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User Blog

The SiR Awards: Defensive Player of the Year


While a more recognized offensive counterpart capped an all-time great career, safety Kenny Ladler may have been just as indispensable in the defense, and is Vanderbilt's Defensive Player of the Year.

The SIR Awards: Vandy FB Freshman of the Year


It's a dead-heat, Patton Robinette and Adam Butler are the Vanderbilt Commodores 2013 Co-Freshman of the Year.

Starting QB Austyn Carta-Samuels out for Bowl Game


Vanderbilt starting QB Austyn Carta-Samuels will miss the BBVA Compass Bowl after having surgery for a torn ACL. Carta-Samuels originally tore his ACL against Georgia and played three games, going...

Dores Headed to Nashville


Music City Bowl 2012 or Bust

Dore Futures: Irrational Excitement Edition

Coach Franklin's football class is almost full, Coach Stallings finally has the star big that eluded him last year, and Coach Corbin has pulled off an historic two-year accomplishment. Your...

Guess who cares if you think our schedule is soft

Not us. Vandy's 2013 schedule is released.

Snedeker to Anchor Saturday Morning Foursomes


Brandt looks to AnchorDown in the Anchor position

Vandy's Man in the Ryder Cup

Everything a Vanderbilt fan needs to know about Brandt Snedeker and this weekend's Ryder Cup.

Brandt Snedeker wins FedEx Cup!

Vanderbilt alum anchors down with $11.4 million payday.

SnedThread: Brandt Goes for the FedEx Cup

Vandy alumnus Brandt Snedeker is going for the FedEx Cup today in the final round of the Tour Championship in East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta.

I Don't Know How to Start a Game Thread, But This is a Thread, and a Game is On: SEC Championship


I think the headline tells the story. Vanderbilt-Mississippi St in the SEC Championship Game, on ESPN2 right now. Discuss at your leisure.

Squeezing, Stealing and Winning, Dores Earn Spot in SEC Championship with Wild Ninth


The Vanderbilt Commodores baseball team is headed to the SEC Championship Game after their ninth straight win, beating Florida 8-6 with a 5-run, 6-SB ninth inning.In an inning that featured a...


Black and Gold Roster Rundown

When I first looked over the black and gold rosters, I was a little disappointed to be quite frank. The Black team is loaded up on both sides of the ball, the Gold team team is loaded with walk-ons...

Kentucky Fans are Being Persecuted Again (In their Own Minds)


Kentucky fans (the some people who vandalized the host court of their first round game because it is Louisville's home court, after a win, when they still have to play there again) are shocked and appalled that UPS would use footage of the most famous shot in NCAA history because it hurts their feelings.


SEC Tournament Seeding Scenarios and NCAA Implications

SEC Tournament Seeding Scenarios and NCAA Implications. A look at what the last game of the SEC season holds for postseason play.


Anyone headed over to the UTK for the game?

And if so, anyone have one extra ticket they may be looking to divest? It seems like the Vandy section is B? Does anyone know if that is right?

Poll and Discussion Question: Who's Your Starter against UGA?


I'm hesitant to do this, because I don't want to undermine the team. I hope this won't devolve into bashing a player, but I think this might be a positive way to channel discussion rather than just...

every time they say "James Franklin" i keep thinking i hear "James Franco" and i think.. that kid...


every time they say "James Franklin" i keep thinking i hear "James Franco" and i think.. that kid does everything!

Opponent Comment of the Week from Red Cup Rebellion

If You Want a Better Atmosphere, Change It

(Note, this is somewhat related to VandyImport's terrific post earlier if you haven't read it, seriously, it's legit). No doubt, game atmosphere is one area in which Vandy lags behind other...


Non-Expert Analysis: The Black and Gold Game

So I went into the Black and Gold game cautiously excited. Cautious, because I knew that many of the biggest changes will not be seen until the recruits start to show up and the coaching staff...

Time to talk about something else


First day of Spring practice. If Franklin is half as good a coach as he is a talker this is going to be fun.


SEC Tournament Bracket -- Who's making the trip?

So we're officially the #3 seed from the East. That means we'll play the lowest seed from the West, LSU. We'll be playing the late game (10 EST/9 CST) on Thursday, and if we win we'd play Miss. St....

If you take medication for your heart, pop a couple before you read this


Talking to Jeff, Fes, and [sigh] JJ about the possiblity of going pro. Sounds like Fes is likely to stay, and sounds like there are a bunch of asshole agents in JJ's ear telling him to leave. Dear JJ, don't listen.


2012 BBall Recruiting Update: The First Offers

So my wife bought me Rivals for Valentines Day (yeah, pretty awesome), but while searching around, I found some non-premium info that I hadn't seen before. If you haven't read...


Vandy BBall 2012 Recruiting Outlook

So, theoretically, there is still a good bit left in the 2011 recruiting cycle, as the second signing period for 2011 isn't until April, but that's a vestige of an earlier time. Most recruits (95...


What does Dore Nation think of Cutler?

I'm a new arrival to Dore Nation, now in my second year. I think of myself as relatively devoted. Go to every basketball game I can, go to every football game until the team proves to me that I'm...

Andre Walker talks to Tennessean about Possibly Not Returning


Really informative article about Andre Walker's situation including playing since his mother died. I was not aware of much of this. Really makes you appreciate what he's been through. Hope he stays, but couldn't blame him either way.

Duffy's Blog on VBB Secret Santa


Biggest developments: Word picture of Festus bowling. Josh Henderson is a bold man.

Actual Identified Source in the Know says Franklin to Vandy soon to be "All Wrapped Up"


Lockridge reports in The Tennessean that John Ingram says James Franklin is about to be hired. Actual quote from actual source, John Ingram: We’re about to have this all wrapped up. I guess you...

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