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Instant Reaction: Hawks 96, Raptors 78


Instant reaction from the Hawks 96-78 win in Toronto Sunday afternoon when Josh Smith recorded his third career triple double.

Instant Reaction: Hawks 116, Wizards 96


Instant Reaction from the Hawks' 116-96 victory over the Washington Wizards on Thanksgiving night.

Happy Thanksgiving!


We'll see you tomorrow night on the game thread!  LET'S GO HAWKS! Don't fret, Atlanta Hawks fans, the rest of the East stinks, too


In the interest of equal time, Peachtree Hoops reflects on an piece which begs for patience for the Atlanta Hawks.. Hey, it's cool to be positive, too, right?

Sacramento Bee: Kings are aggressively seeking a move; inquired about Hawks' Teague


Peachtree Hoops looks at the latest string of rumors involving the Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks, including Jeff Teague.

Maybe Joe Johnson should go ahead and rest that injured hand


Peachtree Hoops looks at the already alarming trend that Joe Johnson is showing, making us wonder if all the things predicted before the Hawks signed him are coming true?

Instant Reaction: Nets 107, Hawks 101


Instant Reaction from the Hawks loss to the Nets, careening the Hawks closer towards .500 basketball.

You know who's really to blame for the lack of effort this season? Jeff Teague.


Peachtree Hoops looks tongue in cheek at the accountability that has been poured onto second year guard Jeff Teague while the remainder of the team remains on the court.

Instant Reaction: Celtics 99, Hawks 76


Instant Reaction from the Hawks one-sided loss to the Celtics on Monday Night.

More Instant Reaction: Memo to Hawks, you have an All-Star Center


THHB is still standing high atop the soap box, proclaiming, this time, that the Hawks don't realize they have an All-Star center, and that lapse of reason help the Dallas Mavericks win Saturday night.

Defending Chris Bosh


Peachtree Hoops takes a moment to defend the recent statement of Chris Bosh and wonders why such a truthful statement would attract such derision?

It's come to this: Prediction Poll Time!


Peachtree Hoops takes the pulse of how the Hawks faithful sees the team finishing after watching them for 11 games. Climb aboard and see how they voted...and exercise your right to vote!

Power Ranking Roundup


A weekly look at the Power Rankings from around the web---where do the Hawks end up?

Bloggers of the world unite: Hey, how about some more minutes for Al Horford?


The people are speaking---and they want more Al Horford. Peachtree Hoops looks at the growing mountain of evidence and the bizarre routing of benching Al Horford with 2 fouls in the first half....

Instant Reaction: Hawks 102, Pacers 92


Instant Reaction after the Hawks 102-92 win over the Indiana Pacers.

Another reason not to sit Al Horford, ever.


Peachtree Hoops concurs with the Sports Illustrated Power Rankings that lauds Al Horford's value to the team.

Why, yes, I am still steamed about cashing out that #31 pick in the draft


A recent transaction flowchart has Peachtree Hoops lamenting the draft day deal that led to a dissipating cash bundle and little else.

Roy Hibbert's been watching you, Al Horford


Roy Hibbert really dedicated himself to a more athletic approach to the game this offseason to match up against the better big men in the NBA, such as our own Al Horford.

Instant Reaction: Bucks 108, Hawks 91


The usual instant analysis and reaction from the Hawks losing at home Wednesday night, 108-91.

Hoopinion does justice to the Amazing Al Horford


Peachtree Hoops calls attention to the fantastic footage and breakdown provided by ESPN's Hoopinion blog, which delves into the fantastic performance by Al Horford against the Suns last Sunday,...

Dime Magazine loves them some Joe Johnson


Dime Magazine ranks Joe Johnson among their Top 30 go-to players underlining that, despite whatever fans may think of the length and depth of his new contract, today's Joe Johnson is still a pretty...

Blogger claims Hawks aren't legit contenders because they aren't tough on the interior or something.


NBAOffseason had a throwaway comment about the Hawks not being strong enough interiorly. This is 100 percent arrived at by the Vince Carter buckets against the Magic. Ummmm....league leading shot...

Can the Hawks beat the Heat like Utah's Millsap?


Paul Millsap killed the Heat last night. That, coupled with the Emeka Okafor exposing the Heat "big men" the time before makes for an interesting angle in terms of the Hawks. Can a team that relies...

Hollinger: Joe Johnson somewhat disappointing so far


How has Joe Johnson's value compared to his contract. ESPN's John Hollinger begins to track all the free agents in his PER Diem, which has a certain Hawk listed as "somewhat disappointing".

Power Rankings Roundup, Part 2


Peachtree Hoops rounds up the rest of the Power Rankings throughout the netwaves that were released on Tuesday. Where do the Hawks rank?

Shocker: NBA Trade Rumor found to be nothing more than a....rumor.


Peachtree Hoops looks at the life of an NBA rumor and watches the latest one run full circle.

Blogger says the Hawks were who we thought they were


Did the loss in Orlando Monday night prove that the Hawks are just the same as they ever were?

AOL Fanhouse: Boy, that Josh Smith sure is inconsistent


AOL Fanhouse speaks to a truth that Bird Watchers have known for a while: Josh Smith giveth and Josh Smith can taketh away.

Instant Reaction: Magic 93 , Hawks 89


Peachtree Hoops has some instant analysis and reaction from the Hawks/Magic game in Orlando.

Power Rankings Roundup


Peachtree Hoops rounds up the Monday Power Rankings throughout the netwaves. Where do the Hawks rank?

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