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Graduated from Penn State in 2002/2003, and now working on my PhD at MSU.

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So glad we're punishing these guys. That culture is rotten to the core.


So glad we're punishing these guys. That culture is rotten to the core.

Emmert: As always, criminal justice proceedings, if any, take precedence over any NCAA actions


As always...until they don't. I was listening to the Kevin Slaten show yesterday (http://chirb.it/46c4Ch) and heard this quote. So yeah...good job there Emmert.


To be or not to be

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end...


Emmert's response to whether the death penalty was threatened to coerce the consent decree

I just saw an interview where Emmert said in response to this, "Rod Erickson is saying that you told them to accept these penalties or there will be the death penalty" The fact is that...the death...


Things Paterno hates more than child abuse

Skipping class. Getting a suit from an agent. Prank calling an ex-coach. Shooting an arrow into an apartment wall. Smoking weed. Drinking underage. These are all things he directly put ahead of...

It's on cracked.com therefore it must be true


Apparently Ray Gricar's disappearance whilst working on the Penn State Sex Scandal (despite, you know, that being 7 years prior) is one of the "5 Creepiest Disappearances That Nobody Can Explain". Even more so than figures such as Jimmy Hoffa and DB Cooper! I put this in the fanshots mostly because no one reads them, and I barely want this one to be read


Any bit of good news.

Sure, it is Rutgers, but still something I like tracking. I know it isn't quite the Taliaferro recovery, and that's probably a bit frustrating to people hoping he'd make the same miraculous...


A changing landscape or a silent majority?

Just wanted to poll the fanbase to see if people's perceptions have changed or stayed the same with regards to how the university handled Paterno during the initial frenzied calls for his firing ...


Calling out ESPN and other media outlets

Hypocrites? The fact that the Post -Standard and ESPN had the audio tapes and yet did nothing but sit on that information (though to the Post-Standard's credit, they did their own internal...


Palin 2012!!!

http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/blog/dr_saturday/post/Sarah-Palin-on-Jerry-Sandusky-8216-Hang-him-f?urn=ncaaf-wp10021   "It's not the player's fault that they have a perverted, former...


Cars.com pulls sponsorship of future Penn State games

http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/162206/penn-state-sex-scandal-forces-one-espn-sponsor-to.html I don't know what this means exactly, and if the game has any chance of not being...


Paterno murdered Ray Gricar!!!

Or, you know, that's what they may as well be trying to say. Just saw this on the front page of msnbc.com DA Who Didn't Charge Sandusky Missing since 2005 and it continues why I am disgusted about...


Can Moye be our new QB?

That kid is nothing but hustle. The Alabama and MSU games last year stick out, but then he comes back from injury early and sparks the come from behind last minute win for #409 against Illinois, I...


Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC? So much for renewing THAT rivalry.

http://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/6988468/acc-accepts-pittsburgh-panthers-syracuse-orange-14-team-league Didn't see that coming (though admittedly I wasn't following the expansion talk...


Anyone have any plans of getting together this weekend?

If so, when and where?  I saw some scattered messages in some of the other threads about possible tailgates, but (and this is probably too late) I thought it might be good to have a centralized...


Offseason Polls are fun

Especially when that poll is about the offseason, and more specifically about the fun-ness of the offseason.  So which offseason has been more enjoyable? 2010 with Bobby Bowden retiring amidst...


Would you rather...

The events of the past couple days (Tressel resigning, DeChellis resigning) have made me wonder what we, as fans of Penn State really value.  With Paterno and the Grand Experiment we always talk...

Anyone up for a new tailgating game?


I'm not yet sure if I find this awesome or not, but it can't be any worse than stump, right? (especially after a few drinks have been consumed)

required reading for tOSU honors English class (in fiction) (in case the image doesn't...


required reading for tOSU honors English class (in fiction) (in case the image doesn't show: http://www.geekologie.com/2011/01/youve_got_to_be_kidding_me_sch.php ) Course syllabus can be found here: http://english.osu.edu/administration/syllabi/

Korie Lucious dismissed from MSU for rest of season


Wonder what the conduct detrimental to the team was. Also wondering: if a story appears in the fanshots, will anyone read it?


Glad to see we got our annual win against Michigan State

I was getting a bit worried during the game that we'd wind up blowing it, but didn't get into too much foul trouble, and we also didn't need to rely on Battle hitting 20 ridiculous 3's in order to...


Delusional fans

So I was listening to the Spartan Sports wrap (the sports program on MSU's student radio) on my drive home today, and the host had this to say about MSU's upcoming game with Iowa (to paraphrase a...

University of Pittgers


Maize n Brew Dave has all the solutions to expansion. It makes complete sense.

Latest Pac-10 Expansion rumor


Supposedly they're set to invite Colorado, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. Why do I have a feeling that this would be vetod by quite a bit of the Pac-10 schools on academic principle?


Good deal on 9x12 sports prints

http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=0&t=1972908 Apparently if you use the coupon code WELCOMEBACK at replayphotos.com you can get 9x12 prints for $8 instead of $30. I haven't done...

You may not agree with his political views, but I think we can all agree he has good taste in beer


Please please please no political discussion (who am I kidding, this is stuck down in the FanShots, so no one will see it). This thread is all about why Yuengling is awesome. "if the Americans won, [Prime Minister of Canada] Harper had to buy Obama a case of Yuengling beer. "


Is Michigan the new Pitt?

You know, the team that thinks it is better than it is, hasn't really been that good or relevant since just after WW2 (sure, they had that shared title in 1997, but before that I think their last...


Daryll Clark by the numbers

I don't mean to take away from the other posts about his legacy and all, but I felt this was just a bit too much to fit into the comments.  Everyone is talking about Clark and his records and...

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