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Detroit native living in the "Forbidden Zone" (think Planet of the Apes wasteland) of the NBA...aka Seattle.

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Macklin Strikes Again (13 points, 16 boards, 4 assists)


On 6-12 shooting, Vernon Macklin posted his 2nd double-double in a row with 13 points, 16 boards (6 offensive), 4 assists, and a block in 39 minutes of play. Despite Macklin destroying souls, the Mad Ants have now lost 16 of their last 17 games and both games that Macklin has played a part.

D'Antoni Done with Knicks


D'Antoni, apparently tired of dealing with players and the front office alike has resigned as head coach of the New York Knicks. Mike Woodson steps in as interim head coach


REALLY? Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson for Ellis, Udoh, and Kwame Brown Reported

Let's do this in a form of questions: 1) Was an Ellis/Jennings backcourt really the vision that John Hammond had for his team?2) Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown are going to replace Andrew Bogut (injured...


Trade Idea: Bucks, Lakers, Pistons

With all the chatter about John Hammond fielding calls for Bogut, it got me thinking...how fucking awesome would it be to have Bogut and Monroe starting in our frontcourt? Pretty freaking awesome...


Hoping for the Best: An Unrealistic Comparison of 2 Teams...Or is it?

In 2008-2009, the Oklahoma City Thunder were quite mediocre. Despite a promising young rookie guard, a budding superstar, and an overrated SF, the team started off the season under PJ Carlesimo...


NCAA Conference Championship Weekend Open Thread

So much good basketball on today I simply don't know what to do with myself! On today: Florida vs. Kentucky (Davis, Gilchrist, Lamb)North Carolina vs. NC State (Zeller, Marshall, Barnes)Baylor vs....

MORE RED PANDAS FOR ALL!!! (Dumars Trade Talk)


"We're open. We're talking to everybody, man. What are the chances? That's like asking me what the other 29 teams are going to do. I know what we'd like to do. But making a deal, it takes one or two more teams, and I can't tell you where they are. What are their imperatives? We have some things that are imperative for us to get done. But I don't know what other teams' imperatives are. That's why that question's always so hard to answer, because whatever percentage you give, you're speaking for some other organization. You know that you would like to continue to build your team, and you're open to doing that." According to ESPN, Dumars is expected to stand pat and look to build via the draft. HULK SMASH!!!!

CONTROVERSY: Seattle seeking stolen team of their own


San Fran man, Chris Hansen, has put up a huge chunk of his own money ($290M) to finance a $490M arena project in Seattle. The City and State would put up the rest contingent on Hansen being able to bring not one, but TWO professional sports teams from the NBA and NHL. Just because OKC did it, doesn't make it right Seattle...and your goal of proving that you're better at stealing teams than OKC by stealing two of them is a little depressing, but if the controversial one ends up in Seattle, I won't complain when the Best in the World comes to play.


A Trade Idea - Now Your Thoughts (Lakers & Pistons)

Just perusing the interwebs today and it seems the Lakers are indeed in the hunt for a SF and/or a PG. More importantly they have an $8.9M TPE from the Odom trade. With the Lakers likely to make...

David Thorpe Accurately Assesses Sophomore Class


#2: Greg Monroe - How good has Monroe been this year? Not good enough to get Detroit out of the bottom five of the league, unfortunately, but I'll tell you this: If Detroit was a better team, then Blake Griffin would have some competition for "best of class." Monroe is top 12 in the NBA in PER and offensive rebound rate and top 20 in overall rebound rate. And while Detroit is an awful defensive team, only Ben Wallace is playing better defense than Monroe, who has to carry an offensive burden far more than Wallace does. There are still questions about how Monroe would perform on a better team, or if he's good enough to be a top-three player on a good team. But all things considered, no one in this class besides Griffin can touch Monroe right now. #14 Jonas Jerebko - Jerebko is proof that tall guys who compete really hard can find their way on an NBA roster and even get playing time on bad teams. JJ hustles everywhere, even when he shouldn't sometimes, like when he catches in space and tries to dribble attack. As a decent midrange shooter and an adequate defender, his energy is what ultimately gets him on the court. Jerebko is officially in his 2nd season after missing the entire previous regular season due to injury (just like Blake Griffin did in the year that he was drafted)


Draft Day Dreams: Scott Machado

As I think I've already established, its never too soon for Pistons fans to discuss the draft. One of my favorite series from the previous two seasons has been our "Draft Day Dreams" series where...

I'm Totally Famous


Got to talk with the Free Press about my experience pitching around Prince Fielder when I was 10. Good stuff.


The Pistons visit the City of Brotherly Love

Pistons vs 76ers coverage The Situation: With the Pistons fighting for every loss, DBB is left without a game thread. So The Boourns, better known for his intentional walk of Prince Fielder in AAA...

The Flying Firsts of Walter Hinton - by Professor Benjamin J. Burns


Hey everyone, I know there are a lot of folks out here that enjoy reading of all kinds and possibly a particular interest in the history of our country. To that end, my Dad has just published his first historical non-fiction and figured y'all might be interested. While his publisher is looking to gouge people on price, I do believe I can get you the book for less if you have a particular interest. We can sort out how if you're interested. Anyways, my Father is a life-long journalist who during his early years in the profession had the opportunity to accumulate more than 40 hours of personal interviews with Walter Hinton. Many don't know who Walter Hinton is, but he was truly a trailblazer and adventurer during the very early years of aviation. Most overlook Hinton's accomplishments in favor of Lindbergh and Earhart whose stories may have been more marketable (first solo non-stop across the Atlantic, first female pilot, etc.). Regardless, it doesn't diminish the fact that Hinton and his band of Aviation Adventurers were crazy and passionate about the evolution of Flight. Not only were they the first to fly across the Atlantic, but Hinton was also one of the first to do aerial exploration of the Amazon and was the first to fly a plane from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere going from NYC to Rio de Janeiro. I'm getting my copy of the book in the mail hopefully this weekend and will perhaps post a snippet of it in case you want to see a preview of the book. Anyways, let me know if you're interested!


Off-Topic Thread Week of 1/15: Snowball Smuggler

Figured we'd get one of these out there. Since I probably talk as much about non-basketball related topics as I do the Pistons, I figured I'd post something to get us started. Here is Willa after...


T'Wolves Perspective: What is Pekovic Worth to You?

Hey there Minnesota fans, stopping by from Piston's blog site DetroitBadBoys.com to ask a question of you all. In general, we feel the Pistons are in desperate need of another legitimate (in size...


Too Soon? Draft Day is coming. Prepare for Combo Forwards

So I'm perusing the various roundball blogs and sites and stop by hoopshype.com. To my excitement, they've already started discussing the 2012 NBA draft. Now either Hoopshype is playing a cruel...


Top Combo Dog Mosa Burns Undergoes Surgery on Right Eye - Expected to Miss 10-14 Days

Hey all, Off Topic post I know, but since a good number of you are close enough where you actually know his full name (Mosa T. Aloysius P. McFluffyStuff Burns), I figured it was easier to do this...

Manny Harris cut by Cavs


If we're looking at Keith Bogans, who we'd likely sign for somewhere north of $2-3M knowing JoD, why not just look at Manny Harris? His FG% was pretty bad last year but he was also asked to do more than he should have had to given how bad the Cavs were last season. Anyways, 6 points, 3 boards, 1.6 assists, and .6 steals per game in 17 minutes isn't terrible. Not only that but he actually shot moderately well from beyond the arc (37%) and is 6'5" so ya know, he's not under-sized.

Afflalo close to 5 year, $43M deal with Nuggets


Looks like Afflalo is getting the contract that Stuckey thinks he's worth. Regardless, I would have rather we attempted to sign Afflalo to this contract than re-sign Stuckey and Tayshaun...


Weekly Trade Thread 12-16-2011

Elections were held and ballots were counted (for those of you who missed the opportunity to vote, sucks to be you) and after numerous recounts (total of 1 votes submitted), I, The Boourns have...


Best Steakhouses/Texas BBQ in Dallas area (Las Colinas?) - Pistons fan heading to Dallas for a day

Apologies to those of you in Championship Land if I'm breaking a rule on fanposts. I know that many SBNation sites prefer non-sports related posts to remain either unseen or in the fanshots...


With 3 team deal dead, Clippers/Warriors could be in lead for CP3 (Hypothetical Trade Chat)

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first hypothetical trade thread since the end of the lockout. The following trade is based on the roomers that with the Lakers pulling out of the CP3 trade market,...

Brandon Roy retiring due to degenerative knee issues


Sad day for NBA fans. Roy could play some great basketball when healthy...


Anyone playing Skyrim?

Geek Cards needed for entry... I've been playing for the past 2 weeks or so.  I've got a level 30 Battle Mage and I just created some insanely good Daedric armor and a war axe.  It is easily the...


Just Who the Hell is this Kriz Anyways?

Rather than contacting Kriz directly via email, I figured it'd be easier to just post a couple questions to get it started and when she has the chance can come in and answer.  So I have 3 questions...


Fantasy Football Open Thread

I hope I'm not stepping over the line here because that would make me a habitual line-stepper but I just got done with my fantasy football draft and haven't seen too many posts on P.O.D. related to...

Tom "Killer" Kowalski, Detroit Lions Beat Writer Passes Away Unexpectedly


Sad day for Detroit Sports Fans. Not all of us are Lions fans, but all of us are fans of Detroit sports. My only hope is that the Lions honor Killer with the kind of season that he never got to see while covering the team since the early 80s.


Steelers' backup QB, Byron Leftwich out for season

I think this is actually my first fanpost on P.O.D. so bear with me if I commit any cardinal sins.  In any event, my posting experience falls mostly on Detroit Bad Boys and given the current state...

Legal Fans: Meet The Boourns' mother


Am I proud? You're damn right I am. But really I know that there are a few of you with connection to labor law and the legal world in general so I figured you'd be interested in this article on my mother whose been practicing labor law in Detroit for 30+ years.

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