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NY Daily News: Hmmm...How about contracting Atlanta?

The New York Daily News writes about the possibility of Atlanta being among the contracted in David Stern's get back to fiscal sanity scheme. Could the Hawks truly be on the chopping block?

Shocker: Peachtree Hoops not named in Top 20 Basketball Blog Thingy

Peachtree Hoops barely missed the cut (by a few thousand) of the Top 20 Basketball Websites. See who made the list and shake your virtual fist in anger!

Dime Magazine has five reasons for the Hawks to cut their beak off to spite their face

Peachtree Hoops looks at the Dime Magazine article that articulates five reasons that the Hawks should divest themselves of their young all-star caliber big man. Can you guess which way we lean?

Instant Reaction: Hawks 113, Timberwolves 103

The Atlanta Hawks won their fourth consecutive road game to start the season, beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 113-103 Friday night. The Hawks are now 6-0 to start the season!

Still Tragic: Family celebrates Lorenzen Wright's birthday by his grave

As his family celebrates his birthday, even after his passing, there is little new information regarding the identity of former Hawks player Lorenzen Wright, but we won't forget and we join in celebrating what would have been Wren's 35th birthday.

SI: Hey, maybe the Hawks shouldn't have been buried so soon?

SI writes that the Hawks maybe, probably, shouldn't have been so discounted before the season starts. And P-Hoops wonders at what point Hawks fans will get excited about the opening season winning streak?

Jalen Rose: Hawks a Pretender, Not a Contender

Jalen Rose on ESPN: Hawks are a pretender, not a contender. Is this fair or foul?

Instant Reaction: Hawks 100, Cavaliers 88

The Hawks made it 4-0 after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 100-88. Peachtree Hoops has the instant reaction.

Cunningham: Horford and Hawks agree to 5 year, 60 million dollar extension

AJC's Michael Cunningham reports the Hawks and Al Horford come to an agreement on an extension.

Instant Analysis: Hawks 99, Wizards 95

Peachtree Hoops provides instant analysis of the Hawks 99-95 home opening win over the Washington Wizards Saturday night. The win was in spite of a terrific performance of John Wall.

Instant Analysis: Hawks 104, Sixers 101

The Hawks controlled the game throughout and then held on at the end for a 104-101 victory in Philadelphia Friday night.

Instant Analysis: Hawks 119, Memphis 104

The Atlanta Hawks started the season the right way, bolting into Memphis with their new look offense and coming away with a 119-104 win over the Grizzlies.

More National P-Hoops Attention: Boston Love

Peachtree Hoops was asked to participate as the Hawks representative in a (Boston) NBA Preview. Read what we think about the Celtics and, of course, our Hawks.

Memo to Bird Watchers: Prepare For Goodness

Those who discount the return of the Atlanta Hawks this season do so at their own peril. THHB declares the Hawks ready to return to home court this season, despite the baseless predictions to the contrary by other scribes.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #8: Doc Rivers

The GOAT series gets back on track with a look at who many consider to be the best pure point guard the Atlanta Hawks have ever had, current Celtic coach Doc Rivers.

Atlanta Hawks NBA Blogger Preview (2010-11 Season)

Peachtree Hoops bloggers THHB and Kris Willis team up to discuss some burning questions about the Hawks as a part of the SBNATION NBA Blogger Preview.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #9: Steve Smith

Our #9, GOAT Atlanta Hawks, Steve Smith, was at the heart of the great Lenny Wilkens' teams of the 90's. His versatility allowed the Hawks to be among the leader in efficient scoring, even during that drag the ball offense Wilkens ran.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #10: Joe Johnson

You can debate the price that was paid then, and now, or whether it exactly measured out to be "worth it", but Joe Johnson has produced since being a Hawk and is our #10 GOAT Atlanta Hawk.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #11: Kevin Willis

Criminally underrated by yours truly during his first go-round with the Hawks, our #11 GOAT Hawk brought a tenacity and toughness to the Hawks that impacted a championship team during his time in Atlanta....unfortunately it wasn't the Hawks.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #12: Eddie Johnson

Fast Eddie Johnson was before his time, but right on time to receive the nod as the #12 GOAT Atlanta Hawk.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #13: Josh Smith

A hometown kid who slipped in the draft, heard the critics, and given the ATL all it could want in an explosive, productive, even if something enigmatic package. The Peachtree Hoops GOAT Atlanta Hawks list rolls on with #13: Josh Smith.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #14: Tree Rollins

He was slow and couldn't even be considered an afterthought offensively, but he could rebound, block shots, and was the undisputed leader of the best Atlanta Hawks teams ever. Peachtree Hoops countdown of the GOAT Atlanta Hawks rolls on at #14 with Tree Rollins.

Nick Van Exel Joins Hawks' Staff

Completing the Hawks staff is Nick Van Exel, who you might remember jacking a three in every arena in the L.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #15: Walt Bellamy

The Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawk series resumes at #15 with the inclusion of one of the few Hall of Famers on the list...and one you may not know a lot about.

Biggest Winner this Hawks Off-Season? The guy who didn't buy the Hawks

Peachtree Hoops went looking for the biggest winner in the Hawks off-season and found Texas?

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series #16: Jason Terry

Peachtree Hoops continues with the Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks series, recognizing Jason Terry as #16.

Greatest of All-Time Atlanta Hawks Series: The Introduction

Peachtree Hoops kicks off the off-season series on the Greatest off All-Time Atlanta Hawks. We know who's #1, but who else makes the cut?

Ridiculous Upside Preaches to Choir (and is right)

Scott Schroeder makes it plain that he, like the rest of the faithful Bird Watchers, doesn't agree with which tree the Hawks are barking up in regards to acquiring talent. Money quote: Here's what I'm going to suggest - instead of bringing on a minimum salary player that hasn't shown to be worth a roster spot over the course of their career right now, why not instead give an opportunity to a player with something to prove in training camp(?) Scott, you win if you can determine the ASG reasoning. Exit question(s): Will anyone pin these guys down on the straight lies they told after the Joe Johnson signing and the sale of the #31 pick? Does it even matter?

NBA Announces Holiday Schedule (Look Close for the ATL)

The NBA released it's holiday TV schedule and you look reeeeal hard, you might see the team that won (53) games last season.

Remembering Lorenzen Wright

Peachtree Hoops remembers Lorenzen Wright with a couple of anecdotes and a posthumous note of thanks.

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