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Cubs Season Ticket Revenue Up Compared to Last Year

Crain's quoted Colin Faulkner stating that re-ups are up when compared to last year by 5%. The author attributes this in a great part to the Combo STH's having to shell out more as there are more...


Shooting from the Hip - the $200MM Renovation?

Some of you may be hearing today as (Tuesday) Tom Ricketts makes his case as to why the City of Chicago should allow an even larger entertainment tax on tickets to fund Wrigley's renovation and...


Done with Grabow? Done with Lou!

Tonight was the "straw" for me. Finally. A manager really is not responsible for "winning" that many games, per se. However, they can lose them for you. So - to bring in a pitcher who completely...


The 7,321st Time "Cubs Sale Imminent"

In our tradition of keeping all of us obsessive Cubs' fans apprised of "everything Cub", feel free to read about the latest Business article on the Rickets closing the deal [yaws, rolls eyes,...


What a load of Crap: 17-2 And this Proves??

Joy. Whoppee. What a team! A great win. It was fun to watch - and nice to see the lumber applied for once. Is it possible that the Cubs can play the Pirates every game for the remainder of the...


At Their Current Play, Is It "Wait 'til Next Year"?

I realize that there are still approximately 60 days left in the season. And, baseball really is a strange sport where anything can and does happen. However, I am wondering how a series of negative...


Spending One Day On a Cubs B-Cast Crew

Among other things, I do freelance production a/v work. It is a tough living as a freelance guy, and tougher in economic downturns. As Al knows, getting into union broadcast gigs these days are...


Anyone Know Mark Utay? Possible New OWNER?!

In learning from Reuters that the current Cubs "owner" Sam Zell has gone back to a Holding Group led by Mark Utay, from Manhattan, to elicit another competing bid, I dug up an article from Ed...


CBOE Seats - Did You Look at Final Bids?

Was wondering, (not that I would actually be in the market for them), if any of you happened to glance at the wrap of the CBOE Seat auctions? IF so, were the prices any more than the "Bullpen Box"...



I had posted a rhetorical question after the Game 2 Loss, where I felt that the writing was on the wall. In spite of the fact that the 2008 Cubs had the best NL record, a deep pitching staff, huge...


Blow it All Up? Or Add On?

As the Cubs are now poised once again to flop in the Post-Season, I am wondering what sentiment there might be on BCB to just go the way of the D-Backs or Rays, and go for highly-touted, younger...


Shopping for a Pitcher: The Hendry Files

It is an obvious conclusion that it will be difficult for the Cubs to go deep into the playoffs with the current starting rotation. Recently, they slipped back to 4th in the NL in team ERA, no...

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