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Detroit native living in the "Forbidden Zone" (think Planet of the Apes wasteland) of the NBA...aka Seattle.

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User Blog

Is Greg Monroe 'athletic?'

Even before draft night in 2010, most wouldn't consider Greg Monroe "athletic" but is that really the case or simply a matter of a subjective definition that doesn't truly capture what it means to...

The top 5 blocks of Jason Maxiell's career

Jason Maxiell gave the Pistons more electrifying plays the past few years than just about any other player, and while his time in Detroit has come to an end, DBB takes the chance to remember Max's...


Requesting Magic Fans' Perspective: Jameer Nelson

Hello there fellow basketball fans, The Boourns here, making his way from Detroitbadboys.com to ask for your thoughts on what the future holds for the aging point guard Jameer Nelson on such a...

Game 5 Recap: Heat get even with Pistons, 90-85

Despite KCP and Tony Mitchell's best offensive showings of the summer league, and another dominant double-double from Andre Drummond, the Pistons couldn't close out a depleted Miami Heat team to...

Orlando Summer League: Pistons vs. Celtics

Andre Drummond and Tony Mitchell take on Fab Melo and Kelly Olynyk in game 2 of the Orlando Summer League.

Kyle Korver re-signs with the Atlanta Hawks

Marc Stein of ESPN reports that Korver has agreed to a 4 year, $24 million deal for the coveted sharp-shooting small forward to re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a Detroit Piston


With the 8th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons select Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Sophomore out of Georgia.

The case against coaching in Detroit


29 coaches in 55 years and 7 coaches in the past 13 makes Detroit one of the least desirable places to coach in the NBA. Everyone wants to know who Detroit will sign for the position, but the...

The First 25 - Has Brandon Knight Improved?


Is Brandon Knight improving or have his turnover issues negated other aspects of his game?


PSA: NBA Gametime App now available on Xbox LIVE

For those of you who purchase League Pass Broadband to watch your Pistons basketball and currently have an Xbox 360 or are thinking about buying one, I bring you good news! Xbox LIVE pushed their...


The Best Chili I've Ever Made & a Serious Addiction

Hi. My full name is The G. Boourns and I am an addict. I am addicted to Gearbox Software's Borderlands series. For the past 2+ years, I have been desperately awaiting the arrival of Borderlands...

The Blessing of Basketball


Some of the earliest memories I have in life involve a young boy, a larger than life Dad, and an odd, dimpled, orange ball that bounced in a magical way. In my earliest years, I was blessed with a...

Pistons jerseys could be first of NBA teams to feature paid sponsors


As first reported by Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, Palace Sports & Entertainment President Dennis Mannion indicated that Pistons jerseys will "most probably" have small sponsorship patches...

Arnie Kander Endorses Andre Drummond and his Work Ethic


Of course we all have to realize that any healthy pour coming off a freshly tapped keg of Keith Langlois Lager should be taken with a sidecar shot of Pistons Blue Kool-Aid, but direct quotes from Arnie Kander may be a different story. In one of his latest articles, Langlois catches Kander lauding Andre's work ethic thus far and most importantly his willingness to learn. Most interesting to me though, is Kander's (not to be confused with Khandor) comments indicate that with Andre being so young, a lot of the mechanical inefficiencies that are often self-taught by more mature bigs as a way to compensate for their size/lack of lateral quickness simply aren't there with Drummond. This begs the question: If you gave Arnie Kander, Mike Abdenour, and Ben Wallace a perfect piece of solid marble to sculpt as they will, should there be any doubt that we're looking at the creation of the basketball equivalent of Michelangelo's David?


Rodney Stuckey: Injuries, Contract Fulfillment, and 2011-12 Progressive Stats

Part of the argument over the roughly $8 million a year contract Joe Dumars signed Rodney Stuckey with lies in how Stuckey progressed in 2012 and beyond. At first glance, Stuckey's end of season...


Summer League Open Thread

I suppose I might be the only one basketball-deprived enough to watch and pay close attention to each and every game in the Las Vegas Summer League but I'm guessing that's not the case. Whether...


Ridiculous Trade Question: Rip Hamilton Trade Rumours

So sure...we just bought him out of his contract not even a year ago...and yeah, he was arguably one of the worst offenders during Kuester's final season, but here goes nothing...The Bulls are...

Andre Drummond "Shoots Backwards"


Interesting article about the failings of shooting coaches who focus on the "follow-through" rather than the stroke that takes you to follow-through. He talks about how this is a huge reason for Drummond's shooting woes from the stripe.

Bobcats close to finalizing deal with Ramon Sessions


MOTHER_________, _____SUCKING, ____HUMPING, BULL____, SON OF A _______, I don't see how Charlotte will be any better for Ramon...their backcourt now consists of 3 6'3" guards only one of which is a pass-first while the other two need the ball in their hands to be effective. Seriously Ramon, say it ain't so...or please only sign like a 1 year deal!


Monroe calls Drummond a "Brahma Bull"

Monroe calls Drummond a "Brahma Bull"

LOL @ Boston - Garnett re-signing for 3 years/$34M


Seriously...they just paid a 36 year old PF with recent history of injuries more than $11M a year to play until he's almost 40. Am I the only one who sees this as hysterically over-priced?

NNNNNNO JOD! NNNNNO! BAD GM! BAD BAD GM! (Arnett Moultrie rumors)


Apparently folks over at Mlive.com are speculating that Arnett may have a promise from Detroit after declining combine workouts but worked out by himself on Friday... So let me get this straight, we're potentially drafting a guy that did not work out against his peers in the lottery? Is it too soon to play the Darko card?

Alex Kennedy says OKC to trade 1st Round Pick (28th overall)


Similar to when JoD traded DJ White for Walter Sharpe back in the day (and then promptly signed him anyways), looks like OKC wants some financial relief. We might be able to swing a future 2nd rounder or 2 for their 1st rounder. DO IT JOD (knowing full well he won't do it)

NBADraft.net Nails the JoD Draft Mindset 2 mocks in a row


In NBADraft.net's previous mock, they had us taking a mostly unknown big man out of Turkey with the 39th and following it up with an inefficient, under-sized combo guard in Maalik Wayns. As if they wanted to further infuriate alll Pistons fans, they've updated their mock draft with the pistons selecting the following players: #9: Jeremy Lamb (Leonard, Henson, and Sullinger all passed on) #39 - Jared Cunningham - shoot-first, shooting guard out of Oregon State best known for his good shot at the combine and leading his conference in steals #44 - Quincy Acy Finally JoD gets that size we've needed all this time...with our last pick of the draft.


In all the trade senaios! Sixers intrigued by Drummond - possible Pistons trade?

Is a trade between the Philly Sixers and Pistons a possibility?


OT: E3 2012

via www.fullsailblog.com Well its that favorite time of every gamers year when the various gaming companies come together in LA to wax poetic about the future of gaming. If you're like me, and...


2012 NBA Draft: 2nd Round Round-Up

With just under 4 weeks to go before the 2012 NBA Draft on June 28th, the 2nd round is hardly set in stone. I can remember 2 years ago, seeing Art Parakhouski (and yes I fully intend on mentioning...


Draft Day Dreams - Kyle O'Quinn Norfolk State (2nd Round, Houston Pick)

A big in the 2nd round that I'd love to see the Pistons draft. This year, my cart is being hitched to the horse of Kyle O'Quinn.

An Insider's Notes on the Shabby Death of the Seattle Supersonics


A former co-worker of mine, Jeremy Repanich, is now writing for Sports Illustrated for Kids and just had an article published on Deadspin. Definitely a worthwhile read offering insight into the final days of the Sonics.

Don't Look Now - Leastern Conference closing the gap


With the Knicks improving again, it seems the Eastern Conference playoff caliber teams may actually be slightly better than those fighting for the Western Conference. Total Wins among Eastern conference through today is 251 vs. 244 in the Western Conference. Of course the non-playoff teams are far worse in the East than the West but nice to see a balancing of sorts....

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