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In the NBA, 3 Is Cheaper Than 2

A link to a Wall Street Journal article about the economics of three-point shooters - in short, snipers are cheap, defensive players are expensive. The top 30 3-point shooters not on rookie contracts average $7.5 million each, which is less than the leaders in every other statistical category.


Dwight in wins vs. losses

I saw a post on another board that the Magic are a "paper tiger" because they can't win if Dwight gets in foul trouble. Since Dwight is our main superstar player, I was curious to see how his stats...

Awesome Miami Heat intro vid

Maybe it's because of my own musical background, but this is REALLY REALLY awesome to me. Love the style, and the Miami guys pull it off well. Using a music video director to do their intro definitely paid off.


A quick look at how the Big Recession has affected King James

We've been talking about Shaq's fit with Cleveland, particularly given tonight's game. Since Shaq and LeBron James are the two stars, I was wondering how Shaq's presence has altered LBJ's game. To...


A statistical look at last year's referees

Since a favorite hobby of sports fans is criticizing the officiating, I wanted to take a look at how the NBA's referees did last year. I pulled information on Games Refereed, Home Win %, Total...

Vicente Padilla treated for minor gunshot wound

From the LA Times. Apparently it was a hunting accident in Nicaragua where his right leg was grazed. It's somewhat contradictory - it's said the wound was self-inflicted, but it's also reported that his "escort" was attempting to fix his gun when the bullet was fired.

Neyer's reaction to Game 1

The highlight: "Goat: Rob Neyer. How could that idiot predict an easy World Series for the Yankees?"

Report: Beasley in rehab

From the Miami Herald. Allegedly Beasley has been in Houston for 2+ weeks for his "emotional status and apparent drug use." Hopefully (if this is true) he can get those issues resolved.

Kleiza signs with Olympiakos

Normally I wouldn't post this, but Kleiza was someone that was mentioned as a potential acquisition early in the off-season. According to the Nuggets, Kleiza's Greek deal is worth $12.2 million over 2 years.


Bill Simmons (as usual) blows the analysis

The Sports Guy (who routinely gets out-picked by his wife, who picks "the teams she likes better" rather than through analysis) had this shining gem (from here):   "So Orlando makes the Finals...

Marquis Daniels bought WHAT?

"Marquis Daniels had the most unusual request: He wanted a necklace that looked like an Orlando Interstate 4 sign. It's 120 carats of diamonds on three massive chains." - from ESPN The Magazine


Vince Carter's Big Men - then and now

One of my personal beliefs is that it takes a good big man and a good little man to make a championship-caliber team. Shaq and Kobe, MJ and Horace, Duncan and Ginobili, Shaq and Wade...all had...


The All-PER Teams

Most of us here are relatively familiar with John Hollinger's PER stat. At 82games, they keep track of both PER and PER-against. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see who had high PER and low...

2004 Draft Analysis - Power Forwards

A look back at what USA Today said in 2004 about the draft class. Dwight Howard's shortcomings: "Despite his ability to play all three frontcourt positions, his body and low post game are weak for a center or power forward and his face-up game needs work at the 3-spot. Additionally, questions surrounding Howard's mean streak (or lack thereof) have been raised."


Turkoglu acquisition now a sign-and-trade

According to ESPN, there's a complicated multi-team deal going on. The portions that potentially affect Orlando are: The Matrix is going to Dallas. Hedo Turkoglu's acquisition by Toronto becomes a...


What the Magic need

Currently, we have the following players: PG - Jameer Nelson, Anthony Johnson SG - Vince Carter, JJ Redick SF - Mickael Pietrus PF - Rashard Lewis, Ryan Anderson C - Dwight Howard   We obviously...


How many multi-position players can we sign?

After looking over who we have and who we're talking to, I was struck by how many tweeners we have - the players who move 'tween one position and another. Just on our current roster, we have Vince...


Highly speculative Suns trade idea

I'll be honest - I don't even know if Phoenix is thinking the way I think they're thinking. However, they have a lot of value in contracts expiring after next year (Steve Nash's $12M, Shaq's...


Defensive Ability

Over on ESPN, Boston homer and ignoramus extraordinaire humor columnist writer Bill Simmons posted an article in which he stated that "defense wins championships...[t]he Magic are OK defensively"....


Game 5's referees

Just for the heck of it, here's the rankings for the referees for Game 5 of the Magic-Cavaliers series. There were 61 officials who called at least 10 regular-season games. These stats are out of...


Has a player ever averaged 40 points per game during a playoff series, while playing for a losing team?

3.3 seconds asked this in the immediate reaction thread to Game 4 of the ECF. Out of curiosity, I decided to look into it a bit. Surprisingly, the answer is yes.


Thoughts on the Cleveland series so far...

Disclaimer to begin: I called Orlando in 6 at the beginning of the series. I'm still holding to that. I also did not see Game 2 at all, as I was at a convention until after the game was over.   T...


The Worth of a Player: Cleveland

Similar to what I did in an earlier fanpost, I took the most-used 5-man units (per 82games) for Cleveland to look at how the team's Offensive Efficiency, Defensive Efficiency, and +/- per minute...


The Worth of a Player

Over at 82games, there's information on the top 20 5-man units for each team by minutes. I...

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