penn State. /wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream.


Our Team Status

I'm looking for a good resource to track our roster status. Junny and company is this something you'd be interested in setting up for us on the front page? As of now I'm left to comb through the...


Quick thoughts on uniforms

I was looking through the some of the Alumni Association bi-monthly magazines, The Penn Stater, from this past fall (pre-nuclear fall out) and had a thought. Should we modify our uniforms starting...

New Coach Rumor, this time West Coast


Is anyone else getting the feeling like this is on purpose? Like, the media screwed Penn State so Penn State decided to showcase the media nimrods by just spreading well coordinated rumors through the PSU world network and just watching the monkeys run around chasing eachother with poo in their hand.


Stop Thinking About it, Just Drink

So here we are... December 21st. A day where Penn State actually got some positive press in light of JoePa's birthday, the cards, and the players signed letter which Lydell Mitchell received some...


Evidence Now Optional, Appartently?

Yesterday, I followed the perjury pretrial waiting for to hear something damming to Tim and Gary. I don’t about you, but I didn't really. And yet the prosecution was found to have probable cause...


Is There a B10 Conspiracy?

I'm not sure about what you saw on Saturday afternoon or what it looked like on the TV, but at the game from section WB I can tell you some of the officiating was questionable at best. Since...


Saturday - Wear Blue

Just making sure that the word gets out to as many as possible.  If you or someone you know is going to the Nebraska game this Saturday that there's a call for a "Blue-Out". This is a chance to...


Here's an Idea for Bolden

If he can't throw the ball, how about, wait for it..... let him RUNNNNN the ball.  He only posted a 4.4 40 time.  Have him come in a few times and just run the pigskin.  Or another alternative, how...


Is 8-1 Time to Get Excited Yet?

This year, our Nittany Lions have shaved more years off my life than I expected. Most will rightfully say it hasn't been pretty… because, well it hasn't. But this is college football. You never...


Are we a QB away from 10-2, or am I dreaming?

Ahh, the love hate relationship that is college football.  As every week goes by I try and find a shred of hope that this is it, this will be the week that the 2011 version of Penn State football...


Tommy Schutt Set to Make Penn State History

Tommy Schutt could be the only player on the team with his name on his uniform. Granted it's on the helmet, but whatever... It's more than most get.


Remember Big Ten Division Still Must Go!!!

Without a doubt the Big Ten front office is sitting slight hoping that all the fans and all the media forget about the debacle that unfolded after last year around the division names and focus on...


Big Ten Representing Thus Far in Post Season

Big Ten 2-0 in Bowls. Couldn't have asked for a better start!!! Northwestern is next in the hopper going for a clean sweep of the Big (less than) 12.


Division Names Idea

So we've all been blitzed with this new Big Ten logo/division/trophy malarkey.  I'm glad to hear Delany went public and mentioned they will re-evaluate the division names.  Thank you all who have...

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