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Syracuse Daily Links - Kirkland Hurt, SU Goes Vert


Kirkland hurt, Syracuse goes vertical, and Alabama is Alabama

Behold, The Orange Eagle Trophy Returns!


Sean has a shiny new trophy. Sean wants to keep his shiny new trophy. BC Interruption has other plans...

Every Great Rivalry Deserves Its Own Trophy

You just thought it was some innocent competition between two schools with a clever name and nothing behind it, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!?!? Well take notice boys and girls, for the REAL Orange...

One Year In, and SU is Still Without a True Rival


We've almost spent a year in the ACC, and may still be looking for a true rival in our new home.

Hey SU Athletics: Blue Has Got To Go

SU, Nike, please do not ever put our basketball team in blue seriously, never again.

Orange Eagle Trophy: Well played, Eagles

Syracuse has dominated the 2013-2014 Orange Eagle competition to date, but BC just did the one thing that could take the shine off winning this thing. Thanks for that Eagles.

SU vs. Duke: The Rivalry That Excellence Built


"Great rivalries don't have to be built on hatred. They're built on respect, on a respect for excellence" -Mike Krzyzewski, Feb 1, 2014.

Dabo is the biggest DABO among DABOs


Maryland and Minnesota were neck and neck until a late (and slightly suspicious) run by Clemson made this race a true nail biter. Who shall we congratulat...err...deride for being the biggest DABO???

Syracuse Orange Football Awards: Biggest DABO


We're about to close the door on the SOFAs and the 2013 Syracuse Football season. But first, let's commence the "airing of grievances" by voting for The Biggest DABO

Orange Eagle Trophy: At Least Pretend To Care, BC

It started as a friendly rivalry, but has turned into a showcase of sheer and utter dominance. Can BC pick themselves off the mat or is this well and truly "ovah"???

The Ivan Foy "Win-Mill" Dance Poster


Get your very own piece of SU athletics history with this one of a kind knock-off poster celebrating a team unafraid to earn bowl eligibility, and a man unafraid to start a dance sensation!

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Boston College


Our final judgement is upon us. Will we go bowling? Will we take more Orange Eagle Trophy points from BC? Will Andre Williams get directions to MetLife Stadium instead of the Carrier Dome? Yes!...

Syracuse Takes Command Of The Orange Eagle Trophy

Syracuse field hockey and volleyball add to Syracuse's sudden dominance in the 2013-2014 Orange Eagle Trophy competition.

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Pittsburgh


On Saturday, the WCW belt is on the line! Bowl eligibility is on the line!! AND ONE MAN's LIFE IS ON THE LINE!!! Okay, only one of those statements is true.........or is it???

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Florida State


It's time for the reaping, and the odds are forever NOT in our favor...So let's share a laugh, shall we???

Calling Out All The DABOs


Syracuse football sits at 5-4, has allowed 3 points in the last two games, and sits one game from bowl eligibility. Yet to some, the Orange remain defined as a "very, very bad team". Tired of such...

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Maryland


Blown away one week, back from the dead the next. Syracuse football's zombie march through the 2013 season continues against our almost rivals...The University of Maryland.

Syracuse Sprints To 12-9 Orange Eagle Trophy Lead

Facing a 6-0 deficit, Syracuse starts taking this Orange Eagle Trophy thing seriously and posts a string of dominating performances to edge out in front of BC. It's truly GAME ON!

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Wake Forest


Will the Syracuse University football team fix what ailed them so badly in Atlanta? Will Scott Shafer and his coaching staff make the right adjustments? Will football keep your attention from...

The True(ish) History of Northern-style Football


Head Coach Scott Shafer was delighted "to bring Northern-style football down to The South". But what is Northern-style football? Where did it come from? Is there a cure??? Fear not Magicians. The...

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Georgia Tech


Head Coach Scott Shafer and his Orange warriors take their Northern-style football to the southern reaches of the ACC. Which "run-first, pass only in case of emergency" offense will emerge...

Orange Eagle Trophy Update - Oct. 10

The Syracuse Men's Soccer team travelled to Boston to even the Orange Eagle Standings at three apiece, but came up empty-handed as BC takes an early 6-0 lead in the race to the Trophy.

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...N.C. State


Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. With a thumping at the hands of Clemson (thankfully) in our rear-view mirror, we shift our focus to the youngest sibling of the Tobacco Road family of...

Syracuse, This is yOUR Team


The Orange football team is a mirror reflection of Syracuse as a whole, and with the nation's 3rd-ranked team coming to town on Saturday, we as a community need to stand up and embrace our program...

What the P-S Won't Tell You About... Clemson


If there was ever a time to step up and announce Syracuse as a "player" in ACC football, October 5th at 3:30pm will be that time.

Orange Eagle Update: BC Draws First Blood


Despite a 19-6 shot advantage, Syracuse's 5th-ranked field hockey squad fails to take their opportunities and drops the first three points of The Orange Eagle to 17th-ranked Boston College 6-3.

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Tulane


Syracuse's season got right back on track thanks to our new best friend, Terrel Hunt. With one game to go before our inaugural ACC season truly begins, can Hunt and the rest of his Orange brahs...

What The P-S Won't Tell You About... Wagner


We are going to kill these guys...we are definitely going to win...we are going to win...are we going to win?...please let us win...oh dear, sweet baby Ben Schwartzwalder, watch over us on Saturday...

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