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Detroit native living in the "Forbidden Zone" (think Planet of the Apes wasteland) of the NBA...aka Seattle.

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It takes 2 to make a thing go right (pistons.com splash promo)


Needs no explanation. Promoting "Decades Night" with some awesome music. Turn up the speakers and ENJOY!


Trade Idea: Banks + 2nd Rounder for Maxiell

A rare opportunity for the Pistons to put something very simple together...The Hornets are shopping Marcus Banks expiring contract worth $4.75M.  (per Alex Kennedy via HoopsHype).  Apparently he...

Ron Artest admits to being an addict...his drug? IN-N-OUT!


Ron Artest was happy to get his $4,000 back from the technical foul and ejection that was recently rescinded stating he could have bought 10,000 In-n-Out burgers with that money (Math is hard Ron). I kind of love Ron Artest but his addiction to In-n-Out appears to be the main cause of his drop off in production. Dude may need help.


Manny Harris goes for 27 points and 8 boards in Phoenix

Hold the FUCKIN phone Manny Harris! 27 points, 8 boards, 2 assists, a steal and only one turnover in 41 minutes against the Suns tonight. MAN SIZED GAME! Not sure how he's all of a sudden...


Trade Speculation & Scenarios (Det/Hou/Dal)

So this idea is based on a few roomers as stated by Hoopshype's trade rumors page.  With Yao being done for the year AND on an expiring contract, it seems natural to consider him a huge trade chip...



I'm sure I'm pre-maturely posting this scenario but with the CONTROVERSY stirring up in Sacramento, it got me thinking...what if the CONTROVERSY continues?  What if Jason Thompson maintains his...


2011 NBA Draft (What...Too soon?) RED PANDA YOU!

Boredom often leads to ill-advised decisions (maybe this is why Rip is taking so many bad shots this season...) but in a season where our record is now 0-11 in feel good wins, I figured we could...

Steve Ballmer sells over $1 Billion in MS stock...Sac-Town to Seattle?


Purely speculation at this point but my boss The Ballmernator just sold off more than $1 Billion in stock causing many to speculate that he may now be more actively in play for acquiring an NBA franchise to bring to Seattle. With Sacramento's inability to get an arena built, folks are starting to wonder whether Ballmers sale of stock and the Maloof's inability to come to an agreement with Sacramento may be indirectly linked. GOD I HOPE SO. If giving up Durant means getting to watch The Controversial One in all his glory, I guess I'm okay with that. Suck on a lemon Shinons!



THE PROOF: http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/7614/tracymcgrady.png


HELP NEEDED (Monroad Warrior photoshop for poster tonight)

Alright as you folks already know my buddy and I are heading to the Blazers game tonight.  I woud love to have a sign that DBB can look for but my photoshopping abilities blow.  So with that in...


The Pre Pre-Game Open Thread - 11/2

I probably can't put enough pre's in front of "Game Open Thread" as I'm not one to steal thunder (that's Clay Bennett's MO...that one is for you Shinons) and like to leave the dirty work to the men...



According to HoopsHype by way of the Sacramento Bee, several players on the Kings have already commented off the record that Cousins is difficult to deal with and has apparently clashed with assistant coaches already. Needless to say, he appears to be more controversial than the Kings could collectively control. The clear solution is to trade him to Detroit for Tracy mcGrady and a future conditional 2nd rounder. After all, that much controversy isn't worth much on the trade market.


Fantasy Basketball...

This is merely a thread for those of us excited about the upcoming fantasy basketball season.  I just went through a mock draft and not only got Rodney Stuckey, but also got Tracy McGrady!  I...


John Hollinger says, "I'm just as bad as Chad Ford!" (ESPN suckitude at a whole new level)

Well guys, ESPN's revisionist history has gotten us what we've all been wanting since that fateful Horry 3 from the corner back in 2005...BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPSIONSHIPS!!!! Detroit's overnight...


Pistons fan needing clarity on Rose Garden seating

Hello fellow basketball fans! My buddy and I live up in Seattle and since the great thievery of the Sonics, our only fix for NBA basketball is heading down to Portland. We're both from the...


Chad Ford says, "Will Bynum? Who is that?" (more evidence that ESPN sucks)

So the insider Eastern Conference rankings have just been posted by ESPN and while there aren't too many surprises, I was actually shocked to see that Chad Ford apparently does not know who Will...


What was actually wrong with Greg Monroe's toe?

Alright folks, I keep reading article after article about this "minor surgery" that Greg Monroe had to fix his toe and that prior to the surgery he couldn't even put a shoe on without feeling a...

24 Seconds of Heaven for Kriz...er I mean 24 Seconds with Jonas Jerebko


24 Seconds of Heaven for Kriz...er I mean 24 Seconds with Jonas Jerebko


Charlotte looking to trade Dampier

Due to the recent trade, Dampier cannot be officially traded by Charlotte until after September 13th.  Furthermore, his $13M salary is non-guaranteed and the team that holds his rights can waive...


Jonas Jerebko - Star or Role player?

With Jonas dominating for his home country of Sweden against what many would consider amateur caliber opposition, there have been plenty of discussions around what the future might hold for JJ as a...

Honestly, who throws a chair? Nenad Krstic does. Towards the end after he lays some wood on a few...


Honestly, who throws a chair? Nenad Krstic does. Towards the end after he lays some wood on a few chumps.

Trade Scenario: Prince to OKC (From Hoops World)


Bill Ingram of Hoops World writes that Prince could be a good fit for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ingram argues that Prince could provide a steady, veteran presence for the young team, and that he is a very low-risk, high-reward option because he only has one year remaining on his contract. The key to a potential Prince trade to the Thunder is what OKC would have to give up in return. GM Sam Presti has assembled an impressive group of young talent and it would seem unlikely that he'd want to de-rail that in any way. However, if Detroit was willing to settle for draft picks or a project like center B.J. Mullens, perhaps the Thunder would be willing to pull the trigger. Having Prince in the team's crunch time lineup would certainly help come playoff time. _________ I'm not convinced by Mullens at all...and unless they're giving us a 1st rounder for next season, I don't have any interest in this idea...or they could give us Ibaka.

Oh Langlois what beautiful prose...


"That sounds like another former Piston with Louisiana in his DNA. If Greg Monroe follows the career path of Joe Dumars, that would be a most happy coincidence." I love Langlois because of quotes like this.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. FOR THE WIN!


Following on the aftermath of Lebron's departure, the Great Lakes Brewing Co. located in Cleveland has released an IPA with a particularly bitter after-taste entitled "Quitness" which perfectly sums up the taste in all Cavs fans' mouths after The Decision.


Las Vegas Summer League 2011: Any takers?

I've come to the conclusion that summer league is something I'd like to do at least once in my life and given the growing popularity and the potential for our team next year to have some really...


At what point do we pull a Kahn and move Rip for picks?

So we're all begging JoD to find a suitor for Rip and hope that we get someone who can contribute in return.  Preferably a big defensive minded/offensive rebounding machine of a center...but at...

Beasley now the highest paid NBA player in...Minnesota


By moving Jefferson for financial flexibility, Minnesota's highest paid player on their roster for 2010/2011 is Beasley at $4.9M this year. I think someone forgot to tell Kahn that all the big names have already signed... LOLZ!


Summer League Open Thread: Pistons vs. Lakers 8 PM EST on NBATV

Probably jumping the gun a bit here but all these games watching Art has gotten me far too excited for our own Summer League roster.  That said, I figured I'd start the Open Thread for our first...

Dan Gilbert strikes again!


The Fathead wall graphic of Lebron in a Cavs jersey has just been discounted drastically to the low low price of $17.41. Significance of price you ask? Well 1741 is the year that Benedict Arnold was born. Dan Gilbert owns Fathead...You Rock Dan.


Art Watch Open Thread

Considering how essential it is to the Pistons' future success that we ultimately sign Art in the off-season, I'm creating an Art Parakhouski open thread.  In this thread we will discuss the...

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