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I was born in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty-two. I'm a gentleman of the suburbs to be sure. I like cravats, a brandy, my cane, and a lovely stroll through the park with Miss Francine Beaucul. Despite my fine cuff links and top hat, I am constantly stared at as I prance down the lanes of Overland Park, KS. I love my wine, my wife, and my Chiefs. Not necessarily in that order.

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Who Will Be the Worst of the Worst?

We definitively have the worst record in the NFL as of today. Jacksonville's win pushed us to the bottom. With 5 games left, here are the Chiefs' remaining opponents: Carolina (2-8) at...

I have tickets to this Sunday's game. I'm going because I have friends from India in who have...


I have tickets to this Sunday's game. I'm going because I have friends from India in who have never seen an American football game. How depressing is that? I'm taking them to a Chiefs game NOW. What I am interested in seeing: 1. How empty is the stadium? 2. How much black is being worn either coordinated or as a hangover from yesterday? 3. How bad do we lose to the Broncos? 4. Will Chad Henne lead the Jags to their 2nd win (on my phone), securing us the first pick in the draft? The only way I could be more disgusted is if I ate a KFC Famous Bowl.

The Gentry

What We Should Be Talking About Today


Eric Winston has derailed the real story from the game yesterday. 50 running plays to 18 passing plays (BAL had 24 to 27 respectively). To me (and many other APers), it looks like Romeo sending a message to Pioli with a vote of no confidence in Cassel. Or is it really the best way to go about beating BAL? This is the real story. I'm less concerned about fans and their etiquette in the stadium and more concerned about the game on the field, and Winston should be too. If you want to be embarrassed, how about being embarrassed to be 1-4?


What type of team are the 2012 Chiefs exactly?

I felt like our identity last year was, a "We lost key players early, so what did you expect?" kind of a team. So far this year, I can't tell what kind of team we are, so who are the Chiefs this...

My cousin spotted this video during the game tonight. At the 0:42-0:44 mark, the two goofballs...


My cousin spotted this video during the game tonight. At the 0:42-0:44 mark, the two goofballs from the 70's are my parents. How surreal! Nice mustache, dad.

Barry Richardson stealing snaps from Jason Smith in St. Louis


Oh man - not good news for Jason Smith...or the Rams...or their fans.


Who Do You Want the Chiefs to Draft in the 2nd Round?

Now that Poe is our 1st rounder, who do you want to see the Chiefs draft in the 2nd round?

Kissy kissy! (Photo linked from JockPost)


Kissy kissy! (Photo linked from JockPost)


Why is Mark Barron the Top Safety?

Can someone help me understand Mark Barron as being the top rated Safety? I didn't watch a lot of Tide games this year, but why is he the "it" safety? We have Berry, so I wouldn't want a safety...


Nose Tackle

I've been very pleased with our free agency this year, with the exception of no movement on a nose tackle. Has anyone heard anything regarding Aubrayo Franklin or Antonio Garay? These 2 guys are...

Which Chiefs are going to be free agents in 2013? I'm wondering if Pioli is being careful with how...


Which Chiefs are going to be free agents in 2013? I'm wondering if Pioli is being careful with how much he spends so that he can do an extension or two before training camp.

Brandon Marshall traded to Chicago


Major scoopage! The Chicago Bears have agreed to terms of a trade w Miami for pro bowl WR Brandon Marshall in exchange for 2 third-rounders. - Jay Glazer

Is Bowe asking for exorbitant money?


Kansas City waited until there were 20 minutes left before the end of the franchise tag period. The wideout market remains strong, even with Bowe, Wes Welker, Stevie Johnson, and DeSean Jackson returning to their respective teams. Bowe, 27, is rumored to be asking for exorbitant money, pursuing a contract in excess of what Vincent Jackson may receive on the open market. Therefore, it seems likely that Bowe will play the upcoming season on his one-year tender. Bowe set a career-high with 81 receptions in 2011 despite having to play with zero running game and four starts of Tyler Palko. Expect borderline WR1 production in 2012. - Per Rotoworld Is Bowe asking for crazy cash? Rotoworld doesn't say where this rumor is from, and I haven't heard anyone say this on AP.

Perrish Cox acquitted on charges of sexual assault


Free agent CB Perrish Cox was acquitted on charges of sexual assault in a Douglas County court on Friday. Cox could have faced two years to life if found guilty of raping a drunk woman and impregnating her. Instead, the 25-year-old cornerback was found not guilty for lack of evidence. According to the Denver Post's Mike Klis, "at least one team" has interest in Cox, a first- or second-round talent who fell to the fifth round of the 2010 draft due to previous off-field woes. Please do not let this scumbag come to KC. Acquittal or not, he deadhorsed a girl and got her pregnant. Sex offenders not welcome here.

Boston College ILB Luke Kuechly


Boston College ILB Luke Kuechly ran unofficial forty times of 4.50 and 4.59 at the NFL Scouting Combine. Kuechly actually ran 4.78 on his second attempt, but was granted a third run due to the large discrepancy. He came through with another strong time in the 4.5s. While Kuechly is considered more of a 4.7 player on the field, he draws high marks for instincts and awareness, and the ability to knife through would-be blockers. A solid all-around athlete, Kuechly also led all inside linebackers at the Combine with a 38-yard vertical jump. - A 38 yard vertical? Draft that kid!!!-

DraftTek - Best 7 round mock for Chiefs I've seen


Best mock Drafttek, or any site I've seen, has had at addressing our most significant needs. This is the first time they've addressed all of KC's glaring needs, except Safety depth. 1-Mike Adams (RT) 2-Brandon Weeden (QB) 3-Hebron Fangupo (NT) 4-Brian Linthicum (TE) 5-Keenan Robinson (ILB) 6-Vick Ballard (RB) 7-Tyrone Crawford (DE) I would give this mock an A.

Signed Routt to a 3 year, $20MM deal


Chiefs agreed to terms with CB Stanford Routt on a three-year, $20 million contract.

The Denver Post confirms that SS Brian Dawkins' contract has expired and he is a free agent.


The NFLPA database previously listed Dawkins as being under contract for $6 million in 2012, but recently updated and does not have him signed as all. Dawkins suffered a career-threatening neck injury late in the 2011 season. Now 38 years old, we suspect Dawkins has played his last snap in the NFL.

Coach Jim Harbaugh insists that the organization unanimously stands behind free agent Alex Smith as...


Coach Jim Harbaugh insists that the organization unanimously stands behind free agent Alex Smith as the 49ers' preferred quarterback. "We're all in lockstep as an organization that Alex Smith is our guy," said Harbaugh. "It's well-documented. You saw the way he played this year. (He is a) tremendous leader on our football team." Harbaugh will officially open the QB job to competition after re-signing Smith, though Colin Kaepernick isn't a serious threat to start Week 1. Don't expect the Niners to chase Peyton Manning, either. I had actually thought they might be the place Manning would be most interested in.


Where did all the Fanposts go?

Am I the only one not seeing the list of Fanposts on the right side of the page anymore?


Help Me Understand our Cap Space

Several items on the Chiefs' cap situation have been posted today, with a H/T to vplus10 for really getting me thinking about this. I feel like I'm working with only partial information. I'm going...


Kansas City Safeties - Not Good Enough

ProFootballFocus always does a good job at looking at things position by position, and last week they posted this evaluation on NFL safeties and their ability to make a tackle: h...

Vontaze Burfict - Doesn't know the plays?


"Separate sources, including one close to the program, told me Burfict’s decision to turn pro was likely centered around the fact he was looking at potential eligibility problems in 2012. Everyone I spoke with said Burfict’s struggles in 2011 are directly related to the fact teammate Brandon Magee never took the field during the season after tearing his Achilles in August. I was told Magee, a leader on the ASU defense, was the one who made sure Burfict was properly positioned on the field and made him aware of assignments. This further confirms my report from the Shrine Game last week where different sources told me, "It’s a matter of Burfict not diagnosing plays correctly if put to the test, amongst other things." - DraftInsider.net

Calais Campbell not likely to hit free agency


Quite a few people would like for him to end up in the red and gold, but it sounds like (no surprise) he'll get franchised if they can't work out an extension.


Pioli: In ENGRISH please.

So I've become very aware in the past few weeks how little Scott Pioli says. I knew he liked to stay mum on the goings-ons and all, but come on. Give us something. Even when asked a benign...


College QB Completion Percentage

I've been all for drafting a QB this year, however, I don't think it's realistic that Pioli makes the move to get up high enough to draft Luck or RG3. So the one thing I consistently hear is that...

Cassel, Kolb Misfires Show the Value of Bridge Quarterbacks


Interesting Yahoo blog post showing how teams can get sucked into paying big bucks to mediocre QBs.


Trading up to #1?

If we were picking 12th in the draft, do you think the Colts would trade their #1 pick to the Chiefs for this year's first and second, next year's first, Dorsey, and Cassel?


Passing Yards: Cassel vs. Orton

I loved seeing Orton throw for 299 yards yesterday. It was exciting. We actually were a passing threat. It felt good, which of course made me think about when I feel bad: watching Cassel pass. O...

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