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Moving the Trade Deadline

A look at the NFL's Week 6 trade deadline, and how it affected the Denver Broncos' waiving of quarterback Kyle Orton. Should the NFL move the trade deadline to later in the year?

Pass Blocking Efficiency (or lack thereof)


We have the 2nd worst O-line in the NFL in terms of pass blocking and 3 of the worst O-linemen. Another great reason we need to get rid of the O-line guru Tony Sparano.

Austin Spitler left the locker room with a walking boot on his left leg. via Omar on Twitter


Austin Spitler left the locker room with a walking boot on his left leg. via Omar on Twitter

Can't lose our depth at ILB. Might have to call up CC.

Potential Supplemental Draft Prospects


I wouldn't mind picking up a decent pass rushing prospect.

Eagles Cut Ricky Sapp


Another possible "acorn" for Ireland to look at. IMO, he would be a better fit as a 3-4 OLB than a 4-3 DE, and was miscast in Philly's defense. He was an intriguing pass rusher prospect in last year's draft. Might be worth a look and see if Nolan can get some production from him.

Sean Smith is Ready to be Elite


MGM Sportsbook Releases 2011 NFL Win Totals


I hope they're wrong. Mediocrity is unacceptable.

Pass Blocking Efficiency for Tackles


Look who's #1 in the NFL for ALL tackles. Carey came in top 15 for RTs.

Surrendering Pressure


Pretty much destroys the "Henne never had any time to throw" argument.

We're Set at Cornerback


If Will Allen can solidify the nickel CB spot, and Edds can lock down TEs, then we should be very tough to throw against.


Undrafted Free Agents: The Silver Lining

NFL Christmas, a.k.a. the Draft, is officially over.  Since the labor situation isn’t resolved yet, we will probably spend the next month or so dissecting each of the draft picks until there is...

Dolphins Tried to Trade Back Into Third Round for Mallett


It's an article and there's a link to Armando in there describing the situation. With the way this FO likes to dish out misinformation, take it for what it's worth. If it's true, then we got outsmarted by Belichick again.


Quick Take on the Henne Debate

At the behest of a few other Phinsider members, I created this fanpost.  I wrote a comment on BayAreafinfan's post in response about this ongoing Henne debate on this site. First of all, this is...


Too Much of a Good Thing?

As I go through my daily routine of checking the Phinsider for snippets of Dolphins information, I have noticed something that is troubling to me.  But not just to me, but others as well.  As I...

Draft Evaluations Getting TOO Critical


Third paragraph. It's kinda funny, yet kinda sad at the same time.

Secret Superstar: Anthony Fasano


Its nice to see Fasano getting some appreciation. No one will ever mistake him for Antonio Gates, but he's better than he gets credit for around here. Better QB play in 2010 may have gotten Fasano a Pro Bowl berth.

Ricky Stanzi Works Out for the Dolphins


An intriguing mid-round prospect. It would fit our MO if we drafted him.

Michael Floyd Suspended Indefinitely


Why is this important? Because he could enter the supplemental draft. Two questions: Should we try to pick him up if he enters the supplemental draft? And if so, how high of a pick should we use?

Predicting QB Success


I got this from the Panthers blog. If you follow the links, you can get some very interesting information about current QBs in the NFL and the incoming prospects. The really interesting stuff is about Ricky Stanzi. But one thing that really stood out was this: "3+ red-flags is almost guaranteed a bust in our system (3+ red-flag QB examples in our system = Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, Chad Henne, Max Hall, Rex Grossman, Derek Anderson and Tavaris Jackson...among others. Jay Cutler is the probably the best NFL QB with 3+ red-flags in our system). "

You Need An Elite QB To Win The Super Bowl


I would think this is obvious, but unfortunately it needs to be re-emphasized.

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